Excitations phone number has changed

Excitations phone number is now mobile 0434 130 219

Graphic of red phone and Excitations phone number. Excitations Mildura

How many other ways can I say it. Excitations phone number has changed. Hopefully this will make us more responsive and flexible.

It will certainly add to our ability to easily text and share links with clients. Along with changes to our website structure which will, over time give us options to deliver files directly to commercial and editorial clients from almost anywhere in Australia.

Our old number 03 5025 3368 will remain. However, until the tech boffins get their act together and fix the on again off again nature of that connection. We suggest using the mobile number 0434 130 219.

In other communications news. We have added a Satelite phone to our coms kit. We aren’t publishing the number currently as we only use the satphone when really off grid. Otherwise it is turned off. Our current plan is to divert calls to the satphone as needed.

Other changes around the place see a new contact form on our main site


Canon 24-70mm F2.8 USM L Series lens for sale

Canon 24-70mm F2.8 pro grade lens for sale.

What is a Canon 24-70mm F2.8 lens?  Put simply it is Canons pro grade wide apeture standard zoom. Very popular lens, sells new usually for a tad over $2000.00.

I’m selling this lens because I found I use it very little… After checking  my metadata at the end of last year and I realised that I use the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 for less than a 1000 shots each year. I decided to try to live without it. So in January this year I removed it from my work bag… Not once have I really needed it. So off to Ebay she goes.Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens for sale, Excitations Mildura

Rear mount Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens for sale. Excitations Mildura photographers

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens front elelment

Lens with lenshood in place

There you go all pictures of the actual lens… Note the lens hood look like it’s been to a war zone… I lost the hood off this lens and got hold of a s/hand one… Not pretty but works fine. The glass is near perfect. There is slight wear marks on rear mount and the lens barrel has some play in it. If you are going to use this daily, it will need a service sometime down the road. If  used on weekends and holidays may never need a service.

Picture quality good wide open, very good stopped down a couple of stops.

So the big question is would I pick it up and clip it on the camera for any seriously important shoots?  Hell yes. Would I take it on a one lens only around the world trip for 2 years?  Not without having a service done first.

Last thing… Why do I not use 24-70 much.  Just doesn’t suit my shooting style/habits. I normally shoot wider or longer. And if I need standard focal length lenses I have those on my medium format outfit.

Link to Ebay page.

Muscle cars calendars and secrecy.

Australian muscle cars are not a subject that Excitations often shoot.Two Australian muscle cars photographed in front of historical store front. Mildura photographer Excitations.

A bigger version of this image here.

However, shooting muscle cars is always a whole lot of fun. And apart from all the specular highlights and unwanted reflections, they make a great subject. Muscle cars along with most others mechanical transportation devices are very shiny and reflective. That is part of their appeal. And occasionally a photographers nightmare.

But back to these two. We shot them a while back under a shroud of secrecy. Michael Scullino decided he would surprise dad, Tony with a picture of their cars for one of those milestone birthdays. Getting a couple of cars as distinctive as these two. Out and about around town on a Saturday arvo, without someone noticing and spilling the beans… Seriously… How is that even possible.. But it happened!

Michael and co-conspirator, Michael Bozzi arranged a couple of likely locations. Including the one you see here. One word… Awesome. The actual shooting was the easy part. In fact the only challenge being those pesky reflections I mentioned earlier.

Retouching done, prints made. frames fitted, job done….

Then Michael S, has an idea to submit this picture to Australian Muscle Car Sales for inclusion in their 2017 Calendar. Something we were happy to arrange. Today we hear that not only did this pic make it into the calendar… But it made the cover.

How good is that… Not just one Mildura car on on the calendar cover… BUT TWO. In the vernacular of the period. Bloody Rippa.

We haven’t posted a picture of the calendar cover because of course that would be infringing Australian Muscle Car Sales copyright.

Upcoming posts

Blog post to come this week

A whole bunch of weddings, that should have been posted ages ago.

Some used equipment. Stuff that no longer goes with us on photoshoots.

New and repeat workshops and adventures  all over this fine land.

Photographing Melbourne Market Yesterday

A morning well spent the Melbourne  Market.

The new Melbourne Market, or if we use the  correct name. The Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market. Is located at Epping, right beside the Hume Freeway for super easy access. To  say the market is big is an understatement.

Having the opportunity to photograph some of the operations within the market was a real buzz for us. We can’t tell you much about the assignment at this stage. Except to say it involves telling a story in pictures, of another Australian fresh produce to the world success.Overview of part of Melbourne Market Photography by Excitations, Mildura photographers, videographers and timelapse specialists.Overview of a very small part of the Melbourne Market. This only tells a small part of the picture. Much of the markets activity takes place away from the trading floors, in the massive warehouses that make up this incredible complex.

We though we knew a fair amount about production and distribution of fresh farm products… Wow this is a whole new world. So much time effort and labour goes into getting Aussie fresh produce all over the world in next to no time.  We saw super fresh, high quality produce. Growing in the field yesterday, sold, consolidated and repacked, quality controlled and on its way to the airport before 5am. That produce will be served up in restaurants and resorts on the other side of the world within a day of being harvested… Incredible.

We love telling visual stories. This has been one of the best so far. Following fresh Aussie produce from the farm to the point of departure for markets around our planet

More to come….


Excitations website updates ongoing.

Excitations website updates are still ongoing…

We were hoping for a quick fix on our web problems. Lots of ongoing issues still to be resolved with Excitations website updates.  However, the nuts and bolts are working. Fingers crossed. So you have full access to client galleries and stock photography archives.

www.excitations.com.au is working but in a short pants version. You can use that as a go to point. The blog, which is were most of you guys go. Has been moved… In fact if you are reading this you are there. If you need to bookmark it or something. The address is news.excitations.com.au.

Please note the blog site is where most of our New Years problems started. Which means while we have recovered almost all of the original blog. Some of our more recent photos are missing. We are still slowly replacing those. So if you were featured on the blog and now your pictures are missing. We aren’t picking on you. We haven’t taken you down for any reason. No offence was meant. And finally we are truly sorry. We will be working to get your pics back up sometime soon.

Photo adventures and the photography workshop site is being brought back into our system. The previous hosting service was amazing but in reality was just way outside of the financial resources most if not all small businesses.  Unfortunately a totally manual rebuild is the name of the game. And will be very slowly completed.

Speaking of workshops… As soon as we get through this little problem we will be announcing a number of workshops. Plus a couple of exciting travel workshops, which will be totally different to anything else offered anywhere. And we haven’t even started with the ideas yet.

Thanks for your patience team. Hopefully we will be back to full speed soon and we can get down to doing all the stuff we love…. Taking photos.

Photography heading into 2016

Here we go into 2016 another year of exciting challenges.

2015 was an interesting year to say the least. Lots of our regular business simply evaporated. Not just for us but for hundreds of photography studios across Australia. Infact, 2015 will probably go down as a defining year for photography. With many well known and highly reputable studios closing up shop.  Others still operate but have down sized dramatically.

On the bright side for those of us happy to tackle these current challenges. New oportunities are presenting themselves. Often from totally unexpected areas. Which is great.

We spent much of the Christmas/New Year break doing maintenance and preparing for 2016. Wedding bookings are strong so we’ve been busy trying to make sure our traditional wedding album coverages continue to be of the highest quality.

Photography heading in to 2016 for us looks really exciting with a number of new projects coming up and we are very excited about those. Plus we have spent a lot of time rejigging our workshop series to make the content more is relevant and user friendly.

We are still working behind the scenes trying to get out extended touring workshops up and running. Our major holdup on those is being LEGAL in all states of Australia. A seriously difficult task  at a time when  state regulators have greater problems than accommodating a little photography business running photography workshops. Think Uber and ride sharing and its impact on a highly regulated industry.

There are a lot of different photo tours out there and we are determined Excitations Photo Adventures  isn’t going to be like any other…. Sadly that means lots of permits and licenses that other providers don’t need or just simply pretend they don’t need.

Now into 2016 we go. Look forward to catching up with you during the year.

R.I.P Doug McNab


Half length casual portrait of Doug and Janine McNab

My earliest recollections of Doug McNab, are of a cheeky young kid. Who, along with his brother Gus, (well that’s what I thought his brothers name was,  turns out Gus was actually Greg but that is another story) were regularly roped into being models for  Bowrings Department Store TV and print Advertising campaigns.

Great kids, up for almost any harebrained idea we threw at them. And there were a few of those. Personally I blame the team in Bowrings display and advertising department. Doug’s older sister Deb and a young woman called Robyn, who some of you will now know as Robyn from Excitations. Week after week these kids would cheerfully turn up to their next adventure, modelling the latest in kids fashions.

Not long after this time, Excitations was born. One of our first attempts at competing in the big time was to enter  the Australian National Print Awards, at the time the toughest professional photography competition around. Naturally, Doug and Gus (Greg) were convinced to cram themselves into a large wooden box for one of our very first competition entries. An hilarious shoot, and one which I will remember to the day I die.

Time passed, and somehow Doug and Gus started turning up at our Merbein studio, doing odd jobs after school, even running the show on Saturday mornings when we were away.
Doug went on to become Robyn’s permanent wedding assistant. Looking after Robyn, loading Hasselblad cameras, quicker and better than most pros I knew. Doug Mcnab was a great assistant. He instinctively got it. Checking gear, light and doing possibly  the most important part of shooting on film… He managed all the light readings and exposure controls for Robyn… Doug could have been a great photographer…. But was too smart for that.

He moved on to a short stint with computer programming before finally settling on a career in nursing. My guess is he would have excelled at anything he decided to do. Meeting a beautiful young woman, Jeannine, herself a country girl, it wasn’t long before we were photographing another wedding involving Doug. Even on his wedding day, he still wanted to help with the photography.

Together, they set up in Melbourne, to live love and build a home. Constructing  what we jokingly referred to as the McCastle. A wee bit of the Scottish ancestry coming out me thinks. Two stories, complete with ramparts, a moat and drawbridge. These McNabs date back to the 1100’s and it wasn’t always a case of love thy neighbour . Seriously, I made up the bit about the moat and ramparts. But Doug and father Andy and I suspect others of the clan created an amazing home full of new and innovative ideas, but more importantly filled with love.

Jeannine and Doug juggled two careers and managed somehow to fit in having a family. Hamish, Scarlett and Jemima…. Talk about Scottish heritage.

We have all known for some time that Doug McNab was not going to be with us for a long time. Diagnosed with a terminal illness for which there was no treatment. Doug defied the odds for a long time. When the photo above was taken, he should have already been dead but he kept fighting.

In January this year he visited us for the last time at our studio. With typical  twinkle in his eyes and mischievious grin, he pointed to his watch and made a comment that he was still alive way passed his use by date. Later as we stood in the blazing sun trying to fit in just one more story before he left. He commented that it felt so surreal. He knew he was dying but he felt normal….  Mate, in case you didn’t know it. You were never totally normal. Very few men bring as much joy, happiness, caring for others and pure optimism into this world as you have.

Jeannine, Hamish, Scarlett and Jemima you have lost a husband and father. Nothing will help the pain. But just know that he loved you all and he was a very special human being. Bev, Andy, Debbie, Fiona, Leanne, Greg and extended families. Robyn and I are so wishing we were with you today.
Take care guys… we’ll catch up soon.


Farcical weeks of email internet issues

Heading says it all really, started the new year all positive and ready to go!

Sadly we’re not through it all yet. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say we lost our email/social media machine. Which in itself is no biggy. However the change over to a new machine has been anything but smooth. So if you have emailed us or in-boxed us on Facebook, then I’m afraid we may not have gotten back to you yet…

We hopefully are nearly on top of it. We have a lot of stuff to get out to you regarding all manner of things. Not the least of which is a new set of workshops locally and away.

When is a print not a print.

I’m not sure but maybe when the print becomes a work of art.

art print of spinifex plant growing in a soft pastel environment.

Robyn and I have for years resisted the temptation to refer to our portrait photography as works of art. Many of our city based colleagues have for years done so. Referring to the photography as art prints or “works”. I guess this gives a sense of added value to a photographic print.

This was brought home to me recently when a new client suggested that it was ridiculous for us to charge so much money simple for a print. A print that he could have made just about anywhere for cents. To him, the act of making the print, which is an art in itself, was the whole job. All the skill in “seeing” the image, setting it up, creating the shot then the hours of of colour profiling, retouching out pimples, spots, removing double chins and a few extra kilograms around the hips was valueless. The only thing he should have to pay for was the print.

And then there is the actual print. We’ve just had a fine art quality print made. Printed onto exquisite art paper by a printer with years of experience making art prints for galleries and museums. The cost…. More than we normally charge for a print that size. But it is a wonderful thing to behold. And providing we don’t do something silly with it, this work of art will outlive us by one or two hundred years.

Contrast this print with one.  I was recently shown by a fine art photographer.  Destined  to be hung in a gallery of some note. The photographer had taken the gallery owners advice and had it framed beautifully. Sadly the print job was rubbish. Very poor quality and very easily picked by any art buyer with even the slightest bit of knowledge. Worse still the print material used is rarely if ever these days accepted by the gallery world, because of its very limited life span. Temporary art if you like. Here today and gone in a very sort number of years. But as our fine art photographer friend said. Why would you spend money on getting a high quality print made when you can get a cheap job just as good from the supermarket. Why indeed?

Maybe its time we started thinking about our photography as art rather than just selling a print. Maybe it’s time we put a value on our time and skills rather than just selling a few prints.

Just saying……..