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Filed under stuff you probably didn’t know. Excitations do Video production.

However let’s not mislead you. If you’re planning a “Gone with the Wind” epic video production then we probably aren’t for you. For example we are not currently providing the large traditional wedding video. There are lot of videographers out there doing that. But if we are already shooting your wedding album coverage, and you would like some video without goiing to major expense to have the entire event filmed…. Then Excitations video productions may well be for you.

We also produce video for internet marketing and website inclusion, including  hosting your video so that all you have to do is embed it into your website.

Just because we aren’t offering large scale video production, doesn’t mean we are not offering high quality product. Video, audio and post production are all carried out using top notch facilities.

All content produced is currently created in HD Video formats with down sampling for internet use.

Excitations are also in the process of building a stock footage libray of Australian video clips  which we are supplying to an international partner for distribution. Some of that footage will shortly be available through our own site.

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