More Mildura Debutantes

Mildura Debutantes and the pixel gods…

Close up of beautiful Mildura Debutante photographed with out of focus Spring blossom all around here face. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

Who/what are the pixel gods…. I don’t honestly know. But I figure there has to be some devine being that continually places beautiful people, locations and amazing light in front of our lenses. Just like the stunning Tayla, pictured above. Pretty girl, plus awesome available light, plus a tree covered in Spring blossom.

Full length portrait of a debutante on location in garden setting. Amazing available light. Image by Excitations Mildura photographers.

More amazing light and a little bit more of our model, Tayla. Apparently when you take deb photos you have to get all the dress in…. Who woulda thought of that??? So from head shot to full length in a few seconds.

Close up black and white portrait of Mildura Debutante partner in outdoor location. Deb pictures by Excitations Mildiura.

Would you believe the location for the portrait of Sebastian is exactly the same as the one above it. We just changed the camera position and BINGO… It helps that both Tayla and Sebastian had done work experience with Excitations a couple of years ago. so they knew the importance of capturing great light.

Mildura debutantes practicing their dance in Ampelon Gardens.

I think this is it for our Mildura Debutantes this season. Could be wrong of course… So at this stageĀ  it is fitting that our last debutante photo for the year is a final dance in the beautiful Ampelon Gardens. Yeah I know they were practising their dance for the camera… Just work with me here.



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