Beauty portraits in Excitations Yelta studio

Shooting some beauty portraits the other day, then we became  distracted.

High angle beauty portraits shot in the studio. Excitations Mildura portrait photographersTo be totally honest we love shooting beauty images. While on the honesty trail, we don’t shoot anywhere near enough of them. That can be either because fewer people want or need beauty shots or as times change, clients are less aware of what photographers can do. The later is very much a factor in a lot of commercial photography. Clients only want us to do what they can do on their phones.

Shooting with Jessikah was a whole lot of fun. You could say we had a really hot photoshoot. Although to be fair much of the heat came from Sunraysia setting another record daily maximum. However, we shot lots of great closeup portraits. At one stage, for some reason only known to Ian. He decided to climb a ladder and shoot down. Using our studio floor as a background and getting Jessikah to contort herself into an interesting pattern.

There’s a couple of beauty portaits lurking over on our portfolio site. Just saying.

Hip Hip Hooray…..

Lets bring joy to Christmas Day with an Excitations portrait.

Two young children in a Christmas themed shoot.

There is nothing more sure of bringing tears of  joy to mum’s and grandmum’s eyes, than a gift of a portrait of the ones they love most.

We’re in the last week to have Christmas portraits created and ready for xmas… Or save the rush and give the gift of a voucher.  That way  you can have the portraits taken during a less hectic time.

Give Robyn a call to discuss your Christmas portraits. The number is  5025 3368

Psst wannabe a calendar girl?

Models wanted for a charity calendar to be produced shortly

Here’s one for all you girls with a sense of adventure and a desire to get your hands on a bit of charity work at the same time. We have been asked to photograph a  number of ladies for a local calendar. So far so good. But these ladies are  intent on spicing up the whole calendar thing by posing nude. Bottom line….. They are short a couple of models and wondered if any of our lovely clients might like to have a photos taken for the calendar. I’m not sure what the theme is…. Seems it is a need to know thing at this stage and apparently I don’t need to know.

What I do know is that the MS sufferers of this world will appreciate your efforts. You’ll get to have a bit of fun and get to feel good at the same time. So just how revealing will this shoot be. Again I don’t need to know, but I’m guessing that it won’t be too revealing, cos these things are being sold to the general public, so I’m pretty sure your looking at more covered than not if you know what I mean. I know you don’t think you’re really a calendar girl type. What can I say. From my experience with these sorts of nude calendars. It’s all a bit of fun and nobody is expecting the models to all be super models. Certainly the last couple we have been involved in shooting where not all concerned about body shape. Nor were they girls from memory…. I’m kinda thinking the last couple of these  we’ve shot have  involved a bunch of blokes…. In fact for us, this maybe the first all girl production.

So if you are over 18 and probably under 100 (although it maybe cool to shoot  a centenarian). Would like to have a bit of fun, getting your kit off and helping out a worthy cause. Give Robyn a call on 03 5025 3368 during office hours and get the details from her. Seems she knows all the stuff you might wanna know. Or you can hit us up over on Facebook  although I’m not sure they’ll let you discuss stuff like naked, nude and calendar on that forum.

Abstract nude photograph of young woman and a succulent plant. Photo by excitations Mildura photographer

And a picture just to fill some space. This has absolutely nothing to do with the project on offfer…. But I guess it could. Not revealing, arty and anonymous.

Photography lessons in the studio

Recent photography lessons in Excitations barn style studio.

While it’s not something we do often. It is always a bit of fun to give a group of student photographers photography lessons. On this occassion we were shooting portaits  in our barn style studio. using mostly simple setups with studio strobes or flashes.

Low key studio portrait of young woman taken in excitations barn studio near Mildura during a photography workshop.

Our model during this batch of studio photography lessons was the ever delightful and very beautiful Sopany. Who put up with us moving lights and changing setups  without once complaining. the low key image above created with a single studio flash and a couple of carefully placed reflectors. As our students discovered, not all reflectors have to be expensive shop bought devices. While Ian was conducting the photography lessons in our studio. He couldn’t resist picking up his camera and capturing a few images of Sopany. The portrait above has been converted from colour to a cool toned black and white image, with a rough border added in Photoshop.

Full length studio photograph of a beautiful young woman photographed in Excitations Barn Style Studio during a photography workshop.

While these photography lessons were primarily about creating portraits in a studio location. We did take the opportunity to shoot a number of full length images of Sopany. This one against a plain seemless background with what is most likely the simplest of all studio lighting setup. One so simple that you’ll rarely find anyone teach it. Sometimes simple just works.

Beach portraits and good friends

Shooting  beach portraits in the middle of Winter.

Rule number one when shooting beach portraits in winter. Pick a beach in a warmer climate. That’s why we chose Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast for a portrait session with Toni and Ren. Long time friends of the crew here at Excitations.

Beach portraits of a couple at Mermaid Beach, on the  Gold Coast. Photo by excitations, Mildura Photographers

We wanted this to be a super casual session. Truth be told more time was spent catching up on old times than actually shooting. But hey, that’s cool with us. There was nothing special about the location. It was choosen because there was a car park close handy. We weren’t even put off by  numerous police cars close by. Just put that down to some blitz or other. Turns out to be a little more sinister. With some poor bugger being stabbed right across the road from where we were working.

However beach portraits was what we were there for, so beach portraits is what we did. Started the session with a simple little walk along the waters edge. Actually, not all that simple. Walking backwards hand holding a Medium Format Camera fitted with a long lens is never simple. I’m told it can’t be done… That’s  a crock of you know what. Been doing that with MF for over 30 years now, so I should have it down pat.

Anyway the point of the exercise was to show how the background goes really nicely out of focus and smooth. You still know it’s a beach but it doesn’t distract from our talent. Truth be told you can achieve this effect with most camera’s. It’s just better when you use medium format. The reason is simple physics, but I’m not going to bore you to death with that stuff. While we were shooting we also created some lovely close ups with the fast fading east coast winter light.




Great locations

Choosing great locations for you photo session.

Young engagement couple photographed in great location, black and white. photo by excitations photographers mildura.

Choosing great locations for your portrait or wedding photography is key to getting a result you will be delighted with.  Imagine watching an old western movie, complete with horses and horse drawn vehicles, actors in period costumes….. but filmed on the streets of Melbourne in the present day, while cars and trams rattle past in the background. Do you think that would look the same as if the producers had gone to the trouble of constructing a western styled set. Well choosing a location that works in your portrait and wedding photography is just as important. The final look and feel of your images, depends on your choice of location.

You are of course not trying to match authenticity like they would in a movie. You are however,  attempting to create a style and a feeling which conveys a little bit of yourself.  So locations are really important. Probably the most important consideration when searching  for great locations, is, how it feels. The sense of space if you like. You know, when you walk into a house,  you almost instantly get a good feeling or not so good feeling about the property. Locations are the same. You really do need to feel  comfortable being photographed there.

Great locations can either complement your style or contrast with it. A complimentary style maybe a formal portrait shot in a very formal room setting. On the other hand you may choose a contrasting style. Maybe the same formal dress style against a background of rusting car bodies. Both would work photographically. Most likely only one would feel right for you.

Then there is the photographic sisde of a location. Will it work photographically and give you pictures you want? We often hear people say… “Oh xyz had their photos there and they turned out great, so if we go there our photos will be great too.”  Actually… that’s not nesesarily so. There are a multitude of variables when it comes to shooting on location. For example the sun may only shine in the right place early morning. You rock up during the afternoon and the location sucks. Same spot, different times of day can make a huge difference. Other variables include such things as the type of equipment your photographer has and your photographers experience.

Our models above are Damian and Stephanie, photographed in a contrasting location, on the occasion of their engagement.

Gold Coast photography in the rain with Stephanie

Excitations were on the Gold Coast shooting recently.

While we were there we met a whole bunch of great people, caught up with a few old friends and clients, as well as geting to shoot some amazing places. One of our real discoveries was a beautiful lady by the name of Stephanie.

Beautiful young woman photographed on the streets of the Gold Coast at night, in the rain. Lots of street lights and reflections in this half length portrait by Mildura photographers excitations.

Firstly I gotta tell you Stephanie was great. Despite steady rain falling, and a very chilly evening, she threw herself into the photo session with amazing enthusiasm. Now Stephanie is a tall girl…. really tall. So the chances of her going anywhere without turning heads is …. shall we say unlikely. Which is maybe why see had no problems struting her stuff , right out there on the streets of Broad Beach. More than a few sets of admiring eyes followed her around  duringt our shoot. I might add, most people stayed inside, in the warm to watch the Stephanie show.

Full length portrait of beuatiful woman standing on wet street in Gold Coast at night. Lots of available light and reflection. Photo by Mildura Photographer,  Excitations

Hope one day, to get a chance to work with Steph again, in maybe a little less challenging situation. There are just so many things we could do with a tall stunning model if not hampered by falling rain. Steph managed to complete a number of very interesting poses using props found on the sidewalk. Some of which I’ll post here later. In the meantime so much to do, so little time in a day.

Wedding photography location, location and location.

Talk about a location for wedding photography!

We’ve shot a fair number of weddings on beaches all over the place during our time as wedding photographers. Never have we had one like this. Imagine having your wedding car or limo parked right on the beach, with an amazing expanse of beautiful white sand stretching for kilometres into the distance. Waves rolling in and breaking just off the waters edge combined with stunning late afternoon light flooding the scene with light so sublime that even a dummy photographer couldn’t get it wrong… Or maybe they could. That however is another story.Model standing with black limo parked on the beach on the Goald Coast of Australia. Photos by excitations

The beautiful Mirjana, strikes a pose for our camera, in front of what surely has to be one of the best beach  wedding photography locations in Australia. I know you’re saying you’d never be able to get your driver to take his/her  pride and joy onto the beach for a wedding photography shoot. Well… Guess what? You don’t have to… the image above was created in a car park. I kid you knot… ( Yes, I know that isn’t the way to spell not but sticking with a wedding theme… as in tie the knot…) To get this image we were standing between two cars, parked in the car park. I wanted to stand on one of them to get a better angle but thought I’d better not.

This wasn’t our hero shot from this session, I wanted to use it just to show the waves breaking in the background, with the surfer  just above Mirjana’s head.  Anyway great location for wedding photography or romantic engagement and couple shoots. Also  one I suspect which hasn’t been effected by the high tide erosion that’s in the news on the Goad Coast at the moment. However,  we’ll encounter that this afternoon with a beach shoot at Surfers Paradise. Where I’m told about a million dollars worth of freshly relocated sand has washed away overnight.

The above spot is not only a beautiful place to shoot. the bridal party can step right out of their cars and be on location in seconds…. Super cool.



A little bit of fun!!!

High contrast black and white image in studio of femal model. Photographed by excitations mildura photographers.

We, for some reason don’t post pictures we’ve shot just for fun on this blog very often. Duno why. Anyway this shot was taken during a studio shoot here at the barn studio a few months back. At the time the images from the real shoot were under wraps for a few weeks, and I’d forgotten all about this one. Until just now anyway. The file just landed on my desk as part of a submission and it’s no longer under embargo so, posted it is.

This really was one of those what if moments. The background we were using was being kept in the dark sothat just a little bit os sheen could be seen. I just wondered what would happen if I changed the lighting up a bit…. Actually down as I recall, because I switched everything off except the main. Changed up the models pose into something a bit more abstract and arty. I think I took about 3 frames…. then it was back to the serious stuff.


Rustic location portrait.

 A quick location portrait of the beautiful Mikayla

Shooting with the wonderful and talented Mikayla the other week, we jumped at the chance to create this very quick location portrait while she was taking a break between setups for the main shoot.half length location portait of a young ballerina with dramatic makeup, posed against a background of rusty steel work.

The location portrait above was completed in probably 3 minutes…. Of course we cheated a little, as Mikalya was already made up, in costume and pretty much on location. all that was left for us to do was selected a background that would give us some nice contrast. Would be complimentary to Mikalya’s rather dramatic dance makeup. Thanks to the wonderful Louise for that. If you need a make up artist you can contact Loouise through Visible Effects in Mildura.

Our background was a trio of old rusty steel tanks for the shot above. We got Mikalya to find a position which would give us the light and shade we needed on the background. Added just a tiny smidgen of flash though a softbox to give a little extra colour to Mikayla’s eyes and basically let her do her thing.