This mornings news or not news

Head scratching news that probably isn’t.

Take this mornings effort. Among the top news. Bachelor Richie finds love… I’m truely happy for him honestly… Whoever he is.

Apple has huge spike in sales. Fears now the company maybe in for an earnings slump. Then on the same page. US stock market surges on the back of Apple’s success??????

Fashion model falls during NYC fashion parade. Right in front of professional snappers. Room lights up from hundreds of “flash bulbs” going off. Funny cos I don’t know a single photographer who has used a flash bulb for over 40 years. Wide shot of scene shows only one photographer using flash. That photographer was also at the very bottom of the pecking order. How do I know that?  Well at a fashion show there is only one “Money Shot” location. Most important photographer (ie shooter will the largest possible audience) gets that spot. Everybody else gets as close as they can to that spot. The further away you are, the less important you are.

Also from that incident. Interesting to read that her career is over because of the stumble and this will be a great boost to her career. HUH. There was even “OUTRAGE” that somebody paid so much money to walk… Can’t.

Another publication that is always “outraged at the treatment of women” runs a photo story on a Plus size lingerie show. Yesterday they ran a photo story on designer liberating brides by “letting the nipple free” I always thought headlines using words like nude, naked, nipple, sex scandal, orgy, pervert etc where just click bait… But apparently they are legitimate news headlines.

Another beauty. Ivanka Trump goes off the rails during an interview. And apparently her dad kisses her as often as he can. Awesome… My day is complete.


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