The Fire Still Burns

Caught up with Don Costa recently and “The Fire Still Burns”

It’s hard to believe just how many years have passed since we first met up with the “Costa Bothers” “the Band of Brothers” and of course “Shadow Rock” Many of our readers will know the boys… In fact there is a fair chance they provided the music for your wedding or your parents wedding.

We caught up with Don Costa recently, still touring and playing gigs all over the Eastern states of Australia. Don has also just released a new album “The Fire Still Burns” and it must…. There could be no other reason for anyone to work as hard as Don does.

If you have ┬ájust under 3 minutes, the above video is a sampler of a few of the tracks from the new album. Recorded live in Broken Hill a few weeks ago. No fancy stuff here… Straight live recording, no lighting or tricky audio mixing just genuine live recording of actual performance.

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