Dani and Mark Mildura wedding photos

Mildura wedding photos from Dani and Mark’s wedding.

We’ve been a little slack, OK a lot slack in posting Mildura wedding photos recently. There is no excuse other than just plan silly busy. We’ve been working on a whole lot of projects ovder the last few months. Most of which you will never see here on this blog.

I digress, Dani and Mark chose a wonderful day for their wedding. Maybe I’m giving them to much credit here. Even if they were not responsible for the weather. It sure did turn out to be one amazing day. Most likely due to the wonderful bunch of people gathered for the event.Mildura wedding photos by excitations, Mildura photographers. Formal closeup of bride with flowers.I wasn’t going to post any pre-wedding images today. But then I spotted this one of Dani and her flowers. What is there to say. Dani is beautiful, the flowers are as well. Mother nature popped in to deliver some amazing available light.

Nearly forgot our father of the bride. He supplied that tiny whisp of light hitting Dani’s veil and hair. Good work dad.Garden wedding candid photography of bride during ceremony. Mildura wedding photos by Excitations Mildura photographers.There is something about garden weddings. Especially when the weather is great.Full length scenic image of bride and groom kissing in amazing Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura. Wedding photography by excitations.Every now and then, the lighting gods turn up with their little box of magic. This was one of those occassions. mark and Dani were in the right location. All it took was a suggestion. Hey Mark… “Give your beautiful bride a kiss.” Bingo, let’s move on.Formal bridal portrait full length amazing late afternoon light in a beautiful garden. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations photographers Mildura.And the lighting gods just kept on giving. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Dani and Mark were able to move quickly to opportunities as they arose.Wedding party walking through Ampelon Garden, Gol Gol. Mildura wedding photos by Excitations, photography Mildura.New extensions to Ampelon Gardens, now give us wide open spaces to play with.  Ideal for shooting with groups. Talking of groups this team rocked it.Mildura wedding photos by Excitations. Bride and groom walking through Autumn coloured garden.We always love to include lots of foliage in our Mildura wedding photos. If it just happens to be rich golden colours all the better.Full length colour wedding mood shot. Photographed in large spacious garden by Excitations Mildura photographers.There are a few more of Dani and Mark’s wedding photos over on our home page.

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