But you are a wedding photographer.

Misconceptions about what a wedding photographer does.

If there is one truth about wedding photography and what a wedding photographer does. It is that they are all different. Seems obvious to me and most photographers I know. However, brides to be apparently miss the importance of this. Instead, they focus on prices, packages or reputations. Without giving a thought to the photographers style or way of doing things..

This goes for most styles of photography. For example, Bill is a baby photographer but doesn’t do the baby on a bean bag, asleep wearing a cute beanie style of thing. However his baby photographs are amazing. Yet many people expect that he will do the available light bean bag style, because that is what baby photographers do. Yes some do others don’t.

There is a style of wedding photography that I really, really want to try. It is really very popular in parts of Europe. But if I were to try it here with our wedding clientele  they would freak out. Not because there is anything wrong with the other style… Just that it wouldn’t fit with our current clients needs, or expectations.

Excitations focus on creating beautifully photographed, custom designed and hand crafted Australian made wedding albums. That is what we do. We don’t for instance, supply a whole bunch of machine edited or  not retouched  at all images on a usb stick. There is nothing wrong with that method of delivery. Believe me, it would save us a lot of time and effort to do work that way. If that is what you want, great. But we are not your photographers.

On the other hand, should you want an amazing wedding album or albums, fully retouched and designed by the photographers themselves . You should talk to us and not photographers who normally deliver files only on a USB flash drive…

Makes sense to me anyway. Every wedding photographer will or should approach their wedding photography differently. From shooting style to packages offered… To expect them to do otherwise, is to rob yourself of the great diversity of talent out there.

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