Macro photo grape flower.

Close up of flowers on grape bunch. Have you been this close before?


Here’s a shot from a current project. Tiny little flowers on a grape vine. I have to admit, having spent a lot of time around grapes during my life time. I learnt something while taking this photo of a grape flower. For some silly reason I thought the flower buds openned like most other flowers. That is, unfolding from the top back. But I was wrong. They peel up from the botom of the stem. Kinda like peeling a banana. The flowers then spring out to do their thing. The tiny unfertilised fruit can be seen in the centre of each flower. They will within days begin to swell and take on the shape of new berrys on the bunch.

I know, stop sharing this stuff and show us some proper photos….. Maybe later in the week.



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