Liana and John Mildura wedding amazing light.

Liana and John Mildura wedding.

Or that should read Liana and John Mildura wedding… One we prepared earlier. You see we set this post to auto publish… and it didn’t. So sorry guys.

Abstract of whiskey on table white background at Liana and John Mildura weddingAlmost certain we have never started a wedding post before with a drink. Maybe this could be the start of something.

Groom and groomsmen enjoy a dring in an amazing atmosphere at Liana and Jons wedding. Photo by Mildura photogfraphers ExcitationsWhen you have a room with amazing natural light. Plus three good looking young men all dressed up ready for a wedding. The photo opportunities are endless.

Groom dressing before wedding. Ilana and John Mildura wedding photography by Excitations, Mildura photographersSimply love this shot of John. So much so, that it has made an appearance in our portfolio pages. Fantastic natural light, a room with lots of space. Plus tons of atmosphere along with a good looking groom. What more could a photographer ask for?

Liana and John Mildura wedding. Bride photgraphed with natural window light by Mildura photographers, Excitations.Talking about beautiful people. Take a look at our amazing bride, Liana. Wow, just Wow. We shot a whole bunch of poses in this location. But this is my favorite. Simple pose, lovely light, equals classic beauty.

Highkey glamour portrait of bride on her wedding day. Wedding photos by excitations, MilduraFor a quick change of mood. A high-key close up of Liana. All available light with the veil providing a hint of soft focus to add to the glamour look.

Wedding accesories on wooden background. Wedding pictures in Mildura by excitations.I don’t want you to get the idea we only use natural light. We carry a full set of  artificial lights with us to all weddings. We even used some of those lights at home with Liana. But not in the above photo. Again, the available goodness flowing around these accessories was just too much to resist.

toned monochrom photo of newly married couple leaving church. Excitations, MilduraMoving right along. We skipped a large chunk of the day. Did you notice that? I love the walking out shot. The big challenge is to find a new and acceptable way of capturing it. Why Acceptable? Well there are lots of ways of shooting the walking out image. Some. while very creative, are never ever going into the wedding album.

Bride and groom on Rio vista staircase. Photo by excitations MilduraIt’s been a long time since we last photographed inside Rio Vista. As always an amazing location. Also great place to show off the full length of a beautiful bridal gown.

Effects filter used for bridal group photographed in Rio Vista Homestead Mildura, by Excitations.Formal and yet informal bridal group shot. We went for the desaturated toned look. Sometimes you can have just too much colour.

Against the light portrait of bride and groom kissing. Golden tones. Wedding photos in Mildura by excitations.Other times…. Show me the colour. natural sun flare with a soft filter.

Half length walking away from camera. Bride and groom in Rio Vista gardens Mildura. Excitations Mildura wedding photographers.The very same light, without softness. Should we hash tag this #NoFilter? Maybe not… I’ve always been a sucker for late light straight into the camera lens… Only fitting really  we end this post with a walking into the sunset image.

Our thanks to a whole bunch of amazing people who made this day so very enjoyable to photograph. Liana and John you guys are amazing. Thankyou.



Dani and Mark Mildura wedding photos

Mildura wedding photos from Dani and Mark’s wedding.

We’ve been a little slack, OK a lot slack in posting Mildura wedding photos recently. There is no excuse other than just plan silly busy. We’ve been working on a whole lot of projects ovder the last few months. Most of which you will never see here on this blog.

I digress, Dani and Mark chose a wonderful day for their wedding. Maybe I’m giving them to much credit here. Even if they were not responsible for the weather. It sure did turn out to be one amazing day. Most likely due to the wonderful bunch of people gathered for the event.Mildura wedding photos by excitations, Mildura photographers. Formal closeup of bride with flowers.I wasn’t going to post any pre-wedding images today. But then I spotted this one of Dani and her flowers. What is there to say. Dani is beautiful, the flowers are as well. Mother nature popped in to deliver some amazing available light.

Nearly forgot our father of the bride. He supplied that tiny whisp of light hitting Dani’s veil and hair. Good work dad.Garden wedding candid photography of bride during ceremony. Mildura wedding photos by Excitations Mildura photographers.There is something about garden weddings. Especially when the weather is great.Full length scenic image of bride and groom kissing in amazing Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura. Wedding photography by excitations.Every now and then, the lighting gods turn up with their little box of magic. This was one of those occassions. mark and Dani were in the right location. All it took was a suggestion. Hey Mark… “Give your beautiful bride a kiss.” Bingo, let’s move on.Formal bridal portrait full length amazing late afternoon light in a beautiful garden. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations photographers Mildura.And the lighting gods just kept on giving. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Dani and Mark were able to move quickly to opportunities as they arose.Wedding party walking through Ampelon Garden, Gol Gol. Mildura wedding photos by Excitations, photography Mildura.New extensions to Ampelon Gardens, now give us wide open spaces to play with.  Ideal for shooting with groups. Talking of groups this team rocked it.Mildura wedding photos by Excitations. Bride and groom walking through Autumn coloured garden.We always love to include lots of foliage in our Mildura wedding photos. If it just happens to be rich golden colours all the better.Full length colour wedding mood shot. Photographed in large spacious garden by Excitations Mildura photographers.There are a few more of Dani and Mark’s wedding photos over on our home page.

Stephanie and Joe, Mildura Wedding.

Steph and Joey the perfect Mildura Wedding

Yup… we’re guilty as charged… We haven’t posted any photos from a Mildura Wedding for… Well a very long time.Mildura wedding photo of beautiful young bride under veil with her husband. Close up and fun.

We’ll try and get a few up over the next couple of weeks. Starting with the young and beautiful Stephanie and the handsome Mr Cavallo. I remember after shooting with these guys. We had a number of requests for photos from different publications. All needed yesterday. We managed to fill those requests… Just forgot about posting any pictures to this blog.

Formal portrait of groom dress ready to attend his weding. Mildura wedding phots by Excitations.
Mr Cavallo, a moment of reflection.

Close up of groom holding rings. Mildura wedding photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Semi formal bridal portrait of beautiful young bride, natural light photography by Excitations, Mildura.
Suffice to say.. the camera loves Steph. This image created after her wedding at first photo location.

I’d like to say that Robyn and I have known Steph all her life. That of course is not true. She was at least 20 hours old when we first met her… so cute.

Mildura wedding photos. Bride and bridesmaid preparing for a wedding. grainy soft image by Excitations Mildura photographers.
Two beautiful sisters, a bright window and lots of grain and flair in this candid image.

From a very early age Steph and I developed a very special attachment. I reckon, she was about 3 years old when she began showing her love for me. By running up and taking an almighty swing at me. A standard method of greeting that lasted until… well…  she blossomed into a beautiful young 17 year old. I suspect this ritual only ended through her fear of breaking one of her perfectly manicured nails.Bride embracing goom, close up indors natural light photography. Phot by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.

Mr Joe, on the other hand, we have not had the pleasure of knowing as well. We first realised that we should take notice of this bloke when little clues started appearing in text messages. BF and MYBF and Joey.High angle high key image of bride and groom kissing indoors, Jimmba.Mildura wedding photos by Excitations.

High key indoors available light wedding photo of bridesmaids. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations, Mildura photographers.
Jimba was the setting for this formal photo of all the girls.

And so it came to pass. We find ourselves at a wedding. Surrounded by beautiful people who we are proud to call friends and family. Cameras in hand and ready to make pictures.

Black and white wedding photo of groom leading bride through an informal garden setting. Photos by Excitations Mildiura photographers.
We try never to miss an opportunity to take a walk in the garden.  Love the backlight and the dress.
Ford GT cars in front of Jimba a stately home near Mildura.
When you have a collection of GT’s… well you have to take a photo.
Father and Daughter Dance at wedding reception, out of focus lights in background.. Wedding pictures at reception by photographers in Mildura, Excitations.
And for something a little different to end the series of photos. Father and Daughter Dance.

More Excitations photography here.


Elvira and Ben some wedding photos.

Wedding photos from  Elvira and Ben’s special day…

These few wedding photos from Elvira and Ben’s Milduira wedding are way overdue. I hope the wait has been worth it. There isn’t much to say really. The day was perfect. Our couple were obviously wildly in love and their chosen locations… Amazing.Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations, Ben and groomsmen before the wedding, high angle.Ben with the boys, all ready to go. We were taken by this entrance. The added bonus was being able to get up high and shoot down.Close up of brides shoes being held in front of her bridal gown. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.Accessory photos form an important part of any wedding day photography session. Finding different ways of shooting accessories is always challenging. This is one, I’m pretty sure we haven’t used before.Black and white, half length image of bride leaning against white wall. Photo by Excitations.As wedding photographers, our eyes are trained to see photo opportunities when they arise. Like this image for instance. If we have a naturally elegant bride. It would be silly not to try for some slightly more creative bridal poses. There is another stunning image of Elvira over on our wedding portfolio page  

Wedding photos taken in the bridal car. Bride with dad pior to leaving for the church. Photography by excitations.Bride and dad wedding photos often miss out on the blog. Yes, we normally take them but they are usually past over. Not today however. I Love this photos in a private garden at Gol Gol. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura POhotographers.While we don’t normally do adverts for anyone on Excitations news blog. We will make an exception just this once. If you are looking for an Amazing garden in which to have your wedding photos taken. Then Maddy and Craig Chislett have just the garden for you. Green, formal, lots of interesting angles plus of course river views. Stunning location for any wedding photography session. The above image created at the end of the properties long formal drive.Close up of bride and groom with sparkling water as the backround. Wedding photos by Mildura photographers Excitations.

Same location this time with the river view… Whoops… We may have gotten a little carried away with the lovely sparkles on the river. Makes a great background for close up wedding portraits like this one. Of course helped along by a couple of good looking models.Bridal portrai with wedding cars. Photo by excitations Mildura wedding photographersCurrently, every wedding photographer has to have her or his version of a “Sun Flare” photo included in the wedding coverage. What makes this one different? Well….. Oh I know! That is the sun causing the star pattern in the trees. And yes it was actually there. No filters, just good old shoot it as it happens photography.Close up of bride and groom in Chislett's garden at Gol Gol. Wedding photos by Excitations Mildura photographers.Remember I said these gardens were green… Well here is proof. How much greener do you want? Honestly it was a great pleasure to shoot with these guys. We had a great day. Everything went smoothly and we could have stayed in the gardens for another day, because it is one of those places blessed with amazing light.



Merbein wedding for Ali and Ben.

Ali and Ben’s simply amazing Merbein wedding.

When Ali and Ben announced they were getting married, we already knew it would be a different wedding. As details of their wedding plans began to emerge,  we knew this would be one of those memorable events. Ali and Ben, had opted for a Merbein wedding,  in an amazing old vineyard garden. Thoroughly modern bride in an old world setting. Sepia toned and high angle. Merbein wedding by excitations Mildura photographers.

To understand our excitement, you have to know a little of the not so public face of Ali. Yup I know you have recognised her by now. Ali, like most public figures has two sides. Her public opinions and actions persona and the side of her personality she reserves for family and friends.
We at Excitations have been lucky to see little bits of both worlds.

It would be fair to say, Neither Robyn nor myself, have ever met a young woman, who draws absolute delight from grabbing and old dip tin, plonking it under a row of grape vines and is instantly ready for a chat. I’m sure she imagines herself as a modern young woman. But… her sense of identity, history and connection with the past is a something to behold.Brown toned image of a groom posing with a car from the original Mad Max movie. Full length wedding photography by Excitations of Mildura.

I know you have most likely seen this image of Ben here on the blog before. I can’t remember ever having a car directly linked to a famous movie in one of our a wedding photos before. So, of course it was going to be back for an encore.  Ben was excited to tell us about his wedding car well before the wedding. Like lots of grooms really. The difference this time was THE CAR. So much fun to play with photographically.

Ben and I share only one thing in common. I mean, he is young, good looking and intelligent. Need I go on. However,  both of us met our future wives, while lugging dirty great big TV cameras around. Although I’m willing to bet his big camera weighted a whole lot less than mine.

Bride and groom photographed in an old garden. Half length, soft focus. Merbein wedding photography by Excitations Mildura photograpy.

Wide angle candid photo of bride and groom at garden wedding. Historic Merbein gardenAli and Ben were married beside a very large garden pond. Covered by lavender coloured petals from a nearby Jacaranda tree. A small fountain which provided  a constant, soothing background sound, was the centre piece to the pond. Futher away was the original garden. Old, well kept, shady and full of character. In the centre of this old garden, the original farm house. With its wide, open verandahs providing ideal locations for our wedding photography session.
High angle photo of bride and groom with Murray River in background. Photographed by Excitations near MerbeinAs our garden photo session drew to a conclusion, Ali has an idea… She knows there is a part of the river somewhere near here,  where you have these wonderful red cliffs and can look down on  the river as a  background….  Remember I said she had a great sense of identity and history!!! Fortunately for all of us, the spot is right beside a highway. Just a few short steps and we’re ready to shoot. Working quickly, because the sun was hot, and a couple of us get sunburn easily. This Merbein wedding photography session was over in a few short minutes and it was off to a party.

Love looking at wedding photos. There are more in our folio here



Phyllis and Domenic Mildura wedding

Mildura wedding for Phyllis and domenic.

Wedding accessories close up by excitations Mildiura photographers.

Ok to be honest, this is a little fun shot designed maybe to use as a background on one of the album pages. Just for a change I thought we’d show you a non-hero image… So what is  a hero image? A hero image is one that is going to get to be a wall enlargement or feature page in the wedding album.. simple as that.

Half length black and white portrait of bride groom at home before the wedding ceremony.

Speaking of hero’s, here is our hero for the day. Domenic, being all reflective before it all starts to happen.

Groom poses with historic wedding car prior to his wedding. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations Photographers.

Shooting this wedding with Domenic and Phyllis, there was a strong sense of history… This great old car was a part of Domenic’s history so we felt it important to shoot a set of images around it.

Soft grainy portrait of beautiful bride in an amazing wedding dress. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.

If our story has a hero…. Then it is only proper there should be a heroine, and Phyllis is ours. Amazing young woman, beautiful, smart and witty. The perfect bride really.

Close up of bride with sleeping flower girl prior to wedding in Mildura.

Naturally no fairy-tale would be complete without a sleeping beauty.

Family gather to toast the bride before her Milduira wedding. Exictations wedding photographers Mildura.

Some of the family dropped by to make sure we were going to get Phyllis to the church on time… they took time to toast our bride for the video production.

Right about now I’m going to tell you that Robyn chose the images for this blog post. We told her pick out about six… Clearly she must not have heard us….

Back view , half toned photograph of three bridesmaids walking through Ampelon Gardens near Mildura. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Three beautiful young ladies and a garden path… Let’s shoot a backview just for fun.

Soft focus intimate portrait of bride and groom in garden setting. Wedding pictures by Mldura photographers Excitations.

Even on your wedding day, you only get a few moments together.

Wedding photography in Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura.

Bride and groom full length formal portrait in rustic setting. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photographers.

The image above is for all the ladies… That dress… and at no extra charge, a good looking groom.


And of course there was a party… Clearly these two are ready for a night of fun and dancing.

Bride and groom dancing with fireworks in background. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

There was smoke, there was fire and there was dance action… The first dance.

Father and daughter dance. Club DaVinci Mildura.

Another moving moment… This dance started off traditionally, then Phyllis and John moved it up a gear or two!!! Well done guys.

Black and white action wedding photo of bride and groom on shoulders of guest as they party the night away.

And then there was… Well… More dancing. I’m pretty sure Domenic and Phyllis danced with everyone in the hall at least once….. Great night.




The Fire Still Burns

Caught up with Don Costa recently and “The Fire Still Burns”

It’s hard to believe just how many years have passed since we first met up with the “Costa Bothers” “the Band of Brothers” and of course “Shadow Rock” Many of our readers will know the boys… In fact there is a fair chance they provided the music for your wedding or your parents wedding.

We caught up with Don Costa recently, still touring and playing gigs all over the Eastern states of Australia. Don has also just released a new album “The Fire Still Burns” and it must…. There could be no other reason for anyone to work as hard as Don does.

If you have  just under 3 minutes, the above video is a sampler of a few of the tracks from the new album. Recorded live in Broken Hill a few weeks ago. No fancy stuff here… Straight live recording, no lighting or tricky audio mixing just genuine live recording of actual performance.

Palm Cove wedding Maddie and Nick

Palm Cove wedding for Maddie and Nick.

What can I say… As much as we love shooting weddings in and around Sunraysia, it is always nice to get away and shoot a new wedding location. And there is not many locations that are more appealing than Palm Cove during the winter months… Just saying.Close up of groom before his wedding in Palm Cove

Before we get to the palm trees… Cos you know there is going to be palms right…

Can’t possible have a Palm Cove wedding without them. We have Nick and his mates all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Close up black and white portrait of bride groom. Wedding photos in Palm Cove by Excitations

I guess while we have Nick out and about, a nice close-up would be an idea.

Half length semi formal bridal portrat of bride seated in front of rainforest background. Wedding Photos in Palm Cove by Excitations, Mildura photographers.

One of the things Maddie asked for….  Rainforests, I want to get some green into our photos. Well… this shot taken in the outdoor dinning area of the house where she dressed. Look, already we have a green rainforest background.

Full length formal portrait of bride inside with amazing view outside through windows. Wedding photography at Palm Cove by Excitations

Then of course there is the view from the indoor dinning area… And what a view it isBridae and groom exchange wedding vows, cute little wedding chapel, Palm Cove. Wedding photography by Excitations.

Beautiful little chapel,  just a hope, skip and a jump from the beach. We should show you more of the ceremony images but let’s move on in search of those palm trees.Full length of bride and groom on sealed track in a domestic rainforest setting. Wedding photography Cairns Australia by excitations.

To be honest I had ideas of forging raging streams up to our waists in water and fighting  off  hungry crocodiles  all the time we were shooting. Apparently the locals have tamed some of the forest. Made it bride friendly, by adding a lovely sealed track…. Even better, we had exclusive access to this spot… So, no photo bombers in the background.Bride and groom in front of mirror. Palm Cove wedding by

While looking for some palm trees for you lot… We came across this all but deserted hallway. Impressed… I was, I could have shot there for an hour without needing to think out any ideas. Just endless possibilities. But with the light starting to fade we had to move on in search of these Palm Cove palms.Bride and groom walk hand in hand along beach at Palm Cove

Finally we fined them, Palm Cove palms, hundreds of the buggers… All lined up along the beach, leaning into the breeze. The ocean, just metres beyond that.  Awesome… We shot walking, running, kissing, hugging, did I mention kissing…. Yup all this, not more than 50 metres from the wedding chapel. And the light… Beautiful… Bride and groom amongst palm trees with and amazing twilight sky behind them. Wedding photography at Palm Cove by Mildura photographers Excitations.

Finally, the same old palm trees just looking out to the east and the after glow from the recent sunset. Can’t wait to see the this album completed. Robyn has done an amazing job of the design.


But you are a wedding photographer.

Misconceptions about what a wedding photographer does.

If there is one truth about wedding photography and what a wedding photographer does. It is that they are all different. Seems obvious to me and most photographers I know. However, brides to be apparently miss the importance of this. Instead, they focus on prices, packages or reputations. Without giving a thought to the photographers style or way of doing things..

This goes for most styles of photography. For example, Bill is a baby photographer but doesn’t do the baby on a bean bag, asleep wearing a cute beanie style of thing. However his baby photographs are amazing. Yet many people expect that he will do the available light bean bag style, because that is what baby photographers do. Yes some do others don’t.

There is a style of wedding photography that I really, really want to try. It is really very popular in parts of Europe. But if I were to try it here with our wedding clientele  they would freak out. Not because there is anything wrong with the other style… Just that it wouldn’t fit with our current clients needs, or expectations.

Excitations focus on creating beautifully photographed, custom designed and hand crafted Australian made wedding albums. That is what we do. We don’t for instance, supply a whole bunch of machine edited or  not retouched  at all images on a usb stick. There is nothing wrong with that method of delivery. Believe me, it would save us a lot of time and effort to do work that way. If that is what you want, great. But we are not your photographers.

On the other hand, should you want an amazing wedding album or albums, fully retouched and designed by the photographers themselves . You should talk to us and not photographers who normally deliver files only on a USB flash drive…

Makes sense to me anyway. Every wedding photographer will or should approach their wedding photography differently. From shooting style to packages offered… To expect them to do otherwise, is to rob yourself of the great diversity of talent out there.

Olivia and Anthony, wedding photography.

Late last year we photographed Olivia and Anthony’s wedding.

It goes without saying we had a great day. Lots and lots of photos in some really cool locations. Some simple formal wedding photography and lots of casual “run and gun” shooting as they say overseas.

Groom with parents in background black and white photoIt is always a challenge when it comes to selecting a handful of images to post to this blog…  Do we run with the casual shots of Anthony and the boys outdoors, or with his grandfathers restored tractor? Or with???? Eventually we settled on this shot in the family dinning room.

Photo montage of bride laying on bed with natural rock pattern blended through background. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations. There were dozens of amazing photos of Olivia but today we decided to go with this composite… Olivia merged with some textured rock. Almost prepared to bet this one will not make the final cut…. But it was fun to do.

Close up of bride and groom kissing, photographed through out of focus flowers. Wedding photography Mildura by Excitations.First location after church…. Back home into Mum’s rose garden.

Black and white wedding photograph in wheat field. Wedding photography by excitations, MilduraThen we all went out to play in a wheat paddock. Wedding photography locations are everywhere. All you have to do is track them down, Manage a few uninvited bush flies and you’re in business.

Bride and groom in wheat paddock, holding hands. Mildura wedding pheographers, Excitations.While we were out in the wheat, we shot two cameras. One down low and wide, the other up close and personal with a long lens. We notice the video crew were doing the same thing. So I guess we had all angles covered.

Soft romatic image of bride and groom close up, shot by excitations Mildura Photographers.After being out in the sun for a while, we headed into an undercover stock yard. Awesome light and again two cameras. This one a medium format digital, complete with soft focus lens. The other shooting a more contrasty style of image.

stron black and white close up of bride and groom in undercover stock yards. Wedding photography by excitations, Mildura.Speaking of more contrasty. Here is another image from the MF camera but this one in black and white.

Full length wedding photo of bride and groom kissing in garden setting.This shot is of a bonus location. We originally went here to shoot some lovely formal gardens.. Beautifully manicured hedges and lawns. Great spot. But over the other side of the house, there was this amazing tree, and some incredible light. Well you know the deal…. If there is a great location with amazing light… You just gotta shoot it.

Dancing the night away at Club Da Vinci Mildura. Photography by excitations photographers, Mildura.Then of course there was eating, drinking, singing and dancing all night long. Fantastic night with lots of photo opportunities.