Beautiful Robinvale debutantes

After being away from Sunraysia for 3 weeks and having driven just over 8,500 kilometres in that time. We pulled into Robiinvale just in time to grab a coffee, check a couple of locations and start photographing a pair of beautiful Robinvale debutantes and their partners.

Stunning young Robinvale Debutante photographed while sheltering from a passing shower. Debutante photography in Robinvale by excitations.

The first of our delightful young ladies, Kristen. Who, like us, had most likely been keeping a watchful eye on the weather. Luckily after a few drops of rain, we were blessed with amazing light.

Full length formal portrait of handsome young debutate partner. Robinvale deb photos by Excitations.

While we were waiting for the shower to pass. Blaide took time out to strike a couple of poses for us. Looking sharp and keeping dry. Seriously neat trick.

Then we were off again, showers having passed. Light quality improving but fading at the same time. Some pictures in a field, of Canola, then to an Almond orchard.Beautiful young Robinvale debutante, photographed full length in an orchard. She is holding the first Almond Blossom of the Spring.

Another of our Robinvale debutantes, Maryanne. Photographed holding the very first Almond blossom of Spring, while standing serenely in an orchard. Loved this location. Added a little canned sunshine to contrast Maryanne against the muted tones of the orchard. We shot  a number of variations on this theme, all different.Half length antique styled photograph of deb partner photographed in almond orchard.

We tried to convice Thomas that he should pursue a career in orchard management. Why? Because he relaxed into this pose naturally. Taking on the look of a hugely successful orchardist. And of course we knew we had the perfect picure for his CV.

As always shot heaps of variety. Some traditional some note so. Had heaps of fun, with some inspiring young people and hopefully turned out a bunch of pictures they are going to love.


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