Excitations phone number has changed

Excitations phone number is now mobile 0434 130 219

Graphic of red phone and Excitations phone number. Excitations Mildura

How many other ways can I say it. Excitations phone number has changed. Hopefully this will make us more responsive and flexible.

It will certainly add to our ability to easily text and share links with clients. Along with changes to our website structure which will, over time give us options to deliver files directly to commercial and editorial clients from almost anywhere in Australia.

Our old number 03 5025 3368 will remain. However, until the tech boffins get their act together and fix the on again off again nature of that connection. We suggest using the mobile number 0434 130 219.

In other communications news. We have added a Satelite phone to our coms kit. We aren’t publishing the number currently as we only use the satphone when really off grid. Otherwise it is turned off. Our current plan is to divert calls to the satphone as needed.

Other changes around the place see a new contact form on our main site


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