Torissa and Sam.

Debutante Torissa and partner Sam, photographed on location.


Close up of beautiful young woman on her the night of her debutante ball. Photo bey excitations, Mildura portrait photographers.

So this posting is way, way late. What can I say? We’ve been a little busy. That is an understatement. Better late than never. Regulars to this blog might have noticed that I like close ups. Real close ups. If as a photographer you are going to do close up portraits like this one. Rule one says you have a subject who is stunningly beautiful. Torissa, I think you’ll agree fits that description perfectly.

If you want to see more of Torissa and Sam, you’ll need to hit the continue link below. Be warned though. I’m in a close-up mood tonight.

Half length photo of debutante and partner with beautiful light falling on them in a garden setting.  Debutante photo by excitations, portrait photographer Mildura.


I tried to warn you another close up portrait. This time at least there was room for Sam in the shot. My excuse is that you rarely get great light like this while in the great outdoors. So, when it happens you just gotta go for it. All Torissa and Sam’s photos where taken in a beautiful garden prepared by Torissa’s mum and dad. Love the tropical feel to this garden. And of course the rich greens which go with that look. Anytime we’re working in a location, we try to have the location create the mood of the photos. Often, you don’t even have to show a lot of the location. Just being there is often enough to create a feeling in the final photos..

OK, so I can hear you chanting…We want the dress… We want  the dress. Well your wait is over. look down and you can see almost all of the dress… See we can do pictures other than close ups.!

Full length black and white portrait of debutante and her partner. Deb photos by excitations, Mildura.

Anyone can do stock standard debutante poses. Standing in the studio beside a bowl of flowers is real easy. Taking a beautiful dress outdoors and wearing it with attitude and character. That’s a whole different story. Luckily for us, Torissa knew exactly what we meant when we said “Let’s go girl, wear that dress”. As you can see Sam is doing a pretty good job of this photography modeling thing as well. However, we’re not going to mention that, because we wouldn’t want to embarrass him. Well, maybe just a little bit.



2011 debutante season underway.

Debutante Season in Mildura

Excitations isn’t a big debutante studio these days. Preferring to work with a small number of debutantes, spending more time with each couple and getting more interesting pictures. Long gone are the days of excitations photographing 350 plus debutantes each season. Instead of rushing through the photo session in minutes. Excitations now  ease our way through  photo sessions. Focusing more on the debutante and her partners personality. Rather than just going through a set of poses.

Often we work on location.  Sometimes at home, other times at locations selected after consultation with our couples. Occasionally we will work in and around our studio complex. Which is obviously set up specifically to achieve great photographic effects.

Attractive debutante and her partner, seated on a magnificent star case.
Excitations first debutante for 2011, Nikola and her partner Joseph, in a slightly arty looking photograph.

Anyone who’s been around this blog for a while, will know that our photographer, Ian is a bit of a sucker for close ups. This session though, we managed to keep him focused on the bigger picture.  Like Nikola and her dress. Instead of a great close up featuring just her face. Hope you like the bigger picture occasionally.

Full length portrait of debutante standing in front of a mirror.
Nikola, photographed by available light near a large window. Loving the soft wrap around quality of light and the way it plays with the texture and detail of the dress.

While we’re talking about bigger pictures, below is  a wide angle of a magnificent location. Which as a debutante photo won’t be every ones cup of tea. But as photographers we like the graphics of this shot. As a scene setting image we love it. Most likely won’t get a guernsey, when Nikola selects her finals. However, we wouldn’t be doing our job as photographers if we saw a shot like this, but didn’t at least give it a try.

Graphic styled photo of debutante and partner in modern room.

One of the better film editors we worked with during our youth. Always asked for a wide shot of a scene as soon as we got out of the car. He said he didn’t care if he used it or not. It just helped him get an overall feel for a location. Many years later we still find ourselves shooting wide frames like the one above. In this case we loved the curvy handrail, and the great light fitting.

We’ve photographed some other debs since Nikola and Joseph. We will be drip feeding a few of those pictures onto this blog as time permits. Tomorrow though I think we might give you a handful of sample images from last weekends wedding.