Liana and John Mildura wedding amazing light.

Liana and John Mildura wedding.

Or that should read Liana and John Mildura wedding… One we prepared earlier. You see we set this post to auto publish… and it didn’t. So sorry guys.

Abstract of whiskey on table white background at Liana and John Mildura weddingAlmost certain we have never started a wedding post before with a drink. Maybe this could be the start of something.

Groom and groomsmen enjoy a dring in an amazing atmosphere at Liana and Jons wedding. Photo by Mildura photogfraphers ExcitationsWhen you have a room with amazing natural light. Plus three good looking young men all dressed up ready for a wedding. The photo opportunities are endless.

Groom dressing before wedding. Ilana and John Mildura wedding photography by Excitations, Mildura photographersSimply love this shot of John. So much so, that it has made an appearance in our portfolio pages. Fantastic natural light, a room with lots of space. Plus tons of atmosphere along with a good looking groom. What more could a photographer ask for?

Liana and John Mildura wedding. Bride photgraphed with natural window light by Mildura photographers, Excitations.Talking about beautiful people. Take a look at our amazing bride, Liana. Wow, just Wow. We shot a whole bunch of poses in this location. But this is my favorite. Simple pose, lovely light, equals classic beauty.

Highkey glamour portrait of bride on her wedding day. Wedding photos by excitations, MilduraFor a quick change of mood. A high-key close up of Liana. All available light with the veil providing a hint of soft focus to add to the glamour look.

Wedding accesories on wooden background. Wedding pictures in Mildura by excitations.I don’t want you to get the idea we only use natural light. We carry a full set of¬† artificial lights with us to all weddings. We even used some of those lights at home with Liana. But not in the above photo. Again, the available goodness flowing around these accessories was just too much to resist.

toned monochrom photo of newly married couple leaving church. Excitations, MilduraMoving right along. We skipped a large chunk of the day. Did you notice that? I love the walking out shot. The big challenge is to find a new and acceptable way of capturing it. Why Acceptable? Well there are lots of ways of shooting the walking out image. Some. while very creative, are never ever going into the wedding album.

Bride and groom on Rio vista staircase. Photo by excitations MilduraIt’s been a long time since we last photographed inside Rio Vista. As always an amazing location. Also great place to show off the full length of a beautiful bridal gown.

Effects filter used for bridal group photographed in Rio Vista Homestead Mildura, by Excitations.Formal and yet informal bridal group shot. We went for the desaturated toned look. Sometimes you can have just too much colour.

Against the light portrait of bride and groom kissing. Golden tones. Wedding photos in Mildura by excitations.Other times…. Show me the colour. natural sun flare with a soft filter.

Half length walking away from camera. Bride and groom in Rio Vista gardens Mildura. Excitations Mildura wedding photographers.The very same light, without softness. Should we hash tag this #NoFilter? Maybe not… I’ve always been a sucker for late light straight into the camera lens… Only fitting really¬† we end this post with a walking into the sunset image.

Our thanks to a whole bunch of amazing people who made this day so very enjoyable to photograph. Liana and John you guys are amazing. Thankyou.



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