Palm Cove wedding Maddie and Nick

Palm Cove wedding for Maddie and Nick.

What can I say… As much as we love shooting weddings in and around Sunraysia, it is always nice to get away and shoot a new wedding location. And there is not many locations that are more appealing than Palm Cove during the winter months… Just saying.Close up of groom before his wedding in Palm Cove

Before we get to the palm trees… Cos you know there is going to be palms right…

Can’t possible have a Palm Cove wedding without them. We have Nick and his mates all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Close up black and white portrait of bride groom. Wedding photos in Palm Cove by Excitations

I guess while we have Nick out and about, a nice close-up would be an idea.

Half length semi formal bridal portrat of bride seated in front of rainforest background. Wedding Photos in Palm Cove by Excitations, Mildura photographers.

One of the things Maddie asked for….  Rainforests, I want to get some green into our photos. Well… this shot taken in the outdoor dinning area of the house where she dressed. Look, already we have a green rainforest background.

Full length formal portrait of bride inside with amazing view outside through windows. Wedding photography at Palm Cove by Excitations

Then of course there is the view from the indoor dinning area… And what a view it isBridae and groom exchange wedding vows, cute little wedding chapel, Palm Cove. Wedding photography by Excitations.

Beautiful little chapel,  just a hope, skip and a jump from the beach. We should show you more of the ceremony images but let’s move on in search of those palm trees.Full length of bride and groom on sealed track in a domestic rainforest setting. Wedding photography Cairns Australia by excitations.

To be honest I had ideas of forging raging streams up to our waists in water and fighting  off  hungry crocodiles  all the time we were shooting. Apparently the locals have tamed some of the forest. Made it bride friendly, by adding a lovely sealed track…. Even better, we had exclusive access to this spot… So, no photo bombers in the background.Bride and groom in front of mirror. Palm Cove wedding by

While looking for some palm trees for you lot… We came across this all but deserted hallway. Impressed… I was, I could have shot there for an hour without needing to think out any ideas. Just endless possibilities. But with the light starting to fade we had to move on in search of these Palm Cove palms.Bride and groom walk hand in hand along beach at Palm Cove

Finally we fined them, Palm Cove palms, hundreds of the buggers… All lined up along the beach, leaning into the breeze. The ocean, just metres beyond that.  Awesome… We shot walking, running, kissing, hugging, did I mention kissing…. Yup all this, not more than 50 metres from the wedding chapel. And the light… Beautiful… Bride and groom amongst palm trees with and amazing twilight sky behind them. Wedding photography at Palm Cove by Mildura photographers Excitations.

Finally, the same old palm trees just looking out to the east and the after glow from the recent sunset. Can’t wait to see the this album completed. Robyn has done an amazing job of the design.


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