Stephanie and Joe, Mildura Wedding.

Steph and Joey the perfect Mildura Wedding

Yup… we’re guilty as charged… We haven’t posted any photos from a Mildura Wedding for… Well a very long time.Mildura wedding photo of beautiful young bride under veil with her husband. Close up and fun.

We’ll try and get a few up over the next couple of weeks. Starting with the young and beautiful Stephanie and the handsome Mr Cavallo. I remember after shooting with these guys. We had a number of requests for photos from different publications. All needed yesterday. We managed to fill those requests… Just forgot about posting any pictures to this blog.

Formal portrait of groom dress ready to attend his weding. Mildura wedding phots by Excitations.
Mr Cavallo, a moment of reflection.

Close up of groom holding rings. Mildura wedding photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Semi formal bridal portrait of beautiful young bride, natural light photography by Excitations, Mildura.
Suffice to say.. the camera loves Steph. This image created after her wedding at first photo location.

I’d like to say that Robyn and I have known Steph all her life. That of course is not true. She was at least 20 hours old when we first met her… so cute.

Mildura wedding photos. Bride and bridesmaid preparing for a wedding. grainy soft image by Excitations Mildura photographers.
Two beautiful sisters, a bright window and lots of grain and flair in this candid image.

From a very early age Steph and I developed a very special attachment. I reckon, she was about 3 years old when she began showing her love for me. By running up and taking an almighty swing at me. A standard method of greeting that lasted until… well…  she blossomed into a beautiful young 17 year old. I suspect this ritual only ended through her fear of breaking one of her perfectly manicured nails.Bride embracing goom, close up indors natural light photography. Phot by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.

Mr Joe, on the other hand, we have not had the pleasure of knowing as well. We first realised that we should take notice of this bloke when little clues started appearing in text messages. BF and MYBF and Joey.High angle high key image of bride and groom kissing indoors, Jimmba.Mildura wedding photos by Excitations.

High key indoors available light wedding photo of bridesmaids. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations, Mildura photographers.
Jimba was the setting for this formal photo of all the girls.

And so it came to pass. We find ourselves at a wedding. Surrounded by beautiful people who we are proud to call friends and family. Cameras in hand and ready to make pictures.

Black and white wedding photo of groom leading bride through an informal garden setting. Photos by Excitations Mildiura photographers.
We try never to miss an opportunity to take a walk in the garden.  Love the backlight and the dress.
Ford GT cars in front of Jimba a stately home near Mildura.
When you have a collection of GT’s… well you have to take a photo.
Father and Daughter Dance at wedding reception, out of focus lights in background.. Wedding pictures at reception by photographers in Mildura, Excitations.
And for something a little different to end the series of photos. Father and Daughter Dance.

More Excitations photography here.


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