Beauty portraits in Excitations Yelta studio

Shooting some beauty portraits the other day, then we became  distracted.

High angle beauty portraits shot in the studio. Excitations Mildura portrait photographersTo be totally honest we love shooting beauty images. While on the honesty trail, we don’t shoot anywhere near enough of them. That can be either because fewer people want or need beauty shots or as times change, clients are less aware of what photographers can do. The later is very much a factor in a lot of commercial photography. Clients only want us to do what they can do on their phones.

Shooting with Jessikah was a whole lot of fun. You could say we had a really hot photoshoot. Although to be fair much of the heat came from Sunraysia setting another record daily maximum. However, we shot lots of great closeup portraits. At one stage, for some reason only known to Ian. He decided to climb a ladder and shoot down. Using our studio floor as a background and getting Jessikah to contort herself into an interesting pattern.

There’s a couple of beauty portaits lurking over on our portfolio site. Just saying.

Location photography Jennifer and Anthony.

A spot of location photography to celebrate Jennifer and Anthony’s engagement.

Location photography is a little like real estate sales. It’s all about location, location and location. Jennifer and Anthony excelled in choosing their locations.Close up flash lit portrait of youg couple with out of focus river background. Photo Excitations.A high vantage point over the Murray River for a  formal portrait of Jenninfer and Anthony, celebrating their engagement.Engaged couple under a pergola covered in lush green vines. Location photography by excitations.When in Rome!!!  Well, when in a beautiful garden somtimes you just gotta get a whole lotta  garden in. I love this spot.Close up location photography of beautiful young woman and her man. Engagement photogaphy by excitations.Up close with Jennifer. Once again beautiful models and a location providing classic glamour lighting.Engagement photo of couple under an avenue of jacaranda Trees. Location Photography by Excitations.We should call this image, “Road Trip”. We decided with Jennifer and Anthony, we should  take a small detour. This image is not quite as we had planned. However, certainly worth the stop.Engagement couple seated in behind a wine barrel bar under a long avenue of London Plane Trees. Engagement photography by Excitations.Back home for Jennifer and some refreshments under an Avenue of London Plane Trees.Engaged couple kiss beside a vintage car with venue marquee in background. Photo by Mildurra photographer Excitations.A stolen kiss in the garden. We were just lucky someone had parked a vintage car in front of the marquee.Couple walking in vineyard. Engagement photography Mildura by Excitations.And wouldn’t you know it. There was a vineyard nearby. Luckily, Jennifer and Anthony where up for a stroll.formal portrait taken on location inside a huge marquee. Excitations portraits.From the vineyard into the marquee. Which was all lovely, bright and white. Except for one little piece of black material.Close up couple cutting cake. Mildura photographers Excitations.We just had time to cut the engagement cake. Before heading off to our  final location for the day.Couple kiss with salt lake in background. Mildura photographers Excitations.You guessed it. A sunset. An orange sky, water and a couple in love. Another case of over-shooting. We love this photography caper!

Broken Hill wedding, Jessica and Dennis

Broken Hill wedding and beautiful people.

Broken Hill prides itself with being at the edge of the dry Australian outback… I’m not so sure about that… I reckon I’ve shot more times in the rain around the Hill than I have in good weather. Fortunately on this occasion, the wet passed through during the 48 hours preceding Jessica and Dennis’s wedding.

And as far as photos go… Well you’re only going to catch a glimps of the day here. And seeing it is Christmas day as I sit and write this Two things.

Merry Christmas. And I’m going to start with photos from the end of the day first… Just because I can.Broken Hill wedding, close up of decorations.

You see, one of the big features for me at this wedding. Was the amazing amount of time Jess and Dennis had spent personalising their wedding. This post could have been about all the little personal touches. But it is not. So I’m just putting a couple of the decoration  pictures first.

Reception decorations at Broken Hill wedding. Photo by excitations Mildura photographer

grainny flared photograph of youg flower girl. Wedding photos in Broken Hill by Excitations.Then like most weddings,  we were surrounded by beautiful girls.Siver toned black and white wedding photo of flower girl. Wedding photography in Broken Hill by Excitations.Naturally, there were the amazing locations… And stair cases. Maybe we should call Broken Hill the city of stairs. The effect used here is one of Excitations profiles called Silver. Appropriate for the Silver City or should that be Silva City.Bides dress hanging in doorway. Broken Hill wedding by Excitations.

Wedding ring and stained glass window. Broken Hill wedding by Excitations photography MilduraDid I mention seriously cool locations to shoot in…. I mean this stuff was real… No photo trickery, just amazing places to shoot.Bride and groom late afternoon light on a balcony, Broken Hill wedding.Finally we get to a shot of the stars of this wedding. Jessica and Dennis. Not our usual style, shooting with an ultra wide lens,  but I fell in love with the amazing light on this balcony. The very unconventional pose can be credited to our beautiful couple. These guys were just a pleasure to work with. Although I’m guessing they thought I had lost my mind setting up this shot. I’m calling this shot “Loose Canon” On account  someone may have accidently left a spare Canon Camera on a table in the background. Better get rid of that before anyone spots it.Bride and groom walking down the street in Broken Hill. Excitations photographers Mildura.In keeping with our vibrant warm urban feel. We shot this walking down the street and just letting the amazing warm light  bounce every which way. All the time I’m sure Jessica and Dennis are thinking we had really lost it.Toned wedding portrait of bride and groom with vintage car. Broken Hill wedding photos by Excitations.From the city to the bush… Well not really bush but a very nice bit of open country with a little outcrop of rocks and native vegetation. Plus, we had a beautiful vintage car to play with. This was a great stop and yielded some fantastic photos.Close up of groom kissing bride at Broken Hill wedding. Wedding photography by Excitations.Same location for this shot. Just moved in closer and softened the light down and ……. Well you get the idea.Bride kisses groom at Broken Hill wedding. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photography.Dennis gets a bit of loving in return and the light from a big open sky starts to glow.Half length portrait of bride standing on green golf course. Portrait of bide, Broken Hill. Photo by ExcitationsJess looking amazing as our big sky lights up the twilight. Late evening is a great time to shoot portraits and rarely does evening light get better than this. The only other ingredient needed is a stunning bride… As fortune would have it… There was one  on hand.Rugged rustic wedding photography location with bride and groom at last light.Ok, now I’m officially in love. I can’t think of any other location where you have perfectly manicured lawns and 50 metres away…. This. Awesome semi arid Australian outback scenery. That, I think is what made this Broken Hill wedding so amazing. Terrific people, fabulous locations, the loving care and attention payed to personalising the entire day.



Excitations social media active again

Social Media, we’re back with a gorgeous couple Nicole and Remo.

We’ve been obviously absent from social media for most of this year. There are no excuses. Put simply, there are not enough hours in a day to maintain our busy photography  and filming schedule. And be socially active at the same time.

Marking Excitations return to the fold. Nicole and Remo. Some images from a recent debutante photography session we had with them.

Excitations, photographers Mildura celebrate our return to social medial with a beautiful Debutante photographed in a red Ford XY GT Also present during this photography session. One beautiful Ford XY GT. Thanks gentlemen for allowing us to shoot with your vehicle.

Beautiful Mildura Debutante steps out of a car before making a grand entrance to the ball.Nicole,  alights from her carriage.

Social Media. Mildura Debutante partner, black and white portrait seated. Deb photo by excitations, Mildura photographers. While we’re in the black and white portrait mode… Here is an image of Remo, relaxing before the event.

Close up grainy deb photo of beautiful young debutante in a vineyard. Deb pictures in sunraysia by excitations.And my favorite. Out of the hundreds of images created. This one created in a vineyard is my pic. I know, it will not be everyones choice. But I love the soft muted colours, Nicole’s pose and the lovely difusion created with a long lens.



Hip Hip Hooray…..

Lets bring joy to Christmas Day with an Excitations portrait.

Two young children in a Christmas themed shoot.

There is nothing more sure of bringing tears of  joy to mum’s and grandmum’s eyes, than a gift of a portrait of the ones they love most.

We’re in the last week to have Christmas portraits created and ready for xmas… Or save the rush and give the gift of a voucher.  That way  you can have the portraits taken during a less hectic time.

Give Robyn a call to discuss your Christmas portraits. The number is  5025 3368

Phyllis and Domenic Mildura wedding

Mildura wedding for Phyllis and domenic.

Wedding accessories close up by excitations Mildiura photographers.

Ok to be honest, this is a little fun shot designed maybe to use as a background on one of the album pages. Just for a change I thought we’d show you a non-hero image… So what is  a hero image? A hero image is one that is going to get to be a wall enlargement or feature page in the wedding album.. simple as that.

Half length black and white portrait of bride groom at home before the wedding ceremony.

Speaking of hero’s, here is our hero for the day. Domenic, being all reflective before it all starts to happen.

Groom poses with historic wedding car prior to his wedding. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations Photographers.

Shooting this wedding with Domenic and Phyllis, there was a strong sense of history… This great old car was a part of Domenic’s history so we felt it important to shoot a set of images around it.

Soft grainy portrait of beautiful bride in an amazing wedding dress. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.

If our story has a hero…. Then it is only proper there should be a heroine, and Phyllis is ours. Amazing young woman, beautiful, smart and witty. The perfect bride really.

Close up of bride with sleeping flower girl prior to wedding in Mildura.

Naturally no fairy-tale would be complete without a sleeping beauty.

Family gather to toast the bride before her Milduira wedding. Exictations wedding photographers Mildura.

Some of the family dropped by to make sure we were going to get Phyllis to the church on time… they took time to toast our bride for the video production.

Right about now I’m going to tell you that Robyn chose the images for this blog post. We told her pick out about six… Clearly she must not have heard us….

Back view , half toned photograph of three bridesmaids walking through Ampelon Gardens near Mildura. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Three beautiful young ladies and a garden path… Let’s shoot a backview just for fun.

Soft focus intimate portrait of bride and groom in garden setting. Wedding pictures by Mldura photographers Excitations.

Even on your wedding day, you only get a few moments together.

Wedding photography in Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura.

Bride and groom full length formal portrait in rustic setting. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photographers.

The image above is for all the ladies… That dress… and at no extra charge, a good looking groom.


And of course there was a party… Clearly these two are ready for a night of fun and dancing.

Bride and groom dancing with fireworks in background. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

There was smoke, there was fire and there was dance action… The first dance.

Father and daughter dance. Club DaVinci Mildura.

Another moving moment… This dance started off traditionally, then Phyllis and John moved it up a gear or two!!! Well done guys.

Black and white action wedding photo of bride and groom on shoulders of guest as they party the night away.

And then there was… Well… More dancing. I’m pretty sure Domenic and Phyllis danced with everyone in the hall at least once….. Great night.




The Fire Still Burns

Caught up with Don Costa recently and “The Fire Still Burns”

It’s hard to believe just how many years have passed since we first met up with the “Costa Bothers” “the Band of Brothers” and of course “Shadow Rock” Many of our readers will know the boys… In fact there is a fair chance they provided the music for your wedding or your parents wedding.

We caught up with Don Costa recently, still touring and playing gigs all over the Eastern states of Australia. Don has also just released a new album “The Fire Still Burns” and it must…. There could be no other reason for anyone to work as hard as Don does.

If you have  just under 3 minutes, the above video is a sampler of a few of the tracks from the new album. Recorded live in Broken Hill a few weeks ago. No fancy stuff here… Straight live recording, no lighting or tricky audio mixing just genuine live recording of actual performance.

More Mildura Debutantes

Mildura Debutantes and the pixel gods…

Close up of beautiful Mildura Debutante photographed with out of focus Spring blossom all around here face. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Who/what are the pixel gods…. I don’t honestly know. But I figure there has to be some devine being that continually places beautiful people, locations and amazing light in front of our lenses. Just like the stunning Tayla, pictured above. Pretty girl, plus awesome available light, plus a tree covered in Spring blossom.

Full length portrait of a debutante on location in garden setting. Amazing available light. Image by Excitations Mildura photographers.

More amazing light and a little bit more of our model, Tayla. Apparently when you take deb photos you have to get all the dress in…. Who woulda thought of that??? So from head shot to full length in a few seconds.

Close up black and white portrait of Mildura Debutante partner in outdoor location. Deb pictures by Excitations Mildiura.

Would you believe the location for the portrait of Sebastian is exactly the same as the one above it. We just changed the camera position and BINGO… It helps that both Tayla and Sebastian had done work experience with Excitations a couple of years ago. so they knew the importance of capturing great light.

Mildura debutantes practicing their dance in Ampelon Gardens.

I think this is it for our Mildura Debutantes this season. Could be wrong of course… So at this stage  it is fitting that our last debutante photo for the year is a final dance in the beautiful Ampelon Gardens. Yeah I know they were practising their dance for the camera… Just work with me here.



Megan and Larry

Megan and Larry’s wedding.

Here’s one that slipped past me. Megan and Larry were married in Mildura some time ago. Seems just yesterday but trust me it wasn’t. No excuse for the lateness. Just the same old to much to do, to little time to do it..

Anyway it was a great day, and everyone had a great time. We took way to many photos… Which is about normal for us. I always panic after the wedding and think that I haven’t taken enough. Then Robyn goes to design the album and…. Yup you guessed it. Way overshot again. Guess its better to overshoot than not have enough.

Groom and best man photographed in black and white playing pool. Photo by Mildura photographer excitations.This started out to be a series of casual photographs of the boys… Then things got serious and we decided to go for a more formal look.

Wedding shoes photographed close up on floor by excitations mildura wedding photographerThis started out to be a series of casual photographs of the boys… Then things got serious and we decided to go for a more formal look.

Closeup of bride natural light in a window. Photographer excitations MilduraWe caught up with Megan. Set up a whole bunch of studio lighting in the lounge and then shot this beautiful portrait by window light in a bedroom. You just gotta go with the flow. It’s the picture that counts, not how you got it.

Environmental black and white wedding photograph inside a bar. Photograpy by excitations, Mildura photographers.We skipped over a fair few photos here. Now we’re inside that well know bar and wedding photography location. Yes we did a few of the normal things. Then I decided to try something a little different and went for a wide angled environmental style portrait in black and white. This one I know didn’t make the final cut… But I liked it and nobody is watching!!!

Pastel portrait of bride and groom inside a bar. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura photographers.Still at the pub. This time shooting into the strong window light and letting things all flare out. Very reminiscent of the Pastel Portrait style of photography we first introduced into Australia 25 years ago. Funny how styles like fashion just seem to go around in circles.

Strong autum tones in an intimate bridal portrait photographed in a park by excitations photography MilduraOver to Ampelon Gardens for some formal style wedding portraits… Excuse me you guys… I said formal.  Seems Larry and Megan needed a couple of minutes together before we got into the photography. Id love to say the colour in this photo is exactly as was on the day… But that would be fibbing. We added a little…. ok a lot of saturation in post production. I wanted to get that warm winter light feeling.

Formal portrait of groom with his grooms men in the background. Outdoors Autumn. Mildura wedding photograper excitationsLarry at least gets this formal portrait thing down pat. Can’t say the same for his groomsmen who seem to be just sitting down on the job.

Bride and groom are working past Chateau Mildura, a historic winery near Mildura. Photography by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.Chateau Mildura was our next location. I love this spot late in the afternoon. Beautiful light, rustic backgrounds.

5896-722As above just photographing in the opposite direction. See what I mean about the light. Amazing. Helps of course if you have a beautiful couple like Megan and Larry.

Full length portrait of bride and groom with bridal car in front of Chateau Mildura. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations.Ok… The quality of light stays good for us as we finish up out at Chateau Mildura. However the quantity of said light is fast diminishing. As in It’s almost dark. Stand still Megan and Larry. Don’t breath, don’t blink and definitely don’t move while we take this shot. From memory we cheated a bit for this image. I’m pretty certain we had an Elinchrom Ranger location flash unit with a great big soft box  just popping a little extra light onto Megan and Larry.



Another from excitations garden studio

As promised last week another location from excitations garden studio.

Young child sitting in on of the unique photogaphy locations at excitations garden studio. Photo by Milura photographers excitations.

The ever delightful Macy photographed in excitations garden studio. This location is perfect for younger children as it has a number of different height steps for them to sit on and lots of interesting stuff around to make it an adventure. Kind of a win win for us as this location works all year round. Not all locations do that. Some rely on Autumn foliage, others Spring flowers or lush green grass. Good old Buxus sempervirens or more commonly know as English Box frames this corner of excitations garden studio really well.