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Elvira and Ben some wedding photos.

Wedding photos from  Elvira and Ben’s special day…

These few wedding photos from Elvira and Ben’s Milduira wedding are way overdue. I hope the wait has been worth it. There isn’t much to say really. The day was perfect. Our couple were obviously wildly in love and their chosen locations… Amazing.Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations, Ben and groomsmen before the wedding, high angle.Ben with the boys, all ready to go. We were taken by this entrance. The added bonus was being able to get up high and shoot down.Close up of brides shoes being held in front of her bridal gown. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.Accessory photos form an important part of any wedding day photography session. Finding different ways of shooting accessories is always challenging. This is one, I’m pretty sure we haven’t used before.Black and white, half length image of bride leaning against white wall. Photo by Excitations.As wedding photographers, our eyes are trained to see photo opportunities when they arise. Like this image for instance. If we have a naturally elegant bride. It would be silly not to try for some slightly more creative bridal poses. There is another stunning image of Elvira over on our wedding portfolio page  

Wedding photos taken in the bridal car. Bride with dad pior to leaving for the church. Photography by excitations.Bride and dad wedding photos often miss out on the blog. Yes, we normally take them but they are usually past over. Not today however. I Love this photograph.wedding photos in a private garden at Gol Gol. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura POhotographers.While we don’t normally do adverts for anyone on Excitations news blog. We will make an exception just this once. If you are looking for an Amazing garden in which to have your wedding photos taken. Then Maddy and Craig Chislett have just the garden for you. Green, formal, lots of interesting angles plus of course river views. Stunning location for any wedding photography session. The above image created at the end of the properties long formal drive.Close up of bride and groom with sparkling water as the backround. Wedding photos by Mildura photographers Excitations.

Same location this time with the river view… Whoops… We may have gotten a little carried away with the lovely sparkles on the river. Makes a great background for close up wedding portraits like this one. Of course helped along by a couple of good looking models.Bridal portrai with wedding cars. Photo by excitations Mildura wedding photographersCurrently, every wedding photographer has to have her or his version of a “Sun Flare” photo included in the wedding coverage. What makes this one different? Well….. Oh I know! That is the sun causing the star pattern in the trees. And yes it was actually there. No filters, just good old shoot it as it happens photography.Close up of bride and groom in Chislett's garden at Gol Gol. Wedding photos by Excitations Mildura photographers.Remember I said these gardens were green… Well here is proof. How much greener do you want? Honestly it was a great pleasure to shoot with these guys. We had a great day. Everything went smoothly and we could have stayed in the gardens for another day, because it is one of those places blessed with amazing light.



Merbein wedding for Ali and Ben.

Ali and Ben’s simply amazing Merbein wedding.

When Ali and Ben announced they were getting married, we already knew it would be a different wedding. As details of their wedding plans began to emerge,  we knew this would be one of those memorable events. Ali and Ben, had opted for a Merbein wedding,  in an amazing old vineyard garden. Thoroughly modern bride in an old world setting. Sepia toned and high angle. Merbein wedding by excitations Mildura photographers.

To understand our excitement, you have to know a little of the not so public face of Ali. Yup I know you have recognised her by now. Ali, like most public figures has two sides. Her public opinions and actions persona and the side of her personality she reserves for family and friends.
We at Excitations have been lucky to see little bits of both worlds.

It would be fair to say, Neither Robyn nor myself, have ever met a young woman, who draws absolute delight from grabbing and old dip tin, plonking it under a row of grape vines and is instantly ready for a chat. I’m sure she imagines herself as a modern young woman. But… her sense of identity, history and connection with the past is a something to behold.Brown toned image of a groom posing with a car from the original Mad Max movie. Full length wedding photography by Excitations of Mildura.

I know you have most likely seen this image of Ben here on the blog before. I can’t remember ever having a car directly linked to a famous movie in one of our a wedding photos before. So, of course it was going to be back for an encore.  Ben was excited to tell us about his wedding car well before the wedding. Like lots of grooms really. The difference this time was THE CAR. So much fun to play with photographically.

Ben and I share only one thing in common. I mean, he is young, good looking and intelligent. Need I go on. However,  both of us met our future wives, while lugging dirty great big TV cameras around. Although I’m willing to bet his big camera weighted a whole lot less than mine.

Bride and groom photographed in an old garden. Half length, soft focus. Merbein wedding photography by Excitations Mildura photograpy.

Wide angle candid photo of bride and groom at garden wedding. Historic Merbein gardenAli and Ben were married beside a very large garden pond. Covered by lavender coloured petals from a nearby Jacaranda tree. A small fountain which provided  a constant, soothing background sound, was the centre piece to the pond. Futher away was the original garden. Old, well kept, shady and full of character. In the centre of this old garden, the original farm house. With its wide, open verandahs providing ideal locations for our wedding photography session.
High angle photo of bride and groom with Murray River in background. Photographed by Excitations near MerbeinAs our garden photo session drew to a conclusion, Ali has an idea… She knows there is a part of the river somewhere near here,  where you have these wonderful red cliffs and can look down on  the river as a  background….  Remember I said she had a great sense of identity and history!!! Fortunately for all of us, the spot is right beside a highway. Just a few short steps and we’re ready to shoot. Working quickly, because the sun was hot, and a couple of us get sunburn easily. This Merbein wedding photography session was over in a few short minutes and it was off to a party.

Love looking at wedding photos. There are more in our folio here



Summer sunset photo Mildura

Last nights summer sunset photo near Mildura

Summer sunset photo taken near Mildura. Panoramic format art styed photograph created by Ian McKenzie of Excitations, photographers Mildura.

While we were waiting for the main event last night. We spied with our little eyes. This tiny little bit of Mammatus cloud. Also known as Mammatocumulus. We were facinated by its shape and form. Naturally we decided it was worth “wasting a frame on”. One frame is all we shot. Which is a pity because while the rest of the sky show was amazing. Our images of it were not. Some days your hot…. Some days your not.

Anyway we liked the end result. We may fiddle with it some more. If you like it and would like to see a much bigger version of our Summer sunset photo over on our portfolio sight.

Excitations website updates ongoing.

Excitations website updates are still ongoing…

We were hoping for a quick fix on our web problems. Lots of ongoing issues still to be resolved with Excitations website updates.  However, the nuts and bolts are working. Fingers crossed. So you have full access to client galleries and stock photography archives.

www.excitations.com.au is working but in a short pants version. You can use that as a go to point. The blog, which is were most of you guys go. Has been moved… In fact if you are reading this you are there. If you need to bookmark it or something. The address is news.excitations.com.au.

Please note the blog site is where most of our New Years problems started. Which means while we have recovered almost all of the original blog. Some of our more recent photos are missing. We are still slowly replacing those. So if you were featured on the blog and now your pictures are missing. We aren’t picking on you. We haven’t taken you down for any reason. No offence was meant. And finally we are truly sorry. We will be working to get your pics back up sometime soon.

Photo adventures and the photography workshop site is being brought back into our system. The previous hosting service was amazing but in reality was just way outside of the financial resources most if not all small businesses.  Unfortunately a totally manual rebuild is the name of the game. And will be very slowly completed.

Speaking of workshops… As soon as we get through this little problem we will be announcing a number of workshops. Plus a couple of exciting travel workshops, which will be totally different to anything else offered anywhere. And we haven’t even started with the ideas yet.

Thanks for your patience team. Hopefully we will be back to full speed soon and we can get down to doing all the stuff we love…. Taking photos.

Photography heading into 2016

Here we go into 2016 another year of exciting challenges.

2015 was an interesting year to say the least. Lots of our regular business simply evaporated. Not just for us but for hundreds of photography studios across Australia. Infact, 2015 will probably go down as a defining year for photography. With many well known and highly reputable studios closing up shop.  Others still operate but have down sized dramatically.

On the bright side for those of us happy to tackle these current challenges. New oportunities are presenting themselves. Often from totally unexpected areas. Which is great.

We spent much of the Christmas/New Year break doing maintenance and preparing for 2016. Wedding bookings are strong so we’ve been busy trying to make sure our traditional wedding album coverages continue to be of the highest quality.

Photography heading in to 2016 for us looks really exciting with a number of new projects coming up and we are very excited about those. Plus we have spent a lot of time rejigging our workshop series to make the content more is relevant and user friendly.

We are still working behind the scenes trying to get out extended touring workshops up and running. Our major holdup on those is being LEGAL in all states of Australia. A seriously difficult task  at a time when  state regulators have greater problems than accommodating a little photography business running photography workshops. Think Uber and ride sharing and its impact on a highly regulated industry.

There are a lot of different photo tours out there and we are determined Excitations Photo Adventures  isn’t going to be like any other…. Sadly that means lots of permits and licenses that other providers don’t need or just simply pretend they don’t need.

Now into 2016 we go. Look forward to catching up with you during the year.

Hip Hip Hooray…..

Lets bring joy to Christmas Day with an Excitations portrait.

Two young children in a Christmas themed shoot.

There is nothing more sure of bringing tears of  joy to mum’s and grandmum’s eyes, than a gift of a portrait of the ones they love most.

We’re in the last week to have Christmas portraits created and ready for xmas… Or save the rush and give the gift of a voucher.  That way  you can have the portraits taken during a less hectic time.

Give Robyn a call to discuss your Christmas portraits. The number is  5025 3368

Wentworth artist Jan Coombe

Local Wentworth artist, Jan Coombe, exhibition now on.

PS Ruby a painting by Wentworth Artist Jan Coombe

Wentworth artist, Jan Coombe’s unique work is currently on display at the Wentworth Visitors Centre.

From time to time we are asked to make faithful reproductions of artworks. Our medium format digital camera is ideal for this purpose. Leaving anything achievable on an ordinary dslr way back in the starting blocks.

However, this is not about us, or our camera kit. I just wanted to give you a heads up to this amazing lady. Jan Coombe. Jan creates these beautiful….. I’m not sure what to call them. As they are not paintings in the true sense. And I know zilch about the dark arts practiced by the artists of this world. I understand, Jan uses a syringe to shape and draw her images onto artists canvas.  Don’t care much how she does it. But I do love the stories she puts on canvas. As a local Wentworth Artist, Jan is inspired by everyday stuff she see’s around the district.

There is currently an exhibition of Jan’s work at the Visitors Centre in Wentworth. If you are out that way. Go check out these works. If you looking for a piece of original art to ad colour and vibrance to your home or office…. Same thing. Hightail it out to Wenty and check out the work of Wentworth artist, Jan Coombe.Emu's by Wentworth Artist Jan Coombe

If you happen to have a thing for Emu’s, Jan won’t disappoint you. But you may have missed out on this mob cos, I hear they are going really fast.


R.I.P Doug McNab


Half length casual portrait of Doug and Janine McNab

My earliest recollections of Doug McNab, are of a cheeky young kid. Who, along with his brother Gus, (well that’s what I thought his brothers name was,  turns out Gus was actually Greg but that is another story) were regularly roped into being models for  Bowrings Department Store TV and print Advertising campaigns.

Great kids, up for almost any harebrained idea we threw at them. And there were a few of those. Personally I blame the team in Bowrings display and advertising department. Doug’s older sister Deb and a young woman called Robyn, who some of you will now know as Robyn from Excitations. Week after week these kids would cheerfully turn up to their next adventure, modelling the latest in kids fashions.

Not long after this time, Excitations was born. One of our first attempts at competing in the big time was to enter  the Australian National Print Awards, at the time the toughest professional photography competition around. Naturally, Doug and Gus (Greg) were convinced to cram themselves into a large wooden box for one of our very first competition entries. An hilarious shoot, and one which I will remember to the day I die.

Time passed, and somehow Doug and Gus started turning up at our Merbein studio, doing odd jobs after school, even running the show on Saturday mornings when we were away.
Doug went on to become Robyn’s permanent wedding assistant. Looking after Robyn, loading Hasselblad cameras, quicker and better than most pros I knew. Doug Mcnab was a great assistant. He instinctively got it. Checking gear, light and doing possibly  the most important part of shooting on film… He managed all the light readings and exposure controls for Robyn… Doug could have been a great photographer…. But was too smart for that.

He moved on to a short stint with computer programming before finally settling on a career in nursing. My guess is he would have excelled at anything he decided to do. Meeting a beautiful young woman, Jeannine, herself a country girl, it wasn’t long before we were photographing another wedding involving Doug. Even on his wedding day, he still wanted to help with the photography.

Together, they set up in Melbourne, to live love and build a home. Constructing  what we jokingly referred to as the McCastle. A wee bit of the Scottish ancestry coming out me thinks. Two stories, complete with ramparts, a moat and drawbridge. These McNabs date back to the 1100’s and it wasn’t always a case of love thy neighbour . Seriously, I made up the bit about the moat and ramparts. But Doug and father Andy and I suspect others of the clan created an amazing home full of new and innovative ideas, but more importantly filled with love.

Jeannine and Doug juggled two careers and managed somehow to fit in having a family. Hamish, Scarlett and Jemima…. Talk about Scottish heritage.

We have all known for some time that Doug McNab was not going to be with us for a long time. Diagnosed with a terminal illness for which there was no treatment. Doug defied the odds for a long time. When the photo above was taken, he should have already been dead but he kept fighting.

In January this year he visited us for the last time at our studio. With typical  twinkle in his eyes and mischievious grin, he pointed to his watch and made a comment that he was still alive way passed his use by date. Later as we stood in the blazing sun trying to fit in just one more story before he left. He commented that it felt so surreal. He knew he was dying but he felt normal….  Mate, in case you didn’t know it. You were never totally normal. Very few men bring as much joy, happiness, caring for others and pure optimism into this world as you have.

Jeannine, Hamish, Scarlett and Jemima you have lost a husband and father. Nothing will help the pain. But just know that he loved you all and he was a very special human being. Bev, Andy, Debbie, Fiona, Leanne, Greg and extended families. Robyn and I are so wishing we were with you today.
Take care guys… we’ll catch up soon.


Phyllis and Domenic Mildura wedding

Mildura wedding for Phyllis and domenic.

Wedding accessories close up by excitations Mildiura photographers.

Ok to be honest, this is a little fun shot designed maybe to use as a background on one of the album pages. Just for a change I thought we’d show you a non-hero image… So what is  a hero image? A hero image is one that is going to get to be a wall enlargement or feature page in the wedding album.. simple as that.

Half length black and white portrait of bride groom at home before the wedding ceremony.

Speaking of hero’s, here is our hero for the day. Domenic, being all reflective before it all starts to happen.

Groom poses with historic wedding car prior to his wedding. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations Photographers.

Shooting this wedding with Domenic and Phyllis, there was a strong sense of history… This great old car was a part of Domenic’s history so we felt it important to shoot a set of images around it.

Soft grainy portrait of beautiful bride in an amazing wedding dress. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.

If our story has a hero…. Then it is only proper there should be a heroine, and Phyllis is ours. Amazing young woman, beautiful, smart and witty. The perfect bride really.

Close up of bride with sleeping flower girl prior to wedding in Mildura.

Naturally no fairy-tale would be complete without a sleeping beauty.

Family gather to toast the bride before her Milduira wedding. Exictations wedding photographers Mildura.

Some of the family dropped by to make sure we were going to get Phyllis to the church on time… they took time to toast our bride for the video production.

Right about now I’m going to tell you that Robyn chose the images for this blog post. We told her pick out about six… Clearly she must not have heard us….

Back view , half toned photograph of three bridesmaids walking through Ampelon Gardens near Mildura. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Three beautiful young ladies and a garden path… Let’s shoot a backview just for fun.

Soft focus intimate portrait of bride and groom in garden setting. Wedding pictures by Mldura photographers Excitations.

Even on your wedding day, you only get a few moments together.

Wedding photography in Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura.

Bride and groom full length formal portrait in rustic setting. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photographers.

The image above is for all the ladies… That dress… and at no extra charge, a good looking groom.


And of course there was a party… Clearly these two are ready for a night of fun and dancing.

Bride and groom dancing with fireworks in background. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

There was smoke, there was fire and there was dance action… The first dance.

Father and daughter dance. Club DaVinci Mildura.

Another moving moment… This dance started off traditionally, then Phyllis and John moved it up a gear or two!!! Well done guys.

Black and white action wedding photo of bride and groom on shoulders of guest as they party the night away.

And then there was… Well… More dancing. I’m pretty sure Domenic and Phyllis danced with everyone in the hall at least once….. Great night.