Excitations website updates ongoing.

Excitations website updates are still ongoing…

We were hoping for a quick fix on our web problems. Lots of ongoing issues still to be resolved with Excitations website updates.  However, the nuts and bolts are working. Fingers crossed. So you have full access to client galleries and stock photography archives.

www.excitations.com.au is working but in a short pants version. You can use that as a go to point. The blog, which is were most of you guys go. Has been moved… In fact if you are reading this you are there. If you need to bookmark it or something. The address is news.excitations.com.au.

Please note the blog site is where most of our New Years problems started. Which means while we have recovered almost all of the original blog. Some of our more recent photos are missing. We are still slowly replacing those. So if you were featured on the blog and now your pictures are missing. We aren’t picking on you. We haven’t taken you down for any reason. No offence was meant. And finally we are truly sorry. We will be working to get your pics back up sometime soon.

Photo adventures and the photography workshop site is being brought back into our system. The previous hosting service was amazing but in reality was just way outside of the financial resources most if not all small businesses.  Unfortunately a totally manual rebuild is the name of the game. And will be very slowly completed.

Speaking of workshops… As soon as we get through this little problem we will be announcing a number of workshops. Plus a couple of exciting travel workshops, which will be totally different to anything else offered anywhere. And we haven’t even started with the ideas yet.

Thanks for your patience team. Hopefully we will be back to full speed soon and we can get down to doing all the stuff we love…. Taking photos.

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