Photographing children on location

Photographing children on location, always a lot of fun.

Photographing children onb location, always both fun and a challenge. This photograph of a little boy seated on a suitcase in front of a historic building is no exception. Childrens photography  by excitations Mildura and Sunraysia.

A couple of weeks ago we had the opporunity of working with young Ricky on a location shoot. As always we let the subject choose locations, we just tagged along for the ride. After starting in a vineyard, which by the way,  was the preferred location,  it was decided…. By Ricky, that the exterior of  Chateu Mildura was a far more interesting spot to be photographing children on location.

I’m still not convinced though. One of the vineyard images can be viewed here and another two winery photographs here.

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