Buyer be aware….

Yeah I know I’ve changed that saying to suit this post.

By far the vast majority of photographers out there who are taking money in return for their photographic expertise are genuine in their endeavors. Some are better value than others. All shoot different styles, and offer different levels of service.

However, there are a small number of cooks amongst us. Very dodgy customers if you like. That’s no different to society in general. Except every time someone calls themselves a professional photographer and deliberately goes out to defraud people I get upset… really upset.

Case in point. There is a female photographer working the Northern NSW Wales area, who it is alleged has been booking weddings, taking the money and then either not showing up to the wedding or not supplying  images after the day. Now I stress at this point, she hasn’t been charged with an offense, nor convicted in a court of law. That maybe be in part due to her  trading under several names and being very hard for consumer affairs to catch up with.

You can read one account of this story here.

The lesson to be learned here for a buyer of photographic services is. You should check out who you are hiring. Anyone can have a Facebook Page claiming to be a photographer, anyone can set up a website (and pinch pictures from other sites to populate it) anyone can be on Instagram or any other social media…. In fact having a business card does not mean they are the real deal. Make inquiries, use a bit of common sense and in all likelihood you will not be scammed.

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