Warranty photography products.

Excitations being old fashioned and behind the times still offer warranty on photography products.

Maybe it sounds a bit silly talking about a warranty on our photography products. We’ve always offered one. There has never been a piece of paper saying we guarantee this product for X amount of time. But if there was a problem we fixed it…. That’s how we work.

In the past, most of our suppliers stood behind their products as well. So if we had a quality problem with a photographic print for instance. A quick phone call and our suppliers would replace it. Also damage in transit was usually covered. It was a good industry to work in. Everyone  had an interest in providing quality products to our respective customers.

That is not the case today. Many of our suppliers, in fact most. no longer warranty their products and services. If there is a problem, we are now the ones to pay for the reprint, or replacement frame. In fact there are only two of our suppliers who still stand behind their products 100%. I don’t blame them. Most are struggling to stay in business, with increasing competition from cheap imported products. Aussie supplies have to find ways to stay solvent. One such way is to drop warranties.

Not fair, not good for our long term future… True, but none of the cheap imports have any warranty at all…. So you can’t blame Aussie suppliers.

We will continue to  fix any problems as we have always done. I can’t say we’ll do that for ever because, frankly we have no idea what the supply of quality photography products will be like in the years coming.


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