Canon 24-70mm F2.8 USM L Series lens for sale

Canon 24-70mm F2.8 pro grade lens for sale.

What is a Canon 24-70mm F2.8 lens?  Put simply it is Canons pro grade wide apeture standard zoom. Very popular lens, sells new usually for a tad over $2000.00.

I’m selling this lens because I found I use it very little… After checking  my metadata at the end of last year and I realised that I use the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 for less than a 1000 shots each year. I decided to try to live without it. So in January this year I removed it from my work bag… Not once have I really needed it. So off to Ebay she goes.Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens for sale, Excitations Mildura

Rear mount Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens for sale. Excitations Mildura photographers

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens front elelment

Lens with lenshood in place

There you go all pictures of the actual lens… Note the lens hood look like it’s been to a war zone… I lost the hood off this lens and got hold of a s/hand one… Not pretty but works fine. The glass is near perfect. There is slight wear marks on rear mount and the lens barrel has some play in it. If you are going to use this daily, it will need a service sometime down the road. If  used on weekends and holidays may never need a service.

Picture quality good wide open, very good stopped down a couple of stops.

So the big question is would I pick it up and clip it on the camera for any seriously important shoots?  Hell yes. Would I take it on a one lens only around the world trip for 2 years?  Not without having a service done first.

Last thing… Why do I not use 24-70 much.  Just doesn’t suit my shooting style/habits. I normally shoot wider or longer. And if I need standard focal length lenses I have those on my medium format outfit.

Link to Ebay page.

Muscle cars calendars and secrecy.

Australian muscle cars are not a subject that Excitations often shoot.Two Australian muscle cars photographed in front of historical store front. Mildura photographer Excitations.

A bigger version of this image here.

However, shooting muscle cars is always a whole lot of fun. And apart from all the specular highlights and unwanted reflections, they make a great subject. Muscle cars along with most others mechanical transportation devices are very shiny and reflective. That is part of their appeal. And occasionally a photographers nightmare.

But back to these two. We shot them a while back under a shroud of secrecy. Michael Scullino decided he would surprise dad, Tony with a picture of their cars for one of those milestone birthdays. Getting a couple of cars as distinctive as these two. Out and about around town on a Saturday arvo, without someone noticing and spilling the beans… Seriously… How is that even possible.. But it happened!

Michael and co-conspirator, Michael Bozzi arranged a couple of likely locations. Including the one you see here. One word… Awesome. The actual shooting was the easy part. In fact the only challenge being those pesky reflections I mentioned earlier.

Retouching done, prints made. frames fitted, job done….

Then Michael S, has an idea to submit this picture to Australian Muscle Car Sales for inclusion in their 2017 Calendar. Something we were happy to arrange. Today we hear that not only did this pic make it into the calendar… But it made the cover.

How good is that… Not just one Mildura car on on the calendar cover… BUT TWO. In the vernacular of the period. Bloody Rippa.

We haven’t posted a picture of the calendar cover because of course that would be infringing Australian Muscle Car Sales copyright.

Stephanie and Joe, Mildura Wedding.

Steph and Joey the perfect Mildura Wedding

Yup… we’re guilty as charged… We haven’t posted any photos from a Mildura Wedding for… Well a very long time.Mildura wedding photo of beautiful young bride under veil with her husband. Close up and fun.

We’ll try and get a few up over the next couple of weeks. Starting with the young and beautiful Stephanie and the handsome Mr Cavallo. I remember after shooting with these guys. We had a number of requests for photos from different publications. All needed yesterday. We managed to fill those requests… Just forgot about posting any pictures to this blog.

Formal portrait of groom dress ready to attend his weding. Mildura wedding phots by Excitations.
Mr Cavallo, a moment of reflection.

Close up of groom holding rings. Mildura wedding photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Semi formal bridal portrait of beautiful young bride, natural light photography by Excitations, Mildura.
Suffice to say.. the camera loves Steph. This image created after her wedding at first photo location.

I’d like to say that Robyn and I have known Steph all her life. That of course is not true. She was at least 20 hours old when we first met her… so cute.

Mildura wedding photos. Bride and bridesmaid preparing for a wedding. grainy soft image by Excitations Mildura photographers.
Two beautiful sisters, a bright window and lots of grain and flair in this candid image.

From a very early age Steph and I developed a very special attachment. I reckon, she was about 3 years old when she began showing her love for me. By running up and taking an almighty swing at me. A standard method of greeting that lasted until… well…  she blossomed into a beautiful young 17 year old. I suspect this ritual only ended through her fear of breaking one of her perfectly manicured nails.Bride embracing goom, close up indors natural light photography. Phot by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.

Mr Joe, on the other hand, we have not had the pleasure of knowing as well. We first realised that we should take notice of this bloke when little clues started appearing in text messages. BF and MYBF and Joey.High angle high key image of bride and groom kissing indoors, Jimmba.Mildura wedding photos by Excitations.

High key indoors available light wedding photo of bridesmaids. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations, Mildura photographers.
Jimba was the setting for this formal photo of all the girls.

And so it came to pass. We find ourselves at a wedding. Surrounded by beautiful people who we are proud to call friends and family. Cameras in hand and ready to make pictures.

Black and white wedding photo of groom leading bride through an informal garden setting. Photos by Excitations Mildiura photographers.
We try never to miss an opportunity to take a walk in the garden.  Love the backlight and the dress.
Ford GT cars in front of Jimba a stately home near Mildura.
When you have a collection of GT’s… well you have to take a photo.
Father and Daughter Dance at wedding reception, out of focus lights in background.. Wedding pictures at reception by photographers in Mildura, Excitations.
And for something a little different to end the series of photos. Father and Daughter Dance.

More Excitations photography here.


Upcoming posts

Blog post to come this week

A whole bunch of weddings, that should have been posted ages ago.

Some used equipment. Stuff that no longer goes with us on photoshoots.

New and repeat workshops and adventures  all over this fine land.

This mornings news or not news

Head scratching news that probably isn’t.

Take this mornings effort. Among the top news. Bachelor Richie finds love… I’m truely happy for him honestly… Whoever he is.

Apple has huge spike in sales. Fears now the company maybe in for an earnings slump. Then on the same page. US stock market surges on the back of Apple’s success??????

Fashion model falls during NYC fashion parade. Right in front of professional snappers. Room lights up from hundreds of “flash bulbs” going off. Funny cos I don’t know a single photographer who has used a flash bulb for over 40 years. Wide shot of scene shows only one photographer using flash. That photographer was also at the very bottom of the pecking order. How do I know that?  Well at a fashion show there is only one “Money Shot” location. Most important photographer (ie shooter will the largest possible audience) gets that spot. Everybody else gets as close as they can to that spot. The further away you are, the less important you are.

Also from that incident. Interesting to read that her career is over because of the stumble and this will be a great boost to her career. HUH. There was even “OUTRAGE” that somebody paid so much money to walk… Can’t.

Another publication that is always “outraged at the treatment of women” runs a photo story on a Plus size lingerie show. Yesterday they ran a photo story on designer liberating brides by “letting the nipple free” I always thought headlines using words like nude, naked, nipple, sex scandal, orgy, pervert etc where just click bait… But apparently they are legitimate news headlines.

Another beauty. Ivanka Trump goes off the rails during an interview. And apparently her dad kisses her as often as he can. Awesome… My day is complete.


Aleisha and Travis debutates on location

Debutantes on location, Aleisha and Travis, left us smiling…

Its fair to say we love creating photographs. Anywhere anytime. Photographing debutantes on location is no exception. Throw in a couple of bubbly entertaining young people like Aleisha and Travis… Our day is made.Fun times during a debutates on location photo shoot. Photography by excitations Mildura.This picture pretty much sums up Aleisha and Travis’s day… Lots of laughter and a few high-jinks thrown in for good measure.

Debutantes on location. This time near Mildura beside a very large tree covered in spring blossom. Deb photos by Excitations, photographers Mildura/Here’s a sneaky way to show of detail in the back of Aleisha’s dress. Tell Travis it’s his turn to star. Well done mate… What’s next… a catalogue shoot maybe?

Another in the series debutantes ohn location. Full length walking sho of debutante and her partner walking beside a mature row of conifers. Photography in Mildura by Excitations.As a photographer I love conifers. More importantly I love light and shade created by these beautiful trees. This location was simply perfect for a walking shot.

Beautiful debutante reclying on antique furniture in a large white ballroom. High key debutante photography on location by Excitations, photographers Sunraysia, Australia.Aleisha makes reclining look easy in this high key image. Of course it wasn’t all that easy. But you have to endure some pain to look beautiful, right!

High key window light portrait from our debutantes on location portfolio. Deb photos in Mildura by ExcitaitonsThis just might be my favorite photo of Aleisha. All natural this one. No 4000 joule studio flash blasting huge volumes of light around the room as in the previous photograph. Purely organic this one… Love it.

Close up glamour style portrait of beautiful young debutante. Pictures of debs in Mildura. Photography by excitations.Can I change my mind? I think this is now my favorite. Again absolutely natural in every aspect. We have Robyn to thank for spotting the light. And of course Aleisha for providing this stunning look.Debutantes on location by excitations mpotographer Mildura. Deb and her partner haming it up in front of stunning white house and a awesome black sports car.I’m not sure… Did we mention these two were a barrel of laughs? Seriously funny sequence of photographs to create. I think we may have got just one serious shot… Or maybe not.

Debutantes on location. Three beautiful young debutantes running towards the camera through a small patch of gorgeous light. Deb photos on location by excitations.Then there were three. Three amazingly beautiful young women. In a stunning photographic location. Selfishly I wanted a slightly different image for this one. A quick look around and there it was. A single shaft of gorgeous sunlight splashing through a wonderful vista. We lined the ladies up against the wall. Then asked them to rush towards us. For the image to work all 3 girls had to have direct light hit them. BINGO, the pixel gods were with us.





Nadia and Nicholas Mildura debutante photo shoot

Mildura debutante photo shoot with Nadia and Nicholas.

Attractive young Mildura Debutante couple walking down driveway of private residence. Photography by Mildura photography studio, Excitations.This has to be one of the most fun driveways around the district. Nadia and Nicholas seem to be enjoying it as well.

Beautiful Mildura Debutante poses at doorway to her home. Debutante photography by excitations Mildura photographersWhat is better than an amazing doorway? An amazing doorway with a beautiful young lady in it.

Casual relazed portrait of Mildura Debutante during preparation for her Debut. Deb photos in Mildura by exitations.Lots of credit to Nadia for this shot. Looks like a casual snap. But behind the scenes we needed to a bit of juggling to get our angle to work. Ok, that should read a lot of juggling. Sometime simple shots are just a little harder than they look. Fortunately for us, Nadia is a seasoned professional when it comes to photography.

Nadia, Mildura debutante sitted in courtyard during her excitations photo shoot.A more formal seated pose for Nadia here. You just have to take a rest sometime during a full on photo shoot.

Formal portrait of deb partner with debututante in background. Pictuyre by excitations photographers Mildura.Nicholas’s turn to go all formal. Well fairly formal. This image is a slightly toned black and white with just a hint of colour.

Half length, black and white portrait of debutante and her partner.Full black and white for this half length image. Exactly the same location as the photo above. This time however, shot with a telephoto lens to blurr the background more.

Excitations social media active again

Social Media, we’re back with a gorgeous couple Nicole and Remo.

We’ve been obviously absent from social media for most of this year. There are no excuses. Put simply, there are not enough hours in a day to maintain our busy photography  and filming schedule. And be socially active at the same time.

Marking Excitations return to the fold. Nicole and Remo. Some images from a recent debutante photography session we had with them.

Excitations, photographers Mildura celebrate our return to social medial with a beautiful Debutante photographed in a red Ford XY GT Also present during this photography session. One beautiful Ford XY GT. Thanks gentlemen for allowing us to shoot with your vehicle.

Beautiful Mildura Debutante steps out of a car before making a grand entrance to the ball.Nicole,  alights from her carriage.

Social Media. Mildura Debutante partner, black and white portrait seated. Deb photo by excitations, Mildura photographers. While we’re in the black and white portrait mode… Here is an image of Remo, relaxing before the event.

Close up grainy deb photo of beautiful young debutante in a vineyard. Deb pictures in sunraysia by excitations.And my favorite. Out of the hundreds of images created. This one created in a vineyard is my pic. I know, it will not be everyones choice. But I love the soft muted colours, Nicole’s pose and the lovely difusion created with a long lens.



Vintage tractor Trek 2016

Vintage Tractor Trek to Wentworth.

Raw camera footage from todays Tractor Trek as the vintage tractors crossed the Abbotsford Bridge at Curlwaa. Heading to Wentworth to celebrate 60 years since the “Floods of ’56”

High definition raw footage editorial footage available and ready for deliver without the watermark.

Photographing Melbourne Market Yesterday

A morning well spent the Melbourne  Market.

The new Melbourne Market, or if we use the  correct name. The Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market. Is located at Epping, right beside the Hume Freeway for super easy access. To  say the market is big is an understatement.

Having the opportunity to photograph some of the operations within the market was a real buzz for us. We can’t tell you much about the assignment at this stage. Except to say it involves telling a story in pictures, of another Australian fresh produce to the world success.Overview of part of Melbourne Market Photography by Excitations, Mildura photographers, videographers and timelapse specialists.Overview of a very small part of the Melbourne Market. This only tells a small part of the picture. Much of the markets activity takes place away from the trading floors, in the massive warehouses that make up this incredible complex.

We though we knew a fair amount about production and distribution of fresh farm products… Wow this is a whole new world. So much time effort and labour goes into getting Aussie fresh produce all over the world in next to no time.  We saw super fresh, high quality produce. Growing in the field yesterday, sold, consolidated and repacked, quality controlled and on its way to the airport before 5am. That produce will be served up in restaurants and resorts on the other side of the world within a day of being harvested… Incredible.

We love telling visual stories. This has been one of the best so far. Following fresh Aussie produce from the farm to the point of departure for markets around our planet

More to come….