Hip Hip Hooray…..

Lets bring joy to Christmas Day with an Excitations portrait.

Two young children in a Christmas themed shoot.

There is nothing more sure of bringing tears of  joy to mum’s and grandmum’s eyes, than a gift of a portrait of the ones they love most.

We’re in the last week to have Christmas portraits created and ready for xmas… Or save the rush and give the gift of a voucher.  That way  you can have the portraits taken during a less hectic time.

Give Robyn a call to discuss your Christmas portraits. The number is  5025 3368

Phyllis and Domenic Mildura wedding

Mildura wedding for Phyllis and domenic.

Wedding accessories close up by excitations Mildiura photographers.

Ok to be honest, this is a little fun shot designed maybe to use as a background on one of the album pages. Just for a change I thought we’d show you a non-hero image… So what is  a hero image? A hero image is one that is going to get to be a wall enlargement or feature page in the wedding album.. simple as that.

Half length black and white portrait of bride groom at home before the wedding ceremony.

Speaking of hero’s, here is our hero for the day. Domenic, being all reflective before it all starts to happen.

Groom poses with historic wedding car prior to his wedding. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations Photographers.

Shooting this wedding with Domenic and Phyllis, there was a strong sense of history… This great old car was a part of Domenic’s history so we felt it important to shoot a set of images around it.

Soft grainy portrait of beautiful bride in an amazing wedding dress. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.

If our story has a hero…. Then it is only proper there should be a heroine, and Phyllis is ours. Amazing young woman, beautiful, smart and witty. The perfect bride really.

Close up of bride with sleeping flower girl prior to wedding in Mildura.

Naturally no fairy-tale would be complete without a sleeping beauty.

Family gather to toast the bride before her Milduira wedding. Exictations wedding photographers Mildura.

Some of the family dropped by to make sure we were going to get Phyllis to the church on time… they took time to toast our bride for the video production.

Right about now I’m going to tell you that Robyn chose the images for this blog post. We told her pick out about six… Clearly she must not have heard us….

Back view , half toned photograph of three bridesmaids walking through Ampelon Gardens near Mildura. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Three beautiful young ladies and a garden path… Let’s shoot a backview just for fun.

Soft focus intimate portrait of bride and groom in garden setting. Wedding pictures by Mldura photographers Excitations.

Even on your wedding day, you only get a few moments together.

Wedding photography in Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura.

Bride and groom full length formal portrait in rustic setting. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photographers.

The image above is for all the ladies… That dress… and at no extra charge, a good looking groom.


And of course there was a party… Clearly these two are ready for a night of fun and dancing.

Bride and groom dancing with fireworks in background. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

There was smoke, there was fire and there was dance action… The first dance.

Father and daughter dance. Club DaVinci Mildura.

Another moving moment… This dance started off traditionally, then Phyllis and John moved it up a gear or two!!! Well done guys.

Black and white action wedding photo of bride and groom on shoulders of guest as they party the night away.

And then there was… Well… More dancing. I’m pretty sure Domenic and Phyllis danced with everyone in the hall at least once….. Great night.




Wentworth landscape

 Wentworth landscape or In the next 30 seconds

Wentworth landscape

On the run home from a quick trip to Rufus River the other night. We marvelled at the amazing late light dancing across the wide open plain country. Light and shadow  transforming this normally subdued Aussie landcape into a breath-taking vista of springtime splendour.

But that’s not what this picture is about. No… This is about those few magical seconds after the sun slips below the horizon. When everything seems to become quite and the gently breeze of just a few moments ago… stops. When the eastern sky glows blue and magenta.

I spotted this lone tree, the sky and the  tiny coloured desert plants as we passed. Hitting the brakes, and  fully aware that I probably wouldn’t get back and set up in time, I determined I would try.

Our Troopy, isn’t the quickest stopping vehicle on this planet. Luckily she is excellent at high speed reversing. I jumped out. Figuring only one of the 3 cameras in the back was even remotely configured for the shot.  Grabbed our medium format rig. Which is not normally known to be a fast setup camera system. In fact the setup sequence is kinda like prepping one of Qantas’s A380’s for flight.

That said, medium format was going to be my best chance of pulling off this Wentworth landscape image. Also, I am fully aware that you never ever place the horizon dead centre of the frame. Nor does any photographer with even the slightest knowledge of composition place the main subject into the centre of the frame. Well…. one out of two isn’t bad.

Why did I break the rules… Simply because in the few seconds I had to compose this shot before the light faded…… It felt right.

Photography isn’t about rules, or techniques but ultimately about feeling. And if it feels right…. Then I press the shutter…..


Palm Cove wedding Maddie and Nick

Palm Cove wedding for Maddie and Nick.

What can I say… As much as we love shooting weddings in and around Sunraysia, it is always nice to get away and shoot a new wedding location. And there is not many locations that are more appealing than Palm Cove during the winter months… Just saying.Close up of groom before his wedding in Palm Cove

Before we get to the palm trees… Cos you know there is going to be palms right…

Can’t possible have a Palm Cove wedding without them. We have Nick and his mates all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Close up black and white portrait of bride groom. Wedding photos in Palm Cove by Excitations

I guess while we have Nick out and about, a nice close-up would be an idea.

Half length semi formal bridal portrat of bride seated in front of rainforest background. Wedding Photos in Palm Cove by Excitations, Mildura photographers.

One of the things Maddie asked for….  Rainforests, I want to get some green into our photos. Well… this shot taken in the outdoor dinning area of the house where she dressed. Look, already we have a green rainforest background.

Full length formal portrait of bride inside with amazing view outside through windows. Wedding photography at Palm Cove by Excitations

Then of course there is the view from the indoor dinning area… And what a view it isBridae and groom exchange wedding vows, cute little wedding chapel, Palm Cove. Wedding photography by Excitations.

Beautiful little chapel,  just a hope, skip and a jump from the beach. We should show you more of the ceremony images but let’s move on in search of those palm trees.Full length of bride and groom on sealed track in a domestic rainforest setting. Wedding photography Cairns Australia by excitations.

To be honest I had ideas of forging raging streams up to our waists in water and fighting  off  hungry crocodiles  all the time we were shooting. Apparently the locals have tamed some of the forest. Made it bride friendly, by adding a lovely sealed track…. Even better, we had exclusive access to this spot… So, no photo bombers in the background.Bride and groom in front of mirror. Palm Cove wedding by excitations.com.au

While looking for some palm trees for you lot… We came across this all but deserted hallway. Impressed… I was, I could have shot there for an hour without needing to think out any ideas. Just endless possibilities. But with the light starting to fade we had to move on in search of these Palm Cove palms.Bride and groom walk hand in hand along beach at Palm Cove

Finally we fined them, Palm Cove palms, hundreds of the buggers… All lined up along the beach, leaning into the breeze. The ocean, just metres beyond that.  Awesome… We shot walking, running, kissing, hugging, did I mention kissing…. Yup all this, not more than 50 metres from the wedding chapel. And the light… Beautiful… Bride and groom amongst palm trees with and amazing twilight sky behind them. Wedding photography at Palm Cove by Mildura photographers Excitations.

Finally, the same old palm trees just looking out to the east and the after glow from the recent sunset. Can’t wait to see the this album completed. Robyn has done an amazing job of the design.


More Mildura Debutantes

Mildura Debutantes and the pixel gods…

Close up of beautiful Mildura Debutante photographed with out of focus Spring blossom all around here face. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Who/what are the pixel gods…. I don’t honestly know. But I figure there has to be some devine being that continually places beautiful people, locations and amazing light in front of our lenses. Just like the stunning Tayla, pictured above. Pretty girl, plus awesome available light, plus a tree covered in Spring blossom.

Full length portrait of a debutante on location in garden setting. Amazing available light. Image by Excitations Mildura photographers.

More amazing light and a little bit more of our model, Tayla. Apparently when you take deb photos you have to get all the dress in…. Who woulda thought of that??? So from head shot to full length in a few seconds.

Close up black and white portrait of Mildura Debutante partner in outdoor location. Deb pictures by Excitations Mildiura.

Would you believe the location for the portrait of Sebastian is exactly the same as the one above it. We just changed the camera position and BINGO… It helps that both Tayla and Sebastian had done work experience with Excitations a couple of years ago. so they knew the importance of capturing great light.

Mildura debutantes practicing their dance in Ampelon Gardens.

I think this is it for our Mildura Debutantes this season. Could be wrong of course… So at this stage  it is fitting that our last debutante photo for the year is a final dance in the beautiful Ampelon Gardens. Yeah I know they were practising their dance for the camera… Just work with me here.



More beautiful Debutantes

Beautiful Mildura Debutantes

While we were away for a good bit of the debutante season this year, resulting in reduced numbers of deb photo sessions. We did get to shoot with some amazing, beautiful and elegant young ladies and their partners. What’s more, we got to shoot a whole bunch of locations… Which is always a buzz for us.High key, soft and romantic image of beautiful young debutante in Excitations Studio Gardens, near Mildura.

The above portrait of the gorgeous Alexandria. Photographed in Excitations Garden Studio. New angle to take advantage of the trees in background with no leaves. Plus deliberate over exposure in camera to enhance the soft winter light look.

Full length location photograph of a debutante and her partner in Excitations studio garden, Yelta near Mildura.

Ali and Ryan and a whole lot of space… Love shooting with debutantes and partners now… So much freedom to experiment a little, go for those slightly different shots as well as getting the “must haves” for the family archives.

How far is too far when photographing debutantes? I’m thinking this is a bit over the edge for most peoples taste. But hey….  I’m here alone, nobody is looking and I love simple photographs and the image below is one of those.

Soft looking photograph of young debutante walking away from the camera through Excitations studio Garden, Yelta, Victoria, Australia.

The simple act of walking away from the camera to a new location was all that was needed for this image. No posing, no fuss, just seeing and clicking.

Then for something completely different we set off to photograph Sophia and Travis in an amazing formal garden. Plus we had this lovely old FJ in original condition to play with.

Panoramic styled colour photograph of debutante and partner in an FJ holden car

 I wanted the above shot to be a “Driving Miss Sophia” look, while playing with the lines created by perfectly trimmed hedges.

Half length image of debutante standing in front of texture stone wall. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

I have to let you into a little secret about here. When all your debutantes for the season are beautiful, elegant young women…. It isn’t hard to create stunning portraits… Whatever the style  chosen. Sophia was no exception. This creation courtesy of Sophia and Robyn who worked together to style the shot.

Photograph of debutante and partner sitting on a garden bench against a stone wall. Deb photography in Mildura by Excitations.

A verandah, stone wall, rustic seat and a hedge to help frame the shot and add warmth to the image. Just add a beautiful couple… Job done.




But you are a wedding photographer.

Misconceptions about what a wedding photographer does.

If there is one truth about wedding photography and what a wedding photographer does. It is that they are all different. Seems obvious to me and most photographers I know. However, brides to be apparently miss the importance of this. Instead, they focus on prices, packages or reputations. Without giving a thought to the photographers style or way of doing things..

This goes for most styles of photography. For example, Bill is a baby photographer but doesn’t do the baby on a bean bag, asleep wearing a cute beanie style of thing. However his baby photographs are amazing. Yet many people expect that he will do the available light bean bag style, because that is what baby photographers do. Yes some do others don’t.

There is a style of wedding photography that I really, really want to try. It is really very popular in parts of Europe. But if I were to try it here with our wedding clientele  they would freak out. Not because there is anything wrong with the other style… Just that it wouldn’t fit with our current clients needs, or expectations.

Excitations focus on creating beautifully photographed, custom designed and hand crafted Australian made wedding albums. That is what we do. We don’t for instance, supply a whole bunch of machine edited or  not retouched  at all images on a usb stick. There is nothing wrong with that method of delivery. Believe me, it would save us a lot of time and effort to do work that way. If that is what you want, great. But we are not your photographers.

On the other hand, should you want an amazing wedding album or albums, fully retouched and designed by the photographers themselves . You should talk to us and not photographers who normally deliver files only on a USB flash drive…

Makes sense to me anyway. Every wedding photographer will or should approach their wedding photography differently. From shooting style to packages offered… To expect them to do otherwise, is to rob yourself of the great diversity of talent out there.

Long weekend….

Four days on the road.

Four days, two photography workshops, 2 photo sessions, 2000 kilometres, 3 meetings in 3 states,  2 supplier visits, one delivery and two catchup with friends plus 3 loccation checks.

Now it’s back to work Wednesday…..

Portraits of kids on white

Today we look at creating portraits of kids on a white seamless studio background.

This technique isn’t new…. Quite the opposite in fact. However, with the current trend for photographers to only shoot on location, mostly outdoors. It amazes me just how beautiful, stylish and clean portraits of kids on a white seamless background can be. Seriously, a single portrait of a child, photographed against a white background makes for wonderful enlargement on most any wall. Little pieces of personal art, with the added bonus of being great images of your child at the same time… Win, win I think they call that.

Photograph of young boy standing on a photo studio white seamless background during a  kids portrait session at excitations, Mildura Photographers.

The portrait of Joseph, above is a case in point. We could have used a number of backgrounds, even headed out into our studio garden. But Mum already had a number of portraits of her children on the wall and each had been created against a white seamless background…. So it was a no brainer to go with white. It was also fun for us as we hadn’t shot white for a few months. And looking at these images… Well let’s just say I have a few more ideas floating around.
This is one of those situation where having a large studio helps…  A big shooting stage and heaps of quality light from high speed strobes makes for a much more successful portrait session.

Diasec Acrylic facemounts

Acrylic facemounts are very popular. Excitations announce the arrival of Diasec Acrylic.

So who cares I hear you say. Well… We do. With everyone jumping onto the bandwagon and offering acrylic facemounts of varying qualities. From good to well you know.

Diasec Acrylic is brighter, clearer and provides added protection for your treasured photographs against UV light. In case you hadn’t heard. UV light is the dreaded enemy of photographs. Fading your images away gradually, bit by bit, day by day. In some cases not so gradually.Some think that UV is only present in direct daylight. Sadly no. This isn’t the case, all daylight has varying amounts of UV attached to the package. More surprisingly,  UV is also produced, in quite large amounts by some domestic and commercial lighting in homes and shops.

What does this mean to you guys… Well the look and style of mounting will change ever so slightly to accomodate the new “glass mount” or acrylic facemount as it is correctly termed. If your print mount has to exactly match another of our acrylic facemounts already hanging on your wall. Please let Robyn know and she will try and match it as closely as possible.