Beauty portraits in Excitations Yelta studio

Shooting some beauty portraits the other day, then we became  distracted.

High angle beauty portraits shot in the studio. Excitations Mildura portrait photographersTo be totally honest we love shooting beauty images. While on the honesty trail, we don’t shoot anywhere near enough of them. That can be either because fewer people want or need beauty shots or as times change, clients are less aware of what photographers can do. The later is very much a factor in a lot of commercial photography. Clients only want us to do what they can do on their phones.

Shooting with Jessikah was a whole lot of fun. You could say we had a really hot photoshoot. Although to be fair much of the heat came from Sunraysia setting another record daily maximum. However, we shot lots of great closeup portraits. At one stage, for some reason only known to Ian. He decided to climb a ladder and shoot down. Using our studio floor as a background and getting Jessikah to contort herself into an interesting pattern.

There’s a couple of beauty portaits lurking over on our portfolio site. Just saying.

Hip Hip Hooray…..

Lets bring joy to Christmas Day with an Excitations portrait.

Two young children in a Christmas themed shoot.

There is nothing more sure of bringing tears of  joy to mum’s and grandmum’s eyes, than a gift of a portrait of the ones they love most.

We’re in the last week to have Christmas portraits created and ready for xmas… Or save the rush and give the gift of a voucher.  That way  you can have the portraits taken during a less hectic time.

Give Robyn a call to discuss your Christmas portraits. The number is  5025 3368

Outdoor studio portraits

What does your outdoor studio look like?

I’d love a dollar for each time we’re asked that question. And sadly there is no answer. Each day, each week is different. And it is big enough to keep changing locations within excitations studio gardens to suit the season, the type of photography we’re doing and what our client is looking for. So today and for the next couple of weeks I’ll post a few pictures… All taken in our outdoor studio. Different places and different moods, but all shot around our studio garden.Young children photographed exploring excitations outdoor studio, Yelta, near Mildura

These two adventurous youg spirits were photographed searching for bugs in an old log. This part of the studio garden is more often used as a background. However, on this occasion, we positioned our explorers behind the log and waited for stuff to happen. Next week, if I remember, I’ll post some additional locations that you may not have seen before.

For us, one of the big advantages of working within the bounds of our very own outdoor studio, is knowing that the locations are unique to excitations. And our clients won’t see our locations or portrait styles hanging on friends walls. Unless of course their friends had family or individual portraits created by excitations. Even then there are so many variables that it is still unlikely.


Playtime for both our models and our photographer.

Photograph of two youg girls during playtime at a photo session. Photo by excitations photographer Mildura.

We’ve been shooting so much stuff recently that we are not able to share with you. Then this morning while frantically trying to catch up after a day in Swan Hill yesterday for a couple of meetings and a family Funeral. This image finds its way onto my desktop. Photographed a fair while ago at an amazing and quite remote location. Klancy and Evie, two bubbly and fun to be around young ladies took some playtime during a photo session. We created this lovely image of the girls during that time out.

Turns out it was playtime for Ian as well. Mixing a very old and often used black and white filter with some natural colour goodness and BINGO…. Lovely semi old fashioned look which works well with the old stone building.

Excitations studio garden.

Family portraits in excitations studio garden.

Quick post this Good Friday morning. I though we should share with you another location in the excitations studio garden. This is an area that we have used from time to  time when photography children.It is a long thin area of lawn surrounded on both sides by thick garden beds, forming a curving tunnel with lots of depth, which is great for photographers.

Semi formal family portrait photographed in Excitations studio garden near Mildura. Family photos by excitations.

Ideal when photographing young active children, because it’s design restricts their sideways vision and reduces the distractions to the young and inquisitive by focussing their attention of a small area. The area we are photographing in. While this part of excitations studio garden is still developing, it is now providing us with some interesting photographic possibilities. One of which is small semi formal family group portraits like the one of  our good clients the Harris family pictured above. We created a number of group portraits during this photography session in excitations studio garden as well as a series of individual portraits of the girls. From memory we also  photographed a couple of clothing changes to give more variety and choice to the photo session.

Family photos on a beach.

Most years we get a couple of requests to shoot family photos on a beach.

Because we live and work a few kilometres from the nearest ocean beach. About 400 clicks to be more accurate. Most times we head to some of the amazing river beaches  south of Mildura. Mostly referred to as  sand bars by locals. I have to say these sand bars are really stunning locations, and provided the river isn’t running at high levels there is a lot of sand to play with. However the chance to shoot on a real beach is always welcomed.

While we were photographing around the Gold Coast area in June. We fully expected, at some stage to get a chance to shoot a family on a  dinky di Australian beach. However, that wasn’t to be. Well not until we headed further north onto the Sunshine Coast. There we got to work with some old friends of Excitations, Chris and Greg, plus their wonderful family. Of course when we first started shooting with these guys, there was no family. Boy… how time flies. And little kids grow into big kids. The story of our lives really…. Watching families grow.

Low angle photo of family walking along Coolum Beach, Qld. Photography by excitations photographers Mildura.


In the above shot we decided to hedge our bets. Robyn shot from the beach using her favorite camera and lens combination. A Canon 5D III with a f2.8 70-200 Canon lens attached. While Ian went for a high angle and basically shot from the main street. Using some long glass on his Medium format kit, which is the image below.

High angle of family walking along Coolum Beach, Qld.  Photo by excitations photographers Mildura.

For the above image we went to a no tech solution, just letting the setting and the feeling of being together on a beach create the mood.

Casual family photo taken on Coolum Beach in Qld by excitations photographers, Mildura.

The beach used for this images was Coolum Beach, which as it turns out is a really cool-un  to take family photos on a beach. I mean, there ae not many locations which allow you to have a delightful breakfast in one of the many cafes along the main drag. Walk 100 metres and be on a beach and ready to take photos. Great town, fantastic location.

Naturally we took the chance to create all the normal combinations we do with a family sitting, including individuals, and sub groupings. For today though, I just wanted to show some of the family photos on a beach images.




$11,976.00 Portrait promotion…

Yep take a look at that headline again, excitations are running a portrait promotion with $11,976.00 worth of prizes.

This isn’t one of those scam promotion often run by photographers. You know the one. Enter to win a portrait, nobody wins the major prize but everyone who enters wins a consolation prize of a free sitting. Then are put under  pressure to buy. This will not happen with this amazing portrait  promotion, cos that not the excitations way.

This excitations portrait promotion is being run in partnership with with 12 of your favorite Mildura traders. Each of the participating stores will have one winner, who will receive a full excitations portrait session plus a single excitations art print  any size up to 60 x 90cm (BIG).  Valued at up to $998.00 from each store. So all you have to do to win is go to one of the participating traders,  make sure you fill out an entry form ( and put it in the box in that store) You can enter at more than one store and you can enter more than once.
Now for the fine print. Relatives and staff at the stores cannot enter. The prize is for a full excitations photo session plus art print up to 60 x 90cm in size. No cash or exchange of prize is available. Framing isn’t included in the prize, if you want to frame your art print, excitations can organize that for you at an extra charge, or you can have your art print framed elsewhere. Additional prints from the portrait session are available at standard prices. The prize is for a single art print.  Please note art prints do not include composites of a number of images. Art prints are a single image. Lastly, you don’t have to get a big print, however there is no rebate or refund for that part of the prize not used… THINK BIG PEOPLE.
Beeautiful blonde model photographed in high key by excitations, Mildura photographers.
Above is the beautiful Georgia, modeling a carefree, lifestyle hair style by the amazing Pat from Retro Hair. Who by the way are one of the 12 stores so drop in and check out the big print of Georgia in store and while you’re there talk to one of the Retro Hair team about what they could do for you. Georgia was a great sport and put up with us dragging out to all those different locations. In this shot she is posing over the bonnet of an old Holden Ute. On a personal note Georgia, you’ll be relieved to know that the owner of said car doesn’t want any of the surplus blue flaking paint, that may have accidently gotten onto you top…. back. He said think of it as a donation!
Something else I forgot to tell you guys. When in any of the 12 stores, pick up one of the excitations brochures, even if you have to ask for one. Because there is a voucher inside for $50 off an excitations portrait session. Must be used before December 15th. Again if you’ve been thinking about an excitations family, child or baby portrait, now is the time.
Participating stores in totally random order…
VISIBLE EFFECTS  ( Who I believe are adding some extra goodness to their in store prize)
 Promotional material will start appearing in stores Thursday 4th October 2012.
Competition ends last trading 31st October 2012

Different photography styles for different people.

Everyone has different tastes that’s why we have different photo styles…

We hear it all the time. I love this photo, hate that photo. Very next person through the door has exactly the opposite view. Nobody’s right or wrong. We just have different tastes. In food, cloths, cars, the list goes on. Photo styles are many and varied. We as photographers have a way of seeing each subject we look at. I would approach photographing a wedding differently to most other photographers. That’s the excitations way. You like it or you don’t.

Problems arise  for you as buyers of photography. When photographers, lacking experience, copy the style and or the approach of another photographer. You see, the problem is photographers who copy, will usually copy more than one photographer. Resulting in a confusing array of photo styles. Many fail to actually understand what they’re copying. It’s easy to copy a photography  technique but almost impossible to copy a photographers eye. So when you choose a photographer, you should be looking at their work. Importantly, looking at a variety of shoots they have done. Try to get a feel for how they see things. If you like the work…. book the photographer. If you don’t like the photo styles…. move on.

Modern black and white demonstration one of the different photo styles used by excitations Mildura.

While we’re talking about photo styles. This image of Sebastian and Sam, taken last year on the eve of their graduation ball.  I’ve been meaning to post this shot  but just never quite got around to it. This was the last shot from their shared  portrait session. We made a lot of images around the GT, but to finish up, decided to go for a totally casual image. Shot very much in a style that I used heavily way back in the 70’s. Very gritty, lots of film like grain and contrast. Not one of the photo styles we use much now but still good to dip into the old bag of tricks now and then.

Speaking of old photo styles, there is a version of this style that I have carried around in my head for years. Just never got around to doing it. The shot involves a bare but covered top half of a lean blonde woman. If this is you, give Robyn a call 5025 3368 during office hours and we’ll do you a deal on a shoot that you won’t believe.


Pets in family photos

Consider including your animal friends in your family photos!

Family photos which include the family pet are a terrific idea. Over the years we have photographed lots of different animals while creating family photos. Even once photographing the entire family around a gold fish bowl. Not the easiest photo session we’ve ever done. Most often it is the family dog, occasionally a cat or a pet bird, rarely in the same shot though. Dog, cat and bird adds up to a disaster looking for a place to happen. Despite all the jokes about not photographing children and animals together. It mostly works. As photographers on such assignments we just have to be, shall we say fluid in our approach.

Going into a session which includes pets in  family photos, requires a fair amount of flexibility in our approach. Also being ready for the unexpected is a bonus.

Laughing young girl during family photos session. Sometimes pets have different ideas about what they want to do at a photoshoot.

This photo of Hannah with Bessie wasn’t planned this way. Nor I suspect will it get a guernsey in the final selects. But when a horse decides they are not happy with the posing arrangements, it’s hard to argue. I love the spontaneous reaction from Hannah in this image.

Classic portrait of young girl and her horse. by excitation Mildura photographers

So I guess it’s up to Hannah’s twin sister, Lucy and her equine friend Monty, to show us how it’s done. Classic girl and her horse portrait. Helped  by some stunning available light and a casual and totally believable pose.

Young girl poses for family photos with her pet horse. Portrait by excitations Mildura.

Pets, like young children get bored with photography really quickly. Trick is of course to keep changing it up. Or giving them something else to think about. In this case Bessie may have been distracted by a packet of sliced bread… Bit like the photographer really. Easily distracted by food.


Black and white photo of girl and her horse in stable.Change of location for Lucy and Monty for this image. Very simple pose, again the classic horse and owner type portrait. Technically this presented a bit of a challenge. Requiring a bit of quick thinking. Because… let’s just say the available light, she was no longer available. Let the darkness prevail… no way. Lit by a single radio controlled hotshoe flash, VAL mounted to the right of camera.

One day I’ll tell you about a photo session in our studio. Ten puppies and three children…. Now there’s a real challenge.

Creating family portraits in excitations outdoor studio garden

Having a large spacious indoor shooting area is fantastic. Having that studio surrounded by outdoor photo settings that constantly change is wonderful. While it is true  we often use the same location over and over again, there is also a continually changing array of possibilities as trees and plants grow and die. Seasons change, new locations come online and older sets mature and take on a new look.

The most important thing about our outdoor studio is that we are in control. If we want long grass we let it grow, if we want the lawn covered in leaves, we simple let them fall. See a new angle but it needs some branches trimmed… out comes the chain saw and bingo we’re in business. Robyn and Ian see excitations garden studio as an ongoing project. A bit like a sculpture that never ever gets to be finished, it just keeps on evolving and creating new and interesting backdrops for their photography.

Causual family portrait photograph, created in excitations outdoor studio near Mildura, all rights reserved.
excitations created this wonderfully relaxed and casual portrait of the Howard family recently at there Yelta studio complex. Using late evening light and the warmth that light creates through a small part of the excitations studio garden.