Diasec Acrylic facemounts

Acrylic facemounts are very popular. Excitations announce the arrival of Diasec Acrylic.

So who cares I hear you say. Well… We do. With everyone jumping onto the bandwagon and offering acrylic facemounts of varying qualities. From good to well you know.

Diasec Acrylic is brighter, clearer and provides added protection for your treasured photographs against UV light. In case you hadn’t heard. UV light is the dreaded enemy of photographs. Fading your images away gradually, bit by bit, day by day. In some cases not so gradually.Some think that UV is only present in direct daylight. Sadly no. This isn’t the case, all daylight has varying amounts of UV attached to the package. More surprisingly,  UV is also produced, in quite large amounts by some domestic and commercial lighting in homes and shops.

What does this mean to you guys… Well the look and style of mounting will change ever so slightly to accomodate the new “glass mount” or acrylic facemount as it is correctly termed. If your print mount has to exactly match another of our acrylic facemounts already hanging on your wall. Please let Robyn know and she will try and match it as closely as possible.

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