Olivia and Anthony, wedding photography.

Late last year we photographed Olivia and Anthony’s wedding.

It goes without saying we had a great day. Lots and lots of photos in some really cool locations. Some simple formal wedding photography and lots of casual “run and gun” shooting as they say overseas.

Groom with parents in background black and white photoIt is always a challenge when it comes to selecting a handful of images to post to this blog…  Do we run with the casual shots of Anthony and the boys outdoors, or with his grandfathers restored tractor? Or with???? Eventually we settled on this shot in the family dinning room.

Photo montage of bride laying on bed with natural rock pattern blended through background. Mildura wedding photography by Excitations. There were dozens of amazing photos of Olivia but today we decided to go with this composite… Olivia merged with some textured rock. Almost prepared to bet this one will not make the final cut…. But it was fun to do.

Close up of bride and groom kissing, photographed through out of focus flowers. Wedding photography Mildura by Excitations.First location after church…. Back home into Mum’s rose garden.

Black and white wedding photograph in wheat field. Wedding photography by excitations, MilduraThen we all went out to play in a wheat paddock. Wedding photography locations are everywhere. All you have to do is track them down, Manage a few uninvited bush flies and you’re in business.

Bride and groom in wheat paddock, holding hands. Mildura wedding pheographers, Excitations.While we were out in the wheat, we shot two cameras. One down low and wide, the other up close and personal with a long lens. We notice the video crew were doing the same thing. So I guess we had all angles covered.

Soft romatic image of bride and groom close up, shot by excitations Mildura Photographers.After being out in the sun for a while, we headed into an undercover stock yard. Awesome light and again two cameras. This one a medium format digital, complete with soft focus lens. The other shooting a more contrasty style of image.

stron black and white close up of bride and groom in undercover stock yards. Wedding photography by excitations, Mildura.Speaking of more contrasty. Here is another image from the MF camera but this one in black and white.

Full length wedding photo of bride and groom kissing in garden setting.This shot is of a bonus location. We originally went here to shoot some lovely formal gardens.. Beautifully manicured hedges and lawns. Great spot. But over the other side of the house, there was this amazing tree, and some incredible light. Well you know the deal…. If there is a great location with amazing light… You just gotta shoot it.

Dancing the night away at Club Da Vinci Mildura. Photography by excitations photographers, Mildura.Then of course there was eating, drinking, singing and dancing all night long. Fantastic night with lots of photo opportunities.



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