Megan and Larry

Megan and Larry’s wedding.

Here’s one that slipped past me. Megan and Larry were married in Mildura some time ago. Seems just yesterday but trust me it wasn’t. No excuse for the lateness. Just the same old to much to do, to little time to do it..

Anyway it was a great day, and everyone had a great time. We took way to many photos… Which is about normal for us. I always panic after the wedding and think that I haven’t taken enough. Then Robyn goes to design the album and…. Yup you guessed it. Way overshot again. Guess its better to overshoot than not have enough.

Groom and best man photographed in black and white playing pool. Photo by Mildura photographer excitations.This started out to be a series of casual photographs of the boys… Then things got serious and we decided to go for a more formal look.

Wedding shoes photographed close up on floor by excitations mildura wedding photographerThis started out to be a series of casual photographs of the boys… Then things got serious and we decided to go for a more formal look.

Closeup of bride natural light in a window. Photographer excitations MilduraWe caught up with Megan. Set up a whole bunch of studio lighting in the lounge and then shot this beautiful portrait by window light in a bedroom. You just gotta go with the flow. It’s the picture that counts, not how you got it.

Environmental black and white wedding photograph inside a bar. Photograpy by excitations, Mildura photographers.We skipped over a fair few photos here. Now we’re inside that well know bar and wedding photography location. Yes we did a few of the normal things. Then I decided to try something a little different and went for a wide angled environmental style portrait in black and white. This one I know didn’t make the final cut… But I liked it and nobody is watching!!!

Pastel portrait of bride and groom inside a bar. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura photographers.Still at the pub. This time shooting into the strong window light and letting things all flare out. Very reminiscent of the Pastel Portrait style of photography we first introduced into Australia 25 years ago. Funny how styles like fashion just seem to go around in circles.

Strong autum tones in an intimate bridal portrait photographed in a park by excitations photography MilduraOver to Ampelon Gardens for some formal style wedding portraits… Excuse me you guys… I said formal.  Seems Larry and Megan needed a couple of minutes together before we got into the photography. Id love to say the colour in this photo is exactly as was on the day… But that would be fibbing. We added a little…. ok a lot of saturation in post production. I wanted to get that warm winter light feeling.

Formal portrait of groom with his grooms men in the background. Outdoors Autumn. Mildura wedding photograper excitationsLarry at least gets this formal portrait thing down pat. Can’t say the same for his groomsmen who seem to be just sitting down on the job.

Bride and groom are working past Chateau Mildura, a historic winery near Mildura. Photography by Mildura wedding photographers Excitations.Chateau Mildura was our next location. I love this spot late in the afternoon. Beautiful light, rustic backgrounds.

5896-722As above just photographing in the opposite direction. See what I mean about the light. Amazing. Helps of course if you have a beautiful couple like Megan and Larry.

Full length portrait of bride and groom with bridal car in front of Chateau Mildura. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations.Ok… The quality of light stays good for us as we finish up out at Chateau Mildura. However the quantity of said light is fast diminishing. As in It’s almost dark. Stand still Megan and Larry. Don’t breath, don’t blink and definitely don’t move while we take this shot. From memory we cheated a bit for this image. I’m pretty certain we had an Elinchrom Ranger location flash unit with a great big soft box  just popping a little extra light onto Megan and Larry.



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