Heard on the grapevine….

We heard on the grapevine that a young Mildura model is about to sign with a major agency.

We can’t say who at this point, because as we understand it the contracts haven’t yet been signed. The agency is not one of the little internet mobs who are more inclined to try and make money out of the model than market his or her career. This is we believe, the real deal, with one of the biggest names in the industry. Certainly been around for a long time an have a great reputation within the industry.

Very exciting stuff. When things settle down a bit, I reckon we might try and get a short video interview with the young lady concerned. Maybe get her to explain to us just how much work she had to put into getting to this point. I’m confident that would be a real eye opener for a lot of would be wannabe models out there, who think the reality is something like they see on reality TV shows.

In the mean time, we’ll hopefully be able to update you with some extra details soon. I suspect you’ll hear more from the local media as well.

Casquade Body Essentials

Casquade Body Essentials Mildura

One of the great pleasures of meeting and working with fellow creatives, is seeing the different approaches each has from others. Even working toward the same goal, they often take totally different paths and inevitably stamp their own personality on the finished product, whatever that maybe.

I’m probably telling secrets here but when I very first started shooting for a living. I came across a little girl. Regularly came across her in fact. She was about 7 years old and a member of a swimming club.  I was a stringer photographer, living off scraps of work thrown to me by newspaper and TV news outfits. When chasing fire engines and ambulances turned up nothing, like all starving photographers I had a few 90% backups. One was a swimming pool, where I quickly learned that pics of local competitive swimmers and divers would almost certainly sell. Hence the 90% title. Never a certainty but near enough to keep going back. Time goes on and we all move on.

Many years later, while shooting hair models for a competition, I once again came across the little girl from the pool. Except now she was all grown up and working as a hairdresser.  Fast forward a few more years and Leisha, a  talented hair stylist, has built a talented team of professionals around her at Casquade Body Essentials. You can find Leisha and the team from Casquade Body Essentials  at 166 Eighth Street Mildura. Can’t get there then give them a call on 03 5023 3768

We recently had the chance to work with Leisha again, while shooting some promo pics for the excitations portrait promotion. The winners of which will be announced later today on EasyMix Mildura.
I personally love the feeling of calm that exudes from Leisha. Seemingly nothing flusters her. You find yourself being enveloped into her world of calmness, if there is such a word. It was interesting also to see the models Leisha chose for our photoshoot.

Portrait of twins, adult women laying on studio floor in a symetrical pose. Hair and make up bvy Casquade Body Essentials Mildura, photography by excitations mildura.

Our models for this shoot were twins, Claire and Melanie. The ladies were an absolute buzz to work with. Remember the calm I mentioned earlier with Leisha? Well these two had it as well, combine that with the oneness that comes from working with twins. A delightful session, would be the best way to describe it. We shot a whole bunch of images. I wanted to play with some symmetry while shooting very similar looking ladies. One of those shots has been on our home page for the last month or so. This image is a result of Leisha wanting a lying down shot and me wanting some more symmetry images.



Deakin Designers Hair Studio Mildura.

Deakin Designers Hair Studio, location shoot.

Locations shoots are always a bit of fun. Always approached with nervous anticipation and always through up new challenges. this shoot at Deakin Designers Hair Studio was no different. Even though we know Maria really well, having worked with her many times before, there are so many unknowns. For example what does the hair style look like? How experienced is the model. What will I use for a background. The latter could be eliminated if we took a studio background… but if we did that we may as well have shot in the studio.

Anyhow we arrived at Deakin Designers Hair Studio, Maria, ever the professional, was just putting  finishing touches to our models hairstyle. We sussed out a background, which turned out to be an old strongroom door, back in the corner of  the salon. We chose the door for character and because it projected colour tones complimentary to our models makeup and hair style. I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible so selected on camera flash, removed it from the camera, placed it in a small softbox, grabbed a second flash unit and skipped it of the floor to add a little more dimension to the face.

Location studio styled hair portrait by excitations fo Deakin Designers Hair Studio Mildura.

Our Model, Ruby arrived on set looking great. Always a bonus when your model looks good. However we hadn’t worked with Ruby before so I decided to take it very easy with her. Simple setup. Kinda just stand there and look good is all I need… We’ll do the rest. As luck would have it, Ruby soon showed that she was a model and slowly we let her do her stuff. Some bouncing of ideas around the room and a gradual building of trust gave us a good set of images.

Outdoor hairstyle portrait of beautiful young woman for Deakin Designers Hair Studio.. Fashion portrait by excitations photographers Mildura.

Now it’s one thing to photograph hair in the confines of a studio, but totally another to take the style outside into nature. Must be a total nightmare for hair stylists. Poor Maria, I felt sorry for her, trying to keep her beautiful creation in shape while we did our best to mess it up. Costume changes, wind, changing humidity you name it you’ll have to contend with it. Of course the other side is, we didn’t want salon perfect styling outdoors. We wanted a style that lived.

We’re lucky here in Mildura there is a community of creative, passionate people who love to be innovative, and push the limits of their craft, always striving to better themselves and to create services comparable to those available in major cities. Maria and her talented team at Deakin Designers Hair Studio, 73 Deakin Ave Mildura, are such people. Got an idea, want to tale to Maria about your hair styling needs, Then just jump on the phone and give then a call, 5023 1752 or you could drop into 73 Deakin Ave, have a chat, take a look at what they do and make sure you put yourself in with a chance to win a full photo session with excitations plus a classic art portrait valued at up to $998.




Q Central ladies wear Mildura.

Q Central, specializing in day and evening wear for ladies in Mildura.

One look at me and you’ll instantly recognize that I don’t spend a lot of time in any fashion store. Certainly never in a fashion shop catering for ladies. I love shooting people in all shorts of fashion. Simply love it. Just not into spending hours looking at clothes hanging on racks. Funny thing is being an inquisitive short of photographer… is there any other kind?  I regularly hear from our clients that they got their special outfit from Q Central in Mildura.

I guess the reason for this is that they have great labels, including Veronica Maine, Seduce, Katherine and Very Very, plus a whole lot more. Then of course there are Nude shoes to die for, supplied in lots  of colours and styles. Jewellery, Handbags and heaps of facinators for race wear. Call in and see the girls at Q Central, 75A Langtree Ave., Mildura, 3500. Or give them a call Ph 5023 6026.  With Spring racing season on us it certainly is a great time to check out  the amazing range at  Q Central.

Spring Racing Fashions photographed in the Wentworth goal for Q Central Mildura. Photo by excitations

Robyn was dead set on creating some unusual contrasts for this Q Central race wear fashion series. So off we went to the Wentworth  Gaol. Couldn’t get a bigger contrast than that surely. A big thanks to the team out at the Wentworth Gaol for letting us use their facility… and for letting us out again when we finished. Our Beautiful model for this series was Amy. Who tried to tell me that she didn’t like having her photo taken. Got news for you girl, the camera likes you, and you where terrific. As well as dressing Amy including shoes and accessories, Q Central also did the makeup and supplied Amy’s stunning tan. One stop shopping really.

Spring race wear photographed in excitations garden studio for Q Central Mildura.

After gaining early release from the Wenty Gaol, we headed back to excitations garden studio to add a bit of a Spring fashions on the field look. This image didn’t make the final cut, but another from the garden series did. You’ll need to pop into Q Central to check that one out. While you’re there you should pick up an excitations brochure with the included $50 discount voucher and also make sure your name goes in for a chance to win an excitations portrait session including a classic art portrait print up to the value of $998.  Do it right now!!!



Retro Hair

Retro Hair, Mildura hairstylist changing our perceptions of hair.

When we started shooting this series of images it was always going to be different. Pat Padula our Retro Stylist for the shoot, loves pushing boundaries. So it wasn’t really any surprise to us, that he asked for some slightly offbeat locations and was more interested in the look than the hair. Hair stylists, like photographers all have their own personalities, their own ways of doing things and bring their own set of skills. Talented hair stylists, like Pat from Retro Hair, have  vision, can advise you on styles and looks that will suit you. They know about facial shape, skin toning,  cutting and shaping to make you look your absolute best.

If you haven’t been to see Pat and the team at Retro Hair, then maybe it is time for you to talk with stylists with vision and understanding of your lifestyle and hairdressing needs. Retro Hair is situated at  18/146 Eight Street, Mildura, 3500. Ph 5022 7484. While there you should pick up an excitations brochure and the fifty dollar voucher therein. Also make sure you enter for your chance to win a full on excitations photo session plus a classic art portrait print up to the value of $998. But be quick this promotion finishes on the 31st October 2012 at close of business.

Trendy outdoor hair fashion image for Retro Hair Mildura. Photo by excitations mildura photographer

For this image we needed Georgia to get a “Bit of Attitude” which I think you’ll agree she nailed. We shot this on one of our backup cameras, a little Canon 5D III which is the perfect backup camera if you shoot Canon. Popped a tiny little bit of remotely control flash behind Georgia just to get a tad of separation between her and the car.

Outdor casual portriat of beautiful young woman for Retro Hair, Mildura, photo by excitations

Pat spotted this location, and Georgia was a really good sport and climbed through a fence to get to it. We of course followed as we’ll go almost anywhere if it means getting a picture. Not exactly sure what Pat saw in the location, but for me it was the kinda neat way,  stains on the old wall harmonized with Georgia’s hair.


Sensord, Mildura fashion house.

Sensord is part of excitations Art Portrait Print and photo session promotion.

If any of you guys haven’t dropped into  80 Langtree Ave., Mildura and checked out the fashion they have there. What are you waiting for? Sensord have ladies wear in sizes from 6-18. A few of the popular brands featured include. Face Off, Junk, Never Say Never, Misu and Wakee. But not only that they have jewellery and accessories right there in store… So you can do the whole outfit in one stop. No more trying to imagine what jewellery will go with this outfit. Cos its right there in front of you. Nice.

Boys, you don’t miss out either, Sensord have street wear including shorts and Tee’s. but here’s the one we’re all interested in. The ever popular Caps, and they Sensord sell em for only $25.

Black and white fashion image of beautiful young model, dressed by Sensord Mildura and photographed by excitations.

But as photographers the most important thing about fashion is the WOW factor. I have to be honest, I struggle to imagine what clothing will look like when someone just holds it up. I have to see it on a real live person.  On this shoot our live human was  Ruby. A young lady who to be honest probably has no idea just how good she is in front of a camera. I hope to get to shoot with this Ruby  again some time. in the meantime suffice to say Sensord + Ruby = WOW

Drop into Sensord and check out their range of clothing and get yourself into a chance to win an excitations photo session and a classic art print up to the value of $998. If you can’t make it to the store you might like to give the team at Sensord a call on 5022 0966