Photography workshop Spring Hill Station

Photography workshop on location at Spring Hill Station.

Holding a photography workshop on location hadn’t been on our radar. Sure we’ve run workshops across the eastern half of Australia. This however, was different.

It all started with a message from Terri. Asking us if we would consider travelling out to Spring Hill Station to conduct a workshop. Honestly, it took us about three seconds to make a decision. YES.

Hopefully our participants had as good a day as we had. A very big thankyou to Terri and Wade for hosting and organising the day. and to the ladies who attended. Thank you for attending, for  your wonderful contributions to lunch and your insights into real country living.Max photo dog leader. Spring Hill photography workshop conducted by Ian Mckenzie, Excitations, Mildura photographers.Our photo-walk guide, Max. iso 100, f4 @ 1/90th of a second 120mm. Light reflected  from gully wall opposite. Aperture prioity exposure to blur background.Red bank, grass against blue sky. Spring Hill photography workshop. Photo by excitations photographers MildiuraOur photo-walk took us down what is called “The Gutter”. The high sun angle was not our friend for the walk. Our challenge. To fined photos that worked in a great location with poor lighting. iso 100,  f4 @1/3000th (in hindsight I should have gone down to f8 which would have given me slightly sharper result as f8 is this lenses sweet spot.)low angle fence post Spring Hill photography workshops. Photo courses around MilduraMaking use of old fence post. Easy low angle. Using blue sky for some colour and contrast. iso 200 (because I forgot to come back down to iso 100 after a previous shot in shadows) 1/750th of a second at about f11Group of photographers at Spring Hill photography workshopSome of our team  in the gutter. Including Max, if you can fined Mr camera shy.Rusty gate close up photo, Pooncarrie Australia. Photoadventures with found an old gate after leaving Spring Hill for the trip home. iso 100,  f2.8 @ 1/800th of a second on a Canon 70D with 200mm lens so roughly equivalent to a 320mm (because of a cropped sensor).Semi arid Australian landscape. Creative image with sun flare and dry grass Photos from a photography workshop by excitations, outback NSW.The longer we drove. The bettter the light became. We stopped to play with some low light flaring out over the landscape. iso 100, f2.8 @ 70mm 1/500th of a second, focus point is tuft of grass in the forground. Wide open apeture to give shallow depth of field.large old tree silhouetted against a sunset near Pooncarie, NSW, Australia. Phot adventure photography workshops by excitations, regional Australia.We were talking about our wonderful Australian landscape. I think the words were something like. “You take an old tree like that one, silhouette it against a sunset like this and………” Jammed the brakes on. Jumped out of the old troopy and ran as fast as my old legs would carry me. Got there 30 seconds too late. Brilliant colour had already turned to average. But no complaints, a good way to end a great day. iso 100, f6.7 @ 1/250th 200mm lens. Cropped square to avoid a tree that I didn’t have time to run around.

If you are interesed in attending any of our Excitations adventure tours or workshops, head over to the main website and click on workshops and training to see whats coming up and where.

For the benefit of our class. All images here shot as Raw, and output out of CaptureOne 10 at our standard jpeg recipe, srgb, 800 pixels wide. No photoshop or filters.

Mildura beginners photography course

Date announced for Mildura beginners photography course

April 1st is the day we kick off our workshop series in Mildura. Our first home town photo workshop for the year will be Mildura Beginners photography course. More often referred to as Excitations Beginners Guide to photography. This is an all new beginners course. Adding updated content. More tips and tricks to improve your photography in quicktime.

General overview of our Beginners Guide to photography HERE.

Group of Little Corella's lined up on a dead tree. Excitations Mildura beginners photography course.
Outback photography  workshops and courses.
Mildura beginners photography course

April 1st at Excitations Barn Studio, Yelta. Starts 1:30pm and runs for just over 4 hours. We cover the  basic stuff like iso, apertures, shutter speeds and lenses. We give you simple tips guaranteed to inprove your photography, instantly. Most importantly we answer your questions.

Please note this is a photography course. We teach photography. We do not teach you where every switch, dial or menu is on your paticular brand of camera. User manuals are for that. Our course help you use the tools your camera has to improve your photography.

Your investment:-   Adults $69     Concession card Holders $55  Student ID or under 18 years  $39

Bookings essential. Refunds available up to 24 hours before advertised starting time, full refund less $1 withheld by booking system. No refund for NO-SHOWS.

Automated online bookings. 

Rolling out first photography workshops 2017

First photography workshops 2017 to be announced next week.

This year we will be running a whole bunch of photography courses all around the country. Well not all around the country but we are trying from something in most states.

Excitations photography workshops 2017, will include a new revised Beginners guide to photogaphy. Our Intermediate Photography workshop has also reshaped.

New courses coming include the “Art of Seeing”, “Nature Photography”, “Photography as Art” and a bunch of others.

Art image of leaves frozen in ice. Fine art photography by excitations Mildura photographers

Wentworth landscape

 Wentworth landscape or In the next 30 seconds

Wentworth landscape

On the run home from a quick trip to Rufus River the other night. We marvelled at the amazing late light dancing across the wide open plain country. Light and shadow  transforming this normally subdued Aussie landcape into a breath-taking vista of springtime splendour.

But that’s not what this picture is about. No… This is about those few magical seconds after the sun slips below the horizon. When everything seems to become quite and the gently breeze of just a few moments ago… stops. When the eastern sky glows blue and magenta.

I spotted this lone tree, the sky and the  tiny coloured desert plants as we passed. Hitting the brakes, and  fully aware that I probably wouldn’t get back and set up in time, I determined I would try.

Our Troopy, isn’t the quickest stopping vehicle on this planet. Luckily she is excellent at high speed reversing. I jumped out. Figuring only one of the 3 cameras in the back was even remotely configured for the shot.  Grabbed our medium format rig. Which is not normally known to be a fast setup camera system. In fact the setup sequence is kinda like prepping one of Qantas’s A380’s for flight.

That said, medium format was going to be my best chance of pulling off this Wentworth landscape image. Also, I am fully aware that you never ever place the horizon dead centre of the frame. Nor does any photographer with even the slightest knowledge of composition place the main subject into the centre of the frame. Well…. one out of two isn’t bad.

Why did I break the rules… Simply because in the few seconds I had to compose this shot before the light faded…… It felt right.

Photography isn’t about rules, or techniques but ultimately about feeling. And if it feels right…. Then I press the shutter…..


Long weekend….

Four days on the road.

Four days, two photography workshops, 2 photo sessions, 2000 kilometres, 3 meetings in 3 states,  2 supplier visits, one delivery and two catchup with friends plus 3 loccation checks.

Now it’s back to work Wednesday…..

Beginners photo workshop Mildura

Today we announced 3 new workshops including a Beginners photo workshop Mildura.

To be held at excitations barn studio on Sunday 15th March 2015 between 1pm and 5pm the workshop is aimed at newbie photographers wanting to demystify some of the jargon around photography. We all know when we start getting serious about photography it can all get a bit daunting. This workshop will help you out.

Subjects covered will include iso, aperture and shutter speeds plus a whole bunch of simple tips for improving your pictures. You can check out more details about excitations Beginners Guide to Photography Workshops HERE. There is a link there to online booking. Seats are very limited. First in best dress.

The other two workshops announced today include another Beginners Guide to Photography session on Sunday 23rd August (just a repeat of the earlier session) and a new Intermediate Photography workshop. Both of these can be booked HERE.

More workshop and traveling workshops coming soon.


Photography Workshops announced

Excitations have today announce the first of a whole series of photography workshops and photo adventures

These have been a long time coming. Even this launch date had to be pushed back six months to allow for other projects still ongoing. So that these photography workshops don’t get in the way of our regular visitors to this site.The photography workshops and photo adventures have been given their very own little web page. Naturally you don’t have to remember the URL because we’ve created a link straight to the site right from the top of this blog or our main excitations site. Click on PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING and you’ll be instantly whisked away to our photo adventures site.

Couple of house keeping things I need to tell  you. The first workshop will be in August at our studio. We’re still finalising the date and cost. But we will post that info within the next 48 hours.

As you might have gathered from the title of the web page. We will not only be doing a series of workshops, but starting in 2015 we will be adding some photo adventures. Very excited about these. Without letting the cat out of the bag. I can tell you that there will be two distinctly different styles of photography adventures offered. They will be multi-day events of varying durations. The best description I can come up with is these events will be like  photography workshops on steroids. Supercharged learning and adventure experiences like no other offered in Australia.

More to come…….