Broken Hill wedding, Jessica and Dennis

Broken Hill wedding and beautiful people.

Broken Hill prides itself with being at the edge of the dry Australian outback… I’m not so sure about that… I reckon I’ve shot more times in the rain around the Hill than I have in good weather. Fortunately on this occasion, the wet passed through during the 48 hours preceding Jessica and Dennis’s wedding.

And as far as photos go… Well you’re only going to catch a glimps of the day here. And seeing it is Christmas day as I sit and write this Two things.

Merry Christmas. And I’m going to start with photos from the end of the day first… Just because I can.Broken Hill wedding, close up of decorations.

You see, one of the big features for me at this wedding. Was the amazing amount of time Jess and Dennis had spent personalising their wedding. This post could have been about all the little personal touches. But it is not. So I’m just putting a couple of the decoration  pictures first.

Reception decorations at Broken Hill wedding. Photo by excitations Mildura photographer

grainny flared photograph of youg flower girl. Wedding photos in Broken Hill by Excitations.Then like most weddings,  we were surrounded by beautiful girls.Siver toned black and white wedding photo of flower girl. Wedding photography in Broken Hill by Excitations.Naturally, there were the amazing locations… And stair cases. Maybe we should call Broken Hill the city of stairs. The effect used here is one of Excitations profiles called Silver. Appropriate for the Silver City or should that be Silva City.Bides dress hanging in doorway. Broken Hill wedding by Excitations.

Wedding ring and stained glass window. Broken Hill wedding by Excitations photography MilduraDid I mention seriously cool locations to shoot in…. I mean this stuff was real… No photo trickery, just amazing places to shoot.Bride and groom late afternoon light on a balcony, Broken Hill wedding.Finally we get to a shot of the stars of this wedding. Jessica and Dennis. Not our usual style, shooting with an ultra wide lens,  but I fell in love with the amazing light on this balcony. The very unconventional pose can be credited to our beautiful couple. These guys were just a pleasure to work with. Although I’m guessing they thought I had lost my mind setting up this shot. I’m calling this shot “Loose Canon” On account  someone may have accidently left a spare Canon Camera on a table in the background. Better get rid of that before anyone spots it.Bride and groom walking down the street in Broken Hill. Excitations photographers Mildura.In keeping with our vibrant warm urban feel. We shot this walking down the street and just letting the amazing warm light  bounce every which way. All the time I’m sure Jessica and Dennis are thinking we had really lost it.Toned wedding portrait of bride and groom with vintage car. Broken Hill wedding photos by Excitations.From the city to the bush… Well not really bush but a very nice bit of open country with a little outcrop of rocks and native vegetation. Plus, we had a beautiful vintage car to play with. This was a great stop and yielded some fantastic photos.Close up of groom kissing bride at Broken Hill wedding. Wedding photography by Excitations.Same location for this shot. Just moved in closer and softened the light down and ……. Well you get the idea.Bride kisses groom at Broken Hill wedding. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photography.Dennis gets a bit of loving in return and the light from a big open sky starts to glow.Half length portrait of bride standing on green golf course. Portrait of bide, Broken Hill. Photo by ExcitationsJess looking amazing as our big sky lights up the twilight. Late evening is a great time to shoot portraits and rarely does evening light get better than this. The only other ingredient needed is a stunning bride… As fortune would have it… There was one  on hand.Rugged rustic wedding photography location with bride and groom at last light.Ok, now I’m officially in love. I can’t think of any other location where you have perfectly manicured lawns and 50 metres away…. This. Awesome semi arid Australian outback scenery. That, I think is what made this Broken Hill wedding so amazing. Terrific people, fabulous locations, the loving care and attention payed to personalising the entire day.



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