Excitations video promo banned.

Excitations video promoting Mildura Intermediate Photography Workshop, gets the chop.

Yup, an Excitations video promoting an upcoming intermediate photography workshop has been pulled from a major social media site. While it’s not a big deal to us. It is frustrating to try and figure out what went wrong. First we had approval to use it. Then approval was withdrawn. Then it was approved again….. After it had been deleted from the site

Luckily we weren’t promoting fine art nude workshops. If this one breaches standards. Can you imagine what would happen at the mention of the word “nude”.

Have you guessed what we got wrong? Ok, we won’t keep you waiting. Apparently we cannot show just parts of our cameras. We have to show the whole camera. Because the camera is the product. Not the photography workshop.

I’m smiling… Truely I am.

Anyway, if you live in or around Mildura and want to take your photography to the next level as they say. Head on over to our info page.

Or, if you just want to book here and now. TryBooking is our secure booking host.


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