Excitations social media active again

Social Media, we’re back with a gorgeous couple Nicole and Remo.

We’ve been obviously absent from social media for most of this year. There are no excuses. Put simply, there are not enough hours in a day to maintain our busy photography¬† and filming schedule. And be socially active at the same time.

Marking Excitations return to the fold. Nicole and Remo. Some images from a recent debutante photography session we had with them.

Excitations, photographers Mildura celebrate our return to social medial with a beautiful Debutante photographed in a red Ford XY GT Also present during this photography session. One beautiful Ford XY GT. Thanks gentlemen for allowing us to shoot with your vehicle.

Beautiful Mildura Debutante steps out of a car before making a grand entrance to the ball.Nicole,  alights from her carriage.

Social Media. Mildura Debutante partner, black and white portrait seated. Deb photo by excitations, Mildura photographers. While we’re in the black and white portrait mode… Here is an image of Remo, relaxing before the event.

Close up grainy deb photo of beautiful young debutante in a vineyard. Deb pictures in sunraysia by excitations.And my favorite. Out of the hundreds of images created. This one created in a vineyard is my pic. I know, it will not be everyones choice. But I love the soft muted colours, Nicole’s pose and the lovely difusion created with a long lens.



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