Wentworth landscape

 Wentworth landscape or In the next 30 seconds

Wentworth landscape

On the run home from a quick trip to Rufus River the other night. We marvelled at the amazing late light dancing across the wide open plain country. Light and shadow  transforming this normally subdued Aussie landcape into a breath-taking vista of springtime splendour.

But that’s not what this picture is about. No… This is about those few magical seconds after the sun slips below the horizon. When everything seems to become quite and the gently breeze of just a few moments ago… stops. When the eastern sky glows blue and magenta.

I spotted this lone tree, the sky and the  tiny coloured desert plants as we passed. Hitting the brakes, and  fully aware that I probably wouldn’t get back and set up in time, I determined I would try.

Our Troopy, isn’t the quickest stopping vehicle on this planet. Luckily she is excellent at high speed reversing. I jumped out. Figuring only one of the 3 cameras in the back was even remotely configured for the shot.  Grabbed our medium format rig. Which is not normally known to be a fast setup camera system. In fact the setup sequence is kinda like prepping one of Qantas’s A380’s for flight.

That said, medium format was going to be my best chance of pulling off this Wentworth landscape image. Also, I am fully aware that you never ever place the horizon dead centre of the frame. Nor does any photographer with even the slightest knowledge of composition place the main subject into the centre of the frame. Well…. one out of two isn’t bad.

Why did I break the rules… Simply because in the few seconds I had to compose this shot before the light faded…… It felt right.

Photography isn’t about rules, or techniques but ultimately about feeling. And if it feels right…. Then I press the shutter…..


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