Another from excitations garden studio

As promised last week another location from excitations garden studio.

Young child sitting in on of the unique photogaphy locations at excitations garden studio. Photo by Milura photographers excitations.

The ever delightful Macy photographed in excitations garden studio. This location is perfect for younger children as it has a number of different height steps for them to sit on and lots of interesting stuff around to make it an adventure. Kind of a win win for us as this location works all year round. Not all locations do that. Some rely on Autumn foliage, others Spring flowers or lush green grass. Good old Buxus sempervirens or more commonly know as English Box frames this corner of excitations garden studio really well.

Outdoor studio portraits

What does your outdoor studio look like?

I’d love a dollar for each time we’re asked that question. And sadly there is no answer. Each day, each week is different. And it is big enough to keep changing locations within excitations studio gardens to suit the season, the type of photography we’re doing and what our client is looking for. So today and for the next couple of weeks I’ll post a few pictures… All taken in our outdoor studio. Different places and different moods, but all shot around our studio garden.Young children photographed exploring excitations outdoor studio, Yelta, near Mildura

These two adventurous youg spirits were photographed searching for bugs in an old log. This part of the studio garden is more often used as a background. However, on this occasion, we positioned our explorers behind the log and waited for stuff to happen. Next week, if I remember, I’ll post some additional locations that you may not have seen before.

For us, one of the big advantages of working within the bounds of our very own outdoor studio, is knowing that the locations are unique to excitations. And our clients won’t see our locations or portrait styles hanging on friends walls. Unless of course their friends had family or individual portraits created by excitations. Even then there are so many variables that it is still unlikely.

Photography workshop

Photography workshop at Excitations on the 31st August, places filling more quickly than expected.

This isn’t one of those book now or miss out posts…. Well actually it probably is. At last count there were only 8 spots left. This is an intermediate level photo workshop targeted to cater for people who have already a basic knowledge of  how their camera works. People who sort of know how iso, shutter speeds and apeture settings work. During thhis workshop we’ll cover briefly the basics, sort of a refresher if you like, then we’ll dig a bit deeper to get to some of the really good stuff.

Keeping the group small, so that everyone gets as much as possible out of it for their investment. Talking of investment, Day long workshop, will  cost  $138  plus 30 cents booking fee if you book online HERE.  More info can be found HERE.

Most of the photo training related posts will be confined to 


Fog, photoshop and play.

Or I’ve got nothing else to talk about this Monday morning.

Panorama photograph of early morniong fog over the billabong near Merbein on the Murray River. Photo by Ian Mckenzie photographer Mildura.

We did take an hour off yesterday morning to go and hunt for some misty river pictures. Nothing much happening as the early fog was way to heavy and by the time the fog started to lift… Well let’s just say the light was all over. Now I know we’re going to pay for taking an hour off work…. Because the work is stacking up quicker than we can get through it… Hate that!
We are heading into the week with a brand new version of Photoshop all loaded up and ready to go…. Time will tell but it seems to get through some of the heavy lifting jobs quicker. Love the type preview and improvements to linked objects. Haven’t  even tried the content aware tool yet but hopefully the promised improvements are there.

We’ll try and get some more interesting pictures up for you either today or later this week….. Enjoy this brand new week.

Natalee and Joey Mildura wedding photography.

Autumn is my absolute favourite time to photograph just about anything involving people. Weddings are no exception. All was good, for Natalee and Joey’s big day, except that  old mother nature forgot what season it was. Brrrr…. Freeze the whiskers off a Snow Leopard, I kid you not. As it turned out, the cold didn’t seem to make any difference. The all day party just kept on getting better.

Black and white wedding photograph of father fixing flower on sons lapel. Wedding photography by excitations photographer Mildura.

As is normally the case with our bigger wedding celebrations, we started off by paying the boys a visit. Serious stuff this getting ready for a wedding. Joey with his dad making sure the lapel flowers are just perfect.

Black and wedding photograph of groom and groomsmen playing around before wedding. Mildura wedding phographer excitations took this picture.

And of course the rest of the boys we’re doing their bit to keep things quiet and serious in nature. This is one of Robyn’s captures from our second camera.

Photo of bride and her mum out of focus in background. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations. Mildura photographers.

Then it was a quick trip over to see how the girls were getting along with their preparations. More of the same really. Serious stuff getting ready for a wedding. Natalee and mum, just about ready to go.

Closeup of bottle of purfume photographed by excitations wedding photographers Mildura.

Brief interlude to take a couple of snaps of important little accessories. In this case a bottle of perfume. Photographed against the window. Naturally we also shot some really nice wedding photos of the flower girls and Natalee in the same location.

High-key beauty portrait of bride prior to her wedding. Wedding photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Then off to the bedroom for some more serious beauty portraits. Not hard if you have someone who looks amazing like Nat did. The room was naturally light in tone so made it easy to do some high-key bridal portraits.

High-key portrait iof bride under her veil. Wedding photography in Mildura by exitations.

Really like this under the veil image. We’ve been doing a few of these lately with really strong dramatic lighting. So today  it was a change to create a very soft flat light and treat it  to a  simple high-key effect during post production.

Blue tomned portrfait of bride and groom with veil flying into the air. Photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

We’ve skipped along a few million photos now. This was at our second wedding photography location. The first was indoors for some drama filled images. Then we stepped out for some dramatic close ups in this doorway. All of a sudden there was a gust of wind. We had to do a bit of quick-step to get into position, but made it in time to capture a great fun series of the veil doing its own thing.

Closeup happy portait of bride and groom by excitations Mildura photographer.

Yet another location. One which we’ve used before but never like this. Robyn again shooting with our second camera for this close up of Natalee and Joey.

Bride and groom with Ford GT cars in the main street of Wentworth. Wedding photography by excitations. photographers Mildura.

Some time spent down the street, with a bunch of  really cool wheels. and a couple of  pretty darn cool people.

Bridal party walking dow the stree during post wedding celebrations. Wedding photography by Excitations, photographers Mildura.

Then we went for a walk. Luckily there was next to no traffic, so we got away with a bit of Jay-walking. Natalee is probably not going to like this shot. There are many more, which are more flattering but I liked the gesture and feel of this one.

Bride and groom relaxing in Art Back cafe and Gallery Wentworth, NSW. Wedding photogaphy by excitations Mildura photographer.

Our final locations was Art Back cafe and gallery in Wentworth. Where it could be said the normal Saturday afternoon tranquility may have be disturbed by our boisterous and somewhat loud shenanigans. We shot some chilling shots. Some cafe culture images and then went outside to play in the autumn leaves.  All in all a great day.


Playtime for both our models and our photographer.

Photograph of two youg girls during playtime at a photo session. Photo by excitations photographer Mildura.

We’ve been shooting so much stuff recently that we are not able to share with you. Then this morning while frantically trying to catch up after a day in Swan Hill yesterday for a couple of meetings and a family Funeral. This image finds its way onto my desktop. Photographed a fair while ago at an amazing and quite remote location. Klancy and Evie, two bubbly and fun to be around young ladies took some playtime during a photo session. We created this lovely image of the girls during that time out.

Turns out it was playtime for Ian as well. Mixing a very old and often used black and white filter with some natural colour goodness and BINGO…. Lovely semi old fashioned look which works well with the old stone building.

Excitations art prints

Excitations art prints on display at Trentham Esate Winery Restaurant.

We’re really proud to partner with Dag and Michelle Demarkow out at Trentham Estate Winery Restaurant to display some of excitations art prints in their amazing restaurant. Those of you who have been to this wonderful restaurant which sits on the banks of the Murray River, with sweeping lawns from the restaurant right the way down to the wharf at the rivers edge. Will  know that wall space in the restaurant is at a premium. With some many windows around the main dinning area to take advantage of the terrific river views there isn’t a lot of room for works of art. But we’ve managed to find a couple of spaces.

Instead of having a lot of prints on display, we will be rotating a number of excitations art prints on a regular basis. Along of course with some of our portrait photography, Art prints on display can be purchased at the restaurant of if you’d like to talk about different options of displaying art prints, Give Robyn a call on +613 5025 3368 during our normal office hours. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am and 5pm.

I can’t think of a better place to spend a lazy afternoon, enjoying a glass of wine and some of Chef Dag’s amazing food. Trentham Estate Winery Restaurant is also a great place to hold a wedding reception. Just saying.

Froom the collection of excitations art prints, this image of bark peeling from a tree has an other world feel to it. Photographed in very late twilight, the blue glow makes for an interestin take on a familiar subject. Excitations Art Prints, available at Trentham Estate Winery Reastaurant or from

One of the excitations art prints that is in rotation que for display at Trentham Estate Winery Restaurant is this image of peeling bark. Photographed in very late twilight with a touch of moonlight chipping in to add to the overall blue tone. The subject is the normally smooth bark of a Lemon Scented Gum, which by the way isn’t a gum tree at all… But that’s a whole other story.

Cold day warm hearts….

File under wedding photography Mildura,Natalee and Joey may have picked a cold day for their wedding but there was love in the air.

We normally don’t post wedding pictures to the blog until after we have downloaded, backed up, logged and keyworded the entire days shoot. However I just had to share one of yesterday’s wedding images with you… But which one, there are hundreds of fantastic wedding photos to choose from. We’ll post some more soon but this one will have to do for today.

Bride and groom kiss while autumn leaves fall around them. Wedding photography Mildura by excitations.

A stolen kiss… a few moments alone on their special day…..

Totally kidding, we had professional leaf throwers, camera people, bridal party and an assortment of bystanders all sharing the moment. Funny thing is Natalee and Joey didn’t complain once when we asked “can you do that one more time”.