More beautiful Debutantes

Beautiful Mildura Debutantes

While we were away for a good bit of the debutante season this year, resulting in reduced numbers of deb photo sessions. We did get to shoot with some amazing, beautiful and elegant young ladies and their partners. What’s more, we got to shoot a whole bunch of locations… Which is always a buzz for us.High key, soft and romantic image of beautiful young debutante in Excitations Studio Gardens, near Mildura.

The above portrait of the gorgeous Alexandria. Photographed in Excitations Garden Studio. New angle to take advantage of the trees in background with no leaves. Plus deliberate over exposure in camera to enhance the soft winter light look.

Full length location photograph of a debutante and her partner in Excitations studio garden, Yelta near Mildura.

Ali and Ryan and a whole lot of space… Love shooting with debutantes and partners now… So much freedom to experiment a little, go for those slightly different shots as well as getting the “must haves” for the family archives.

How far is too far when photographing debutantes? I’m thinking this is a bit over the edge for most peoples taste. But hey….  I’m here alone, nobody is looking and I love simple photographs and the image below is one of those.

Soft looking photograph of young debutante walking away from the camera through Excitations studio Garden, Yelta, Victoria, Australia.

The simple act of walking away from the camera to a new location was all that was needed for this image. No posing, no fuss, just seeing and clicking.

Then for something completely different we set off to photograph Sophia and Travis in an amazing formal garden. Plus we had this lovely old FJ in original condition to play with.

Panoramic styled colour photograph of debutante and partner in an FJ holden car

 I wanted the above shot to be a “Driving Miss Sophia” look, while playing with the lines created by perfectly trimmed hedges.

Half length image of debutante standing in front of texture stone wall. Deb photos in Mildura by Excitations.

I have to let you into a little secret about here. When all your debutantes for the season are beautiful, elegant young women…. It isn’t hard to create stunning portraits… Whatever the style  chosen. Sophia was no exception. This creation courtesy of Sophia and Robyn who worked together to style the shot.

Photograph of debutante and partner sitting on a garden bench against a stone wall. Deb photography in Mildura by Excitations.

A verandah, stone wall, rustic seat and a hedge to help frame the shot and add warmth to the image. Just add a beautiful couple… Job done.




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