Debutantes in Mildura on location

On location shooting debutantes in Mildura.

Although we don’t really chase the debutante photography scene around Mildura. It’s still a whole lot of fun to work with a small number of debutanes and their partners each year.debutante in Mildura at Grand Hotel resort.

Sophie, photographed at the Grand Hotel Mildura, a while back. Yup I know we take our time to get photos up onto the blog…. Put it down to to much to do, to little time to do it. Anyway we had a great time with Sophie and her partner Tanner, pictured below. The Grand is popular with debutantes in Mildura for good reason. For us it is more of a challenge, trying to get something a little different each time we visit. The image of Sophie above, is one of the most popular locations. Changed up, by shooting backlighting through the arches.

Debutante partner photographed in a formal style, outdoors at the Grand Hortel Milduyra. Photograph by excitations, Mildura debutante photographers.

And Tanner from the reverse angle.

Debutante sitting in a large leather chair in the middle of a suburban street. Debutante photography in Mildura by excitations.

Then there was the beautiful Stephanie, who we found sitting in an old leather chair, right slap bang in the middle of a Mildura street. Steph had told us  she new this place. We were so lucky there was this old chair plonked right down where we need it.

Debutante partner photographed on an old stair case, full length. Debutane photos in Mildura by excitations.

We caught up with Stephanie’s partner Angus, just hanging around on an old stair case at the Mildura Club. Thanks to the team at the club for allowing this young gentleman, Steph plus a couple of photographers to shoot pictures on their premises.




On location with 2 beautiful young debutantes.

Not the warmest weather in Mildura today, but lots of warm wonderful smiles from two beautiful debutantes.

After being super busy on other business stuff during the last 10 days. It was amazing to be able to put a camera up to my eye again this afternoon. Firstly I would like to thank both of our debutantes for being so wonderful and putting up with the cold without once complaining. Our first young lady was Emily and her partner Sean.

Photograph of a very happy young debutante posing for a toned monochrome photograph at the Grand Hotel Mildura. Photo by Mildura photographers, excitations.

This shot of Emily was intended to be in full living colour. The whole point of selecting this angle and location was for the colour. However, while quickly casting an eye over the shots as we backed up todays shoot, something said to me “this is a monochrome shot for sure”. So it is. When Robyn an Emily see it they’ll probably over rule me but until then…. monochrome. We shot two distinct versions of this image. Firstly we used a whole lot of blurred motion. Which I really liked but decided not to post here.  Maybe one day soon I’ll sneak one onto the blog for you to see.

Bright red car in a black and white image with debutante and her partner standing in fron of the Grand Hotel Mildura. Photo by excitations, Mildura Photographer

Second image of Emily with Sean in front of the Grand Hotel with their ride for the day. This one is sort of inspired by the Cuban Look. If you’re a car buff you will most likely know that Cuba is the place where there is a plethora of 50’s and 60’s wheels still in use daily. When photographers visit Cuba… They take pictures of cars. Just like the one above. So I thought it would be cool to turn this shot of Robyn’s into a debutante photo with a twist of Cuba.

Full length seated portrait of a Mildura debutante photographed in stunning available light at the Grand Hotel Mildura, by Ian Mckenzie from Excitations

The second of our lovely ladies was Catherine. This isn’t the first time that we’ve photographed Catherine. Excitations go back a few years with this young lady. Baby photos if I remember correctly. I have to tell you, this shot was never really planned. We had intended another angle entirely. However, I’d just walked back into the room after a lens change,  noticed this amazing light illuminating both Catherine’s face and the folds in her gown. Bingo…. Love it.

Close up looking down debutante photo of a young couple posing for the camera. Photo by excitations photographers Mildura.

Josh and Catherine in a slightly more formal pose than we had been doing up until this moment. If you know these guys, ask them about strong winds and narrow walkways. I’m sure they’ll tell you how much fun it can be. We finished up the photo session with what turn out to be a group session. About five debs, plus  their partners all ended up in one place at the same time. Add a very stretched Hummer and nearly as many photographers as debutantes plus a whole bunch of proud parents and we must have come close to being classed as a street party. I’m sure lots of great memories were created today. For me that’s it. Funs over for this Saturday, back to more mundane work.



Etheringtons The Jewellers

Etheringtons the Jewellers, Mildura

Two words, The Jewellers. Is enough to tell anyone you’re serious about something or someone. You buy bling and trinkets to accessorize an outfit. You go to a Jewellery to make a purchase that will last. I’m not saying that you can’t grab accessories from a Jeweller but lets be honest. A jewellery store is the  place you go to buy lasting pieces. Future family heirlooms. Wedding Rings, Engagement Jewellery, and of course unique and lasting gifts for that special someone.

Expert advice, service and repairs to craftsman made fine goods of distinction. Friendly staff who know about precious stones, metals and minerals. Advise on how to care for them, value them. Even engrave that special message onto your purchase. Etheringtons the Jewellers, seems like they’ve been around for years. Maybe because they have. A part of Mildura ‘s history for generations. Try to imagine how many people wear a wedding ring from Etheringtons the Jewellers. Apply that to engagement rings, 21st gifts, or simple I love you jewellery.

If you haven’t been into Etheringtons The Jewellers,  65 Deakin Ave Mildura, or you haven’t been there for a while. Do yourself a favour. Drop in take a look around…. maybe even fall in love with that something special. While you’re there grab an excitations brochure, make sure it has a $50 discount voucher for a photo session in it…. See it was worth dropping in. If you’re feeling really lucky, don’t worry about the voucher, just make sure your name is in the running for a full blown excitations photography session including a classic art portrait print up to the size of 60 x 90cm.

Close up photo of Mildura debutante Demi wearing jewellery from Etheringtons the Jewellers, Mildura. Picture by excitations.

Demi chose to wear jewellery from Etheringtons the Jewellers with her debutante gown.

Demi photographed in excitations studio in front of an old piano, wearing jewellery from Etheringtons the Jewellers of Mildura.

Demi again in a semi rustic setting, illuminated by artificial window light. Some days mother nature doesn’t come to the party, so as photographers we have to lend a hand.

India and Madison, Mildura Debutantes

Couple more recent Mildura Debutantes

I have to be totally honest here, this blog post featuring two of our Mildura debutantes has been sitting around on my desktop half written for about three weeks. So sorry about that, just way to much stuff happening around the studio to get time to finish this post off.


Informal studio portrait of Mildura Debutante, Madison, photographed on white background by Excitations, Mildura photographers.

Madison, photographed against a white seamless in excitations barn studio. maybe not your traditional deb photo, but a nice relaxed image. Love the hands on hips and slight lean backwards. The photographers instruction manual on how to photograph debs doesn’t have this pose listed… Guaranteed!

Really nice sometimes to just play around and let your model relax. Other times it’s just better to run with a more structured photo session. Really important that the photographer works with their subject to get a result that suits both.

I guess we’re really lucky in that we don’t shoot masses of Mildura Debutantes. The ones we get to work with however are fantastic, and want to contribute to getting that little extra out of their photo session. Both Madison above and India below, were dreams to work with. Especially when we let them just play around against the plain white background.

Black and white photo of Mildura debutantes against a white seamless background in the studios of excitations, Mildura photographers.

For this image of India, we’re using the very same piece of white seamless as in the shot of Madison, this time however we dulled it down a bit and projected some shadows onto it. This was the first frame of our session with India. Love India’s  attitude to life, and new right from the first frame we were going to have fun.

A little heads up here for readers of this blog. I’m playing with a couple of ideas for a really interesting big production deb shoot next year. Session will cost the same as a normal excitations deb shoot but will be unlike anything we’ve done before. Or anyone else has done around these here parts. I can guarantee you that this shoot will be unlike any other. For us to pull it off, we will need six debs and their partners, all from the same ball. All prepared to be part of a once only deb shoot. So if you’re planning your deb or have a friend who is, please keep us in mind for next year. Again the debs need to be from the same ball, there need to be six of them and they need to be prepared to have a great time at their shoot and get unique photos.



Madison up close.

Had the pleasure recently of shooting some deb images of Madison. After we finished that I had a little play. As I’m sure you’ll agree this isn’t exactly a traditional Debutante type photo. Created in the excitations studio using just a dim modeling light from one of our studio flashes and the glow from the open fire. love the feel of this image. Helped of course by the beautiful Madison. Will post more from the session as time allows.

Close up glamour style studio portrait of a debutante using available light. Photographed at excitations barn studio at Yelta near Mildura.


Debutantes, beautiful debutantes.

Couple more fabulous debutantes.. we’re just so lucky.

Love photographing debutantes. Regardless of whether we’re on location, as was the case with our session with the beautiful Jennifer below. Or in our Barn Studio.

Full length of debutante on locationat her home. Photo by excitations Mildura photographers.

We had a plethora of brilliant locations to play with during Jenifer’s debutante photo session. I chose this image not for the location, but for its simplicity.  Just love the casual relax manner and attitude that Jennifer adobted during this part of our photography session.

Full length seated photograph of debutante in excitations barn style studio near Mildura.

An hour later and we’re in excitations Barn Studio with the lovely Demi. Same camera, same lighting equipment. (Little fib there, same gear but a second set, cos the other set was still in the car from our earlier shoot with Jennifer.) This time we decided to go a bit rustic and make the lighting more directional to accentuate the flow of Demi’s gown, created when Demi spiced up a somewhat classic pose with a little of her own flair. Shot a whole bunch of stuff around the studio.

I should thank the people behind the scenes for this day. We had a big day of shooting, and to fit our two lovely deb’s in we had to have a clean up team, picking up gear an relocating it to new locations, as well as making sure the studio was ready when we needed it. Sometimes if you could see the effort people put in to help us get as much done in as short time a time as possible you would be amazed.

Mildura Debutantes

Had the pleasure of photographing a few Mildura Debutantes over the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at excitations and during that time we’ve photographed a few Mildura Debutantes. Lovely bunch of girls each and everyone. They’ve been a total pleasure to photograph. So for the first set of girls to be posted. Taken way back just after Noah finished building his ark. But hey! Better late than never right!

Close up glamour portrait of Mildura Debutante by excitations.

First of our Mildura debutantes this year was Kobe. Who , I’m glad to say, has one of those faces that the camera just loves. Shot a whole series of gorgeous images of Kobe around the Grand Hotel in Mildura. A big thanks to the kind people at the Grand for allowing us to shoot there. This image wasn’t my personal favorite, however, my preferred shot wouldn’t have reproduced very well at low res on this blog. Such is life.

Full length glamour glow photo of Mildurta debutantes by excitations.

And the beautiful Lauren with her partner Joey.  Again shot at the Grand Hotel, this time softened, with  some tone modification in post production giving the old world look. One of the great things about only shooting with a small number of debutantes is that you get to play a bit. Which means each and every debutante gets photos that are more individual and reflect a little of the debutantes personality. I’m so glad we no longer shoot entire groups of debs in the same location all looking the same as each other.

Full length photo of Mildura Debutantes by

Our last stunning debutante in this set, Hannah. We wanted to shoot something a little less formal while still retaining Hannah’s natural elegance and grace. In this shot, all we needed, was move to a pose with hands on hips. Add a remote, radio controlled strobe light with VAL,  to pop a bit of warmth and sparkle into Hannah’s face.  That’s it plain simple and elegant. We had a great time shooting with these girls and their partners and families. We also have to thank our work experience helper on the day, the wonderful and tenacious, Caitlin.



Studio debutante photography.

Studio debutante photography, sometimes the studio is a great place to shoot.

Right at the moment there are simply not enough hours in every day to get all the stuff we need to get done.That’s especially true here at excitations.We are way behind with posting to this blog for instance. But we couldn’t let a year slip by without posting at least a couple of samples of studio debutante photography. As luck would have it on this day a few weeks back. Mother nature was having one of those lets make it hard for photographers days. She decided she would give us a light sprinkle of rain.

Casual black and white studio portrait of a debutante and her partner. Photographed at excitations studio.Our first models for the day where Phoebe and Trent. Who were fantastic and let us play a bit with some casual looking black and white images against a white background. When we’re photographing  debutantes, it is always a challenge as to how far we go artistically. It’s easy to get carried away and shoot great pictures. But if we’re not careful we end up with great pictures that don’t look like debutante photos at all.

Happy full length black and white photo of debutante in excitations barn studio. White background.This blog is a bit organic as far as how we decide on what pictures to use. The image of Kelsey above wasn’t going to be this shot. However, it works well in black and white and….. well we haven’t posted a lot of monochrome here recently. Anyhow, Kelsey was a mile a minute girl in the studio. So much energy. We decided to go with this black and white photo. Firstly because it short of catches our models bubbly personality. Secondly it illustrates just how well simple black and white shots can show texture in costumes.

Studio debutante photography at excitations Yelta studio.

So now we’re stuck with a theme. Beautiful debutante, black and white against a white background. Phoebe again, but not the same Phoebe obviously. We’ve got to point out that we didn’t just should black and white. If we don’t, someone will say excitations only do studio debutante photography in black and white. Should also mention that we didn’t only work against a white background. In fact with Kelsey and Phoebe II, our favorite shots were taken on our studio verandah, sheltered from the rain. Using studio lighting. Those photos however, wouldn’t suit the theme that just developed for this post.

By the way if you’re doing your deb next year and have a group of 4 or 5 friends who you think might like to do something a bit different for their deb photos. You might consider talking to us early in the season. We book up fast. More impo0rtantly we have a couple of ideas we would love to develop which will make your studio debutante photography a whole lot more special.





Mikayla and Larry

Deb photos with a dash of creativity added. Couple with balloons in front of swming pool. Grand Hotel Mildura. Photo by excitations.

Mikayla and Larry, a bunch of balloons and a million ideas for  deb photos

We get to photograph Mikayla  occasionally. Each time it seems, she has an idea she would like to try. So when she arrived for her deb photos with a bunch of balloons and a good looking fella. Well let say we weren’t surprised.

When Ian spotted the pool, looked at the balloons, and got a strange look on his face. Well we just knew he had an idea. He tells us that because it was quite a surreal scene. Two fully dressed people, beside a pool, with a bunch of balloons. He wanted to have a play with reality. Pushing the idea of deb photos a bit beyond the norm.

Like to see some more of Mikayla and Larry’s deb photos. Hit the continue below….


Soft rear view full length of a beautiful young deb. Photo by excitations Mildura photographers.Sometimes having Ian as our photographer is a bit of a battle. Let’s just say he gets sidetracked easily. This was supposed to be a beautiful portrait of Mikayla. He instead starts raving about  amazing light and shoots this angle. Ian. we wanted to see Mikayla’s face!!!

I guess we have to admit. It is a really cool shot. And the light does play beautifully around the dress. Maybe we could get away with calling this a portrait of a deb dress. Just a thought.

We did in fact take a lot of “normal” deb photos. Not just a handful of arty pictures. We probably should put at least one photo on the blog where you can see Mikayla and Larry’s faces.  So here goes.

Casual deb photo of young couple back to back indoors.

Well it isn’t really a normal deb photo.  At least you can clearly see Mikayla and Larry’s faces. Created indoors using available light from a door. Casual back to back pose, together with out of focus lights in passage, keeps this photo informal.

Thanks again to the Grand Hotel Mildura, for allowing us to wander around their premises with a bunch of balloons. While creating for Larry and Mikayla a unique set of debutante photos.

Prue and Kyle

High angle photo of Mildura debutantes against a red  background. Photo by excitations, Mildura debutante photos.

Prue and Kyle, more Mildura debutante photos.

Firstly I have to thank Prue and Kyle for indulging an old photographer. When I suggested adopting an ever so slightly different pose. These guys were up for it right from the word go. Needless to say Robyn and I had a great time during this shoot. Can’t speak for our subjects, but they didn’t complain so that’s gotta mean something…. Right.

Before I get carried away. I have to thank the Grand Hotel Mildura for allowing us freedom of their fantastic facility for these photos. Thanks guys… The Grand Hotel Mildura is one of those older hotels that just screams character. While I love shooting there. I try to limit the amount of times I work there in a year. That way it is always special when you shoot there.

Now I’m sure you guys know the deal. If you want to see more pictures of Prue and Kyle, you have to hit the  continue button below.


Mildura debutante photos, a contempory black and white portrait by excitations Mildura photographers.This photo of Prue looks great in colour. But then I had a “what if moment”. Now I can’t decide, because I like it in black and white as well. I guess it doesn’t matter when you are photographing someone as beautiful as Prue.

Should also mention that we are now posting slightly larger photos. Seems our blogging software has allowed a bigger size for quite a while. I just missed the change. So as of tonight, bigger pictures. Providing I don’t forget. It gets hard to keep up sometimes. Our excitations stock blog runs on the very same software, but uses a different theme. Pictures over there are smaller. So do us a favour. If you notice the size slip back to the old 600 pixels. Please let us know.

Lovely little candid photo of a debutante in a special moment on her big day. Mildura debutante photos by excitations.Selecting this picture took me way longer than it should have. You see, there is this great photograph of Prue walking in her dress. That photo was earmarked  for this space. Then I noticed this wonderful little moment. Captured during a pause in our photo session. Sometimes it takes nothing more than gesture to make an images. In this case the gesture is a totally natural smile and downcast eyes. Love it. Thankfully I was ready for this one.

While I think of it. If you like any of the postings on this blog. Feel free to use the share buttons on the post…. Please.

Have a good one team, and thanks again to Prue and Kyle for making our job of creating Mildura debutante photos so easy.