Aleisha and Travis debutates on location

Debutantes on location, Aleisha and Travis, left us smiling…

Its fair to say we love creating photographs. Anywhere anytime. Photographing debutantes on location is no exception. Throw in a couple of bubbly entertaining young people like Aleisha and Travis… Our day is made.Fun times during a debutates on location photo shoot. Photography by excitations Mildura.This picture pretty much sums up Aleisha and Travis’s day… Lots of laughter and a few high-jinks thrown in for good measure.

Debutantes on location. This time near Mildura beside a very large tree covered in spring blossom. Deb photos by Excitations, photographers Mildura/Here’s a sneaky way to show of detail in the back of Aleisha’s dress. Tell Travis it’s his turn to star. Well done mate… What’s next… a catalogue shoot maybe?

Another in the series debutantes ohn location. Full length walking sho of debutante and her partner walking beside a mature row of conifers. Photography in Mildura by Excitations.As a photographer I love conifers. More importantly I love light and shade created by these beautiful trees. This location was simply perfect for a walking shot.

Beautiful debutante reclying on antique furniture in a large white ballroom. High key debutante photography on location by Excitations, photographers Sunraysia, Australia.Aleisha makes reclining look easy in this high key image. Of course it wasn’t all that easy. But you have to endure some pain to look beautiful, right!

High key window light portrait from our debutantes on location portfolio. Deb photos in Mildura by ExcitaitonsThis just might be my favorite photo of Aleisha. All natural this one. No 4000 joule studio flash blasting huge volumes of light around the room as in the previous photograph. Purely organic this one… Love it.

Close up glamour style portrait of beautiful young debutante. Pictures of debs in Mildura. Photography by excitations.Can I change my mind? I think this is now my favorite. Again absolutely natural in every aspect. We have Robyn to thank for spotting the light. And of course Aleisha for providing this stunning look.Debutantes on location by excitations mpotographer Mildura. Deb and her partner haming it up in front of stunning white house and a awesome black sports car.I’m not sure… Did we mention these two were a barrel of laughs? Seriously funny sequence of photographs to create. I think we may have got just one serious shot… Or maybe not.

Debutantes on location. Three beautiful young debutantes running towards the camera through a small patch of gorgeous light. Deb photos on location by excitations.Then there were three. Three amazingly beautiful young women. In a stunning photographic location. Selfishly I wanted a slightly different image for this one. A quick look around and there it was. A single shaft of gorgeous sunlight splashing through a wonderful vista. We lined the ladies up against the wall. Then asked them to rush towards us. For the image to work all 3 girls had to have direct light hit them. BINGO, the pixel gods were with us.





Nadia and Nicholas Mildura debutante photo shoot

Mildura debutante photo shoot with Nadia and Nicholas.

Attractive young Mildura Debutante couple walking down driveway of private residence. Photography by Mildura photography studio, Excitations.This has to be one of the most fun driveways around the district. Nadia and Nicholas seem to be enjoying it as well.

Beautiful Mildura Debutante poses at doorway to her home. Debutante photography by excitations Mildura photographersWhat is better than an amazing doorway? An amazing doorway with a beautiful young lady in it.

Casual relazed portrait of Mildura Debutante during preparation for her Debut. Deb photos in Mildura by exitations.Lots of credit to Nadia for this shot. Looks like a casual snap. But behind the scenes we needed to a bit of juggling to get our angle to work. Ok, that should read a lot of juggling. Sometime simple shots are just a little harder than they look. Fortunately for us, Nadia is a seasoned professional when it comes to photography.

Nadia, Mildura debutante sitted in courtyard during her excitations photo shoot.A more formal seated pose for Nadia here. You just have to take a rest sometime during a full on photo shoot.

Formal portrait of deb partner with debututante in background. Pictuyre by excitations photographers Mildura.Nicholas’s turn to go all formal. Well fairly formal. This image is a slightly toned black and white with just a hint of colour.

Half length, black and white portrait of debutante and her partner.Full black and white for this half length image. Exactly the same location as the photo above. This time however, shot with a telephoto lens to blurr the background more.

More Mildura Debutantes

Mildura Debutantes and the pixel gods…

Close up of beautiful Mildura Debutante photographed with out of focus Spring blossom all around here face. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Who/what are the pixel gods…. I don’t honestly know. But I figure there has to be some devine being that continually places beautiful people, locations and amazing light in front of our lenses. Just like the stunning Tayla, pictured above. Pretty girl, plus awesome available light, plus a tree covered in Spring blossom.

Full length portrait of a debutante on location in garden setting. Amazing available light. Image by Excitations Mildura photographers.

More amazing light and a little bit more of our model, Tayla. Apparently when you take deb photos you have to get all the dress in…. Who woulda thought of that??? So from head shot to full length in a few seconds.

Close up black and white portrait of Mildura Debutante partner in outdoor location. Deb pictures by Excitations Mildiura.

Would you believe the location for the portrait of Sebastian is exactly the same as the one above it. We just changed the camera position and BINGO… It helps that both Tayla and Sebastian had done work experience with Excitations a couple of years ago. so they knew the importance of capturing great light.

Mildura debutantes practicing their dance in Ampelon Gardens.

I think this is it for our Mildura Debutantes this season. Could be wrong of course… So at this stage  it is fitting that our last debutante photo for the year is a final dance in the beautiful Ampelon Gardens. Yeah I know they were practising their dance for the camera… Just work with me here.



More beautiful Debutantes

Beautiful Mildura Debutantes

While we were away for a good bit of the debutante season this year, resulting in reduced numbers of deb photo sessions. We did get to shoot with some amazing, beautiful and elegant young ladies and their partners. What’s more, we got to shoot a whole bunch of locations… Which is always a buzz for us.High key, soft and romantic image of beautiful young debutante in Excitations Studio Gardens, near Mildura.

The above portrait of the gorgeous Alexandria. Photographed in Excitations Garden Studio. New angle to take advantage of the trees in background with no leaves. Plus deliberate over exposure in camera to enhance the soft winter light look.

Full length location photograph of a debutante and her partner in Excitations studio garden, Yelta near Mildura.

Ali and Ryan and a whole lot of space… Love shooting with debutantes and partners now… So much freedom to experiment a little, go for those slightly different shots as well as getting the “must haves” for the family archives.

How far is too far when photographing debutantes? I’m thinking this is a bit over the edge for most peoples taste. But hey….  I’m here alone, nobody is looking and I love simple photographs and the image below is one of those.

Soft looking photograph of young debutante walking away from the camera through Excitations studio Garden, Yelta, Victoria, Australia.

The simple act of walking away from the camera to a new location was all that was needed for this image. No posing, no fuss, just seeing and clicking.

Then for something completely different we set off to photograph Sophia and Travis in an amazing formal garden. Plus we had this lovely old FJ in original condition to play with.

Panoramic styled colour photograph of debutante and partner in an FJ holden car

 I wanted the above shot to be a “Driving Miss Sophia” look, while playing with the lines created by perfectly trimmed hedges.

Half length image of debutante standing in front of texture stone wall. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

I have to let you into a little secret about here. When all your debutantes for the season are beautiful, elegant young women…. It isn’t hard to create stunning portraits… Whatever the style  chosen. Sophia was no exception. This creation courtesy of Sophia and Robyn who worked together to style the shot.

Photograph of debutante and partner sitting on a garden bench against a stone wall. Deb photography in Mildura by Excitations.

A verandah, stone wall, rustic seat and a hedge to help frame the shot and add warmth to the image. Just add a beautiful couple… Job done.




Beautiful Robinvale debutantes

After being away from Sunraysia for 3 weeks and having driven just over 8,500 kilometres in that time. We pulled into Robiinvale just in time to grab a coffee, check a couple of locations and start photographing a pair of beautiful Robinvale debutantes and their partners.

Stunning young Robinvale Debutante photographed while sheltering from a passing shower. Debutante photography in Robinvale by excitations.

The first of our delightful young ladies, Kristen. Who, like us, had most likely been keeping a watchful eye on the weather. Luckily after a few drops of rain, we were blessed with amazing light.

Full length formal portrait of handsome young debutate partner. Robinvale deb photos by Excitations.

While we were waiting for the shower to pass. Blaide took time out to strike a couple of poses for us. Looking sharp and keeping dry. Seriously neat trick.

Then we were off again, showers having passed. Light quality improving but fading at the same time. Some pictures in a field, of Canola, then to an Almond orchard.Beautiful young Robinvale debutante, photographed full length in an orchard. She is holding the first Almond Blossom of the Spring.

Another of our Robinvale debutantes, Maryanne. Photographed holding the very first Almond blossom of Spring, while standing serenely in an orchard. Loved this location. Added a little canned sunshine to contrast Maryanne against the muted tones of the orchard. We shot  a number of variations on this theme, all different.Half length antique styled photograph of deb partner photographed in almond orchard.

We tried to convice Thomas that he should pursue a career in orchard management. Why? Because he relaxed into this pose naturally. Taking on the look of a hugely successful orchardist. And of course we knew we had the perfect picure for his CV.

As always shot heaps of variety. Some traditional some note so. Had heaps of fun, with some inspiring young people and hopefully turned out a bunch of pictures they are going to love.


Mildura Debutantes

Mildura debutantes and getting creative on location

Close up of beautiful young Mildura debutante, taken by excitations photographer Mildura usinga a medium fomat digital camera and very shallow depth of field.Three beautiful young Mildura debutantes and their equally handsome partners photographed recently on location in Mildura. The first of our delightful young ladies, Darcie. Photographed using a medium format digital camera, lens wide open to give that amazing soft smooth out of focus look.
Medium format digital colour portrait of young debutante partner. Photo by Mildura photographer, Excitations.Same big sensor camera used to photograph Darcie’s partner John. This time we just dialled in a some  more detail and contrast. Love this camera but to be honest it is a bit of a beast  to shoot with when you’re running and gunning which is most times when shooting debutantes on location.

modern stylised debutante photograph of youn Mildura debutante and her partner, photographed at the Grand Hotel Mildura by Excitations, Mildura debutante photographerSwitching back to one of our full frame dslr’s with a piece of long glass on the front, Robyn gets Darcie and John to stand back to back for a bit of fun. We call this look, High Contrast Grainy #2. Very original naming I know.

Wide urban styled debutante portrait of couple in european looking courtyard. Debutante photography in Mildura by Excitatons.That brings us to the last of the photos of Darcie and John. Ian has always liked this location. He has shot it a handful of times, but never like this. He likes the old European courtyard feel the location suggests. We doubt this shot will get a guernsey when it comes time to select photos for Darcie’s album but it’s always good to have options. plus we are humouring Ian by posting the photo on the blog. It’ll make him feel as though he’s important….

Casual pose for youn g debutante couple. Deb photos in Mildura by excitations.That brings us to Maddison and her partner Dylon. We started out with a very casual couple shot, just to get the ball rolling. Instead of keeping the background all nice and clean we decided to make it  messy and urban like.

Arty looking debutnte photographed of beautiful young Deb photographed by excitations Mildura photographerMoving indoors for this image of Maddison. This one was all about Maddison and the beautiful light in the room. Photographers are always chasing light. I’d like to tell you that we are explorers of light…. However a well know camera company  I believe has stamped there logo all over that term…. So chasing light will have to do. Pretty much strait out of the camera, except of course for the blue tone, and the removal of a picture hook someone has screwed into the wall.

Close up slightly dramatic portrait of young man dressed in a suit with bow tie. Mildura photographer Excitations.Close up of Dylon, while the girls were having a spell. Again Ian dragged out the MF digital for  this one. There is a shot from this sequence that we prefer, however, it will reproduce poorly on this blog… So no point in posting that one.

_Photo Mildura debutantes on location is always fun and this close up dramatic photograph is a result of Ian from excitations having a couple of minutes to play.At one point during our photo session with Maddison and Dylon. Ian and Maddison kinda disappeared for a couple of minutes. Once again we found them playing with light and a couple of debutante photo ideas just a little out of the box. This one is a result of the two of them finding some really cool light in a sevice alley. No colour added, just a beautiful lady and amazing light.

Beautiful young debutate in a semi fashion pose. Mildura debutantes photographed by excitationsAfter creating a number of images of Taylor and her partner Ethan. Robyn and Taylor worked together to create this semi fashion styled portrait. Love the pose the girls came up with and once again the incredible light bouncing off some cloud out to the west.

Young man dressed in suit seated on old garden seat, Rio Vista Mildura. Mildura debutantes photographed by Mildura photographer excitations.Off course we couldn’t leave Ethan out. After creating a number of more formal looks we got Ethan to take a seat. Twisted him around and generally made him uncomfortable, then shot this image. Formal but the pose suggesting a degree of fun.

Debutante and partner photographed at Rio Vista Mildura by excitations, photographer MilduraEthan and our photographer swapped positions for this shot. Ian is now shooting from where Ethan was in the frame above. Taylor jumped back into the picture, we added a touch of softness and bingo. new more modern look but still with great light.

A couple of young Mildura debutantes photographed in front of Rio Vista in Mildura. Mildura photographer Excitations took the photo.For the image above we took a few risks. This is about as non debutante photo as you can get. In fact, there was no planing for this image. We were shooting a set of fun images with Rio Vista in the background, when Taylor and Ethan  turned to each other. Ian being one for not letting a chance go by, suggested they move their heads a little closer together. Why he would do that for a debutante photo session is beyond us. We asked him and he said you’ve gotta go with what feels right… “This felt right so I shot it.”




Euston Robinvale Debutantes

Excitations started last weekend off by photographing a couple of delightful Euston Robinvale debutantes.

This was a first for us if the truth be told. We have photographed debs from Euston and  Robinvale before but never ever in Euston, or for that matter Robinvale. So we were all excited about the opportunity to do something a  bit different. Luckily we only had two Euston Robinvale Debutantes to shoot with. Lucky because that allowed us the extra time we needed to have a play  with locations and different looks.

Also lucky because we just happen to have two drop dead gorgeous young ladies as models. Their partners polished up all right as well. Now, because we had some time to mess with, it was a forgone conclusion that we didn’t want to create the same set of pictures twice. That is, we were going to try and ensure that both girls had dramatically different photos.

Close up glamour style half length portrait of beautiful  Euston Robinvale debutante, Photographed by Mildura Photographers Excitations.

Our first Debutante for the night was Isabella. We were able to nail this shot very early into our session. Sometimes the pixel fairies are just way to nice. Happily, this was one of those occasions, amazing light and the perfect model to use that light on. OK, the pose mightn’t be traditionally a debutante pose. But it was totally worth pushing the envelope a tiny bit.

Full length debutante photograph of couple standing back to back in late afternoon light. Euston Robinvale Debutantes by excitations photographers Mildiura.

This second image of Dean and Isabella was taken much later in our session. We had shot a bunch of normal, formal stuff by then. Plus a very nice set of  fun shots in a most unlikely location. We felt we were getting a feel to this couples personalities and this shot sort of just evolved. The sun was sinking slowly towards the horizon, we had Dean and Isabella pose in total shade, with the warmth of the setting sun just spilling into our shot. Top right hand corner, bit of lens flare creeping in and some warmth bouncing off a cream coloured wall.

Half length debutante and her partner location portrait beside the Murray River at Euston. Deb photography by excitations, Mildura photographer.

Then we caught up with Maria and Colby. After shooting a number of beauty type images of Maria on her own and then with Colby. We started shooting a set with the river as a background. That’s when Robyn spotted this clump of old dead trees standing in the river. They made for a messy cluttered background but one that somehow works. The light all natural and stunning.

Glamourous, playful location portrait pf debutante at night in front of golden lights and a staircase. Debutante photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Which brings us to this photo of Maria. To be honest we agonised over whether we should use this shot or another that is just plain stunning. That shot features Maria in super closeup, with wind blowing a few whisps of hair across her face. Trouble is that shot was horizontal and would reproduce  to small here. So to the image above. Yup again not your traditional debutante photograph. But I love it.

This image was crafted to show off Maria’s cheeky side and to get the light dancing through the hemline of her gown. Technically it is a straight forward shot, although Robyn with tell you otherwise, as she juggled a fish-pole a couple of light wizards and some gaffer  tape into position. Love the pose, love the backlighting and absolutely love the golden staircase in the background…….


Exploring light on location

Exploring light while on location with Bryony and Luke.

This post with Bryony and Luke is a wee bit overdue… Whoops.

We’ve been juggling a couple of posts this week. As it turns out, we’ve had to hold  one  of our posts for a few days….  And this one wasn’t ready. I really wanted to talk about working with light on location.

There are two main ways of handling lighting for photography. One we can use existing light. That is the natural light occurring in our photo location. Photographers mostly refer to this as available light photography. Or we can bring our own. Either int the form of studio style strobes, or smaller camera mounted flashes. Camera mounted flashes are the last resort for us. They are very difficult to get anything that resembles good photographic lighting. Not impossible, just way difficult.

While we were shooting with Bryony and Luke, we used both methods.  I’m only going to show you images created with existing light or available light in this post. As it turned out we had a whole lot of really great location light available to use. Occasionally on location there isn’t much in the way of inspiring light. Not the case on this job.

Beautiful young Mildura debutante photographed by available light in hallway of home by excitations, Deb photography Mildura.

 This image of Bryony was created in a long hallway at home. Originally we decided to photograph here because of a very classic style of rim lighting  we were getting by photography along the length of this room. We started to work from a camera position just to the right of where Bryony is here. Then after getting that image, we decided to start exploring light. This is the result. Totally different look. To what we started with, and all we did was changed up our camera angle. This photo has had our HCG profile run over it to desaturate the colours.  I love the way the way the light is coming from every which way. Casting a highly diffused shadow all around our beautiful young model.

Strong conterasty lighting in black and white portrait of deb partner with debutante in background,. Deb photos Mildiura by excitations.

 A change of locations.Out into the  backyard and into this amazing old shed. Full of rustic charm,  an ideal opportunity to try exploring light on location. This portrait of Luke, relies on strong directional light to give it drama. Helps of course that Luke has the perfect look to make the image work.  While we did in fact use both available light and some pocket sunshine in this location. This portrait of Luke is just existing light. Carefully placing our subject so that light fell across his face and that cool little triangle of light formed on Luke’s left eye and cheek. There was just enough light coming from windows behind him to nicely light the back of his head and cut him out from the background.

Young debutante posed against a strong coloured wall wiith shadow patterns on it. Debutatne photography by excitations, Milduira.

The last location I want to show you is a simple one. We had set up a couple of studio strobes in this room and planned to use the strong coloured background as a feature. Just as we were about to start photographing, the sun began reflecting off a car windscreen outside, projecting a pattern of trees onto the wall. It would be just silly not to make the most of  an opportunity like this. Only lasted for about two minutes before the sun got bored and moved on. While it lasted we tried to get as many shots in as possible. Then went back to the original plan of using studio lighting for the rest of the images in this spot.




Werrimull Debutante Ball 2013

Werrimull Debutante Ball, or ducking the wind and rain.

The Werrimull Debutante Ball is unusual in a few ways. Firstly as Werrimull is a small rural community. Geographically remote by many peoples standards, there is a stronger feeling of community than you would experience in larger towns and cities. Conducting a Debutante Ball in a town like Werrimull  presents organizers with challenges  less likely to occur in more populated regions. For example when it comes to organizing photographers for the event. Unlike centres like Mildura for instance, where, if there are 20 girls making their debut. There will be 19 photographers  available. Each with either a studio or a favorite location available to cover all weather contingencies.  The Werrimull Debutante Ball this year had only six girls. And only a very limited number of photographers willing to travel and provide weather and location contingencies.

Frankly, from our point of view. Or should that be from our accountants point of view, we should have stayed home. Designing and building a suitable set. Transporting it to a location away from our studio, setting it up, conducting the photo session then pulling the thing down and transporting it back home is not a five minute job. In fact, if we don’t count the two days Robyn spent working out how to design the  transportable photo set. Buying props, or having them built. And only look at the photography day. Three people full time for 10 hours… well you do the maths. Not that we’re complaining. We had a great time. doing what love doing most of all. Meeting and photographing a whole bunch of terrific people.

Full length studio portrait of debutante and her poartner. Deb photos Mildura by excitations.

Our first beautiful Debutante is Bianca and partner Michael. Standing in our main set. Yup, we had more than one setup. In this blog post I hope to show you each of the setups. Also the plan is to show each Debutantes and their partners either individually or as a couple. One shot of each person involved. And yes I know some people will have bigger photos than others. Why, because vertical images appear bigger on the blog. Some of our setups where horizontal. Others vertical. That is just the way it is. There is no favoritism. Just technical restrictions.

Debutante reclining in portable studio set at Werrimull Debutante ball. Deb photos Mildura by excitations.

Monica, in our main set . Robyn has to have all the credit for this shot. She immediately notice two things. Monica’s dress and the way it flowed. And secondly the way Monica carried herself. Both would blend together nicely to create this image.


Moving in close on our main set, adding a kicker light and we have a half length portrait of Monica’s partner Brent. During the night we ran seven of eight studio strobe lighting outfits. Two of which were controlled by radio from our camera. The rest were optically slaved, which means they all fire at the same time without the need for cables running all over the place. The disadvantage is that if aunty Mary decides to take a picture on her little point and shoot camera. All our strobes will also fire. Luckily this didn’t happen. The safer alternative is for us to radio control all our lights. Downside to that is that radio is less reliable than optical slaves. If one radio receiver stops working, it may go unnoticed. Which isn’t fun.

Toned studio portrait of debutante seated in old leather chair. Deb photography by excitations Mildura.

Kimberly comes along, takes a seat and we create a timeless looking toned portrait.

Deb and partner seated in excitations portable location studio.

Kimberly’s partner Mark,  joins her on set for a coulor version of the same set.  Remember, we are just showing you a random selection of looks and images we created on the night of the Werrimull Debutante ball. In fact all these images where shot in a local school room. Thanks go to the school for helping us out with a rain and wind proof location.

close up photograph of debutante photographed in excitations portable studio, Werrimull.

Sammy Jo, in front of our second set. A whole bunch of LED lights add sparkle.

Portrait of deb partner with his debutante out of focus in background.

This is Sammy’s partner, Jack. Photographed against our second set. If you’re wondering why the color difference between our main set and the secondary set. (I know you were…. ) The second set was lit by a different style of light. We wanted to make the second set distinctly different from the main.Soft focus glamour style portait of debutante in excitations portable studio at Werrimull.

The beautiful Claire, in front of the second set. This is the way it was originally planned to be used. For the girls all soft and glamourous. Then we noticed that if we hardened the light a bit, the guys looked good on set as well.

Happy debutante couple in front of white background in excitations location studio at Werrimull.

Claire and Jack. Take ownership of the main set. This time turned into a white background by the addition of a couple more studio strobes.Classic closeup portrait of deb against  white backgrouun in studio. Deb photos Mildura by excitations.

Amanda, on the main set, with a white background.

3/4 length studio portrai of deb partner, toned brown. Photography Mildura, excitations.

Right…. couple of things I have to tell you. It’s late at night as I do this. I’ve been shooting most of the day. My brain may have stopped working a little earlier. I haven’t covered all the looks and changes we shot at the Werrimull Debutante Ball. And yes I have dropped a couple of double ups in. Sorry about that. Now…. The man above is Amanda’s partner. His name is Jack….. Yup… Three Jack’s in succession. Who woulda thunked that. But it gets better, because, the last deb partner I photographed today, before writing this lot was…. you guessed it JACK. All good looking blokes though…. Must be the name ya reckon.

All in all the 2013 Werrimull Debutante Ball was a whole lotta fun to photograph. We managed to get the setup and pull down done without getting  wet. Plus we now have a great set of pictures to show the girls.







Debutantes in Mildura on location

On location shooting debutantes in Mildura.

Although we don’t really chase the debutante photography scene around Mildura. It’s still a whole lot of fun to work with a small number of debutanes and their partners each year.debutante in Mildura at Grand Hotel resort.

Sophie, photographed at the Grand Hotel Mildura, a while back. Yup I know we take our time to get photos up onto the blog…. Put it down to to much to do, to little time to do it. Anyway we had a great time with Sophie and her partner Tanner, pictured below. The Grand is popular with debutantes in Mildura for good reason. For us it is more of a challenge, trying to get something a little different each time we visit. The image of Sophie above, is one of the most popular locations. Changed up, by shooting backlighting through the arches.

Debutante partner photographed in a formal style, outdoors at the Grand Hortel Milduyra. Photograph by excitations, Mildura debutante photographers.

And Tanner from the reverse angle.

Debutante sitting in a large leather chair in the middle of a suburban street. Debutante photography in Mildura by excitations.

Then there was the beautiful Stephanie, who we found sitting in an old leather chair, right slap bang in the middle of a Mildura street. Steph had told us  she new this place. We were so lucky there was this old chair plonked right down where we need it.

Debutante partner photographed on an old stair case, full length. Debutane photos in Mildura by excitations.

We caught up with Stephanie’s partner Angus, just hanging around on an old stair case at the Mildura Club. Thanks to the team at the club for allowing this young gentleman, Steph plus a couple of photographers to shoot pictures on their premises.