Summer sunset photo Mildura

Last nights summer sunset photo near Mildura

Summer sunset photo taken near Mildura. Panoramic format art styed photograph created by Ian McKenzie of Excitations, photographers Mildura.

While we were waiting for the main event last night. We spied with our little eyes. This tiny little bit of Mammatus cloud. Also known as Mammatocumulus. We were facinated by its shape and form. Naturally we decided it was worth “wasting a frame on”. One frame is all we shot. Which is a pity because while the rest of the sky show was amazing. Our images of it were not. Some days your hot…. Some days your not.

Anyway we liked the end result. We may fiddle with it some more. If you like it and would like to see a much bigger version of our Summer sunset photo over on our portfolio sight.

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