Phyllis and Domenic Mildura wedding

Mildura wedding for Phyllis and domenic.

Wedding accessories close up by excitations Mildiura photographers.

Ok to be honest, this is a little fun shot designed maybe to use as a background on one of the album pages. Just for a change I thought we’d show you a non-hero image… So what isĀ  a hero image? A hero image is one that is going to get to be a wall enlargement or feature page in the wedding album.. simple as that.

Half length black and white portrait of bride groom at home before the wedding ceremony.

Speaking of hero’s, here is our hero for the day. Domenic, being all reflective before it all starts to happen.

Groom poses with historic wedding car prior to his wedding. Wedding photography in Mildura by Excitations Photographers.

Shooting this wedding with Domenic and Phyllis, there was a strong sense of history… This great old car was a part of Domenic’s history so we felt it important to shoot a set of images around it.

Soft grainy portrait of beautiful bride in an amazing wedding dress. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations.

If our story has a hero…. Then it is only proper there should be a heroine, and Phyllis is ours. Amazing young woman, beautiful, smart and witty. The perfect bride really.

Close up of bride with sleeping flower girl prior to wedding in Mildura.

Naturally no fairy-tale would be complete without a sleeping beauty.

Family gather to toast the bride before her Milduira wedding. Exictations wedding photographers Mildura.

Some of the family dropped by to make sure we were going to get Phyllis to the church on time… they took time to toast our bride for the video production.

Right about now I’m going to tell you that Robyn chose the images for this blog post. We told her pick out about six… Clearly she must not have heard us….

Back view , half toned photograph of three bridesmaids walking through Ampelon Gardens near Mildura. Wedding photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Three beautiful young ladies and a garden path… Let’s shoot a backview just for fun.

Soft focus intimate portrait of bride and groom in garden setting. Wedding pictures by Mldura photographers Excitations.

Even on your wedding day, you only get a few moments together.

Wedding photography in Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol near Mildura.

Bride and groom full length formal portrait in rustic setting. Wedding pictures by Excitations Mildura photographers.

The image above is for all the ladies… That dress… and at no extra charge, a good looking groom.


And of course there was a party… Clearly these two are ready for a night of fun and dancing.

Bride and groom dancing with fireworks in background. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

There was smoke, there was fire and there was dance action… The first dance.

Father and daughter dance. Club DaVinci Mildura.

Another moving moment… This dance started off traditionally, then Phyllis and John moved it up a gear or two!!! Well done guys.

Black and white action wedding photo of bride and groom on shoulders of guest as they party the night away.

And then there was… Well… More dancing. I’m pretty sure Domenic and Phyllis danced with everyone in the hall at least once….. Great night.




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