Wentworth artist Jan Coombe

Local Wentworth artist, Jan Coombe, exhibition now on.

PS Ruby a painting by Wentworth Artist Jan Coombe

Wentworth artist, Jan Coombe’s unique work is currently on display at the Wentworth Visitors Centre.

From time to time we are asked to make faithful reproductions of artworks. Our medium format digital camera is ideal for this purpose. Leaving anything achievable on an ordinary dslr way back in the starting blocks.

However, this is not about us, or our camera kit. I just wanted to give you a heads up to this amazing lady. Jan Coombe. Jan creates these beautiful….. I’m not sure what to call them. As they are not paintings in the true sense. And I know zilch about the dark arts practiced by the artists of this world. I understand, Jan uses a syringe to shape and draw her images onto artists canvas.  Don’t care much how she does it. But I do love the stories she puts on canvas. As a local Wentworth Artist, Jan is inspired by everyday stuff she see’s around the district.

There is currently an exhibition of Jan’s work at the Visitors Centre in Wentworth. If you are out that way. Go check out these works. If you looking for a piece of original art to ad colour and vibrance to your home or office…. Same thing. Hightail it out to Wenty and check out the work of Wentworth artist, Jan Coombe.Emu's by Wentworth Artist Jan Coombe

If you happen to have a thing for Emu’s, Jan won’t disappoint you. But you may have missed out on this mob cos, I hear they are going really fast.


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