Portraits of kids on white

Today we look at creating portraits of kids on a white seamless studio background.

This technique isn’t new…. Quite the opposite in fact. However, with the current trend for photographers to only shoot on location, mostly outdoors. It amazes me just how beautiful, stylish and clean portraits of kids on a white seamless background can be. Seriously, a single portrait of a child, photographed against a white background makes for wonderful enlargement on most any wall. Little pieces of personal art, with the added bonus of being great images of your child at the same time… Win, win I think they call that.

Photograph of young boy standing on a photo studio white seamless background during a  kids portrait session at excitations, Mildura Photographers.

The portrait of Joseph, above is a case in point. We could have used a number of backgrounds, even headed out into our studio garden. But Mum already had a number of portraits of her children on the wall and each had been created against a white seamless background…. So it was a no brainer to go with white. It was also fun for us as we hadn’t shot white for a few months. And looking at these images… Well let’s just say I have a few more ideas floating around.
This is one of those situation where having a large studio helps…  A big shooting stage and heaps of quality light from high speed strobes makes for a much more successful portrait session.

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