Psst wannabe a calendar girl?

Models wanted for a charity calendar to be produced shortly

Here’s one for all you girls with a sense of adventure and a desire to get your hands on a bit of charity work at the same time. We have been asked to photograph a  number of ladies for a local calendar. So far so good. But these ladies are  intent on spicing up the whole calendar thing by posing nude. Bottom line….. They are short a couple of models and wondered if any of our lovely clients might like to have a photos taken for the calendar. I’m not sure what the theme is…. Seems it is a need to know thing at this stage and apparently I don’t need to know.

What I do know is that the MS sufferers of this world will appreciate your efforts. You’ll get to have a bit of fun and get to feel good at the same time. So just how revealing will this shoot be. Again I don’t need to know, but I’m guessing that it won’t be too revealing, cos these things are being sold to the general public, so I’m pretty sure your looking at more covered than not if you know what I mean. I know you don’t think you’re really a calendar girl type. What can I say. From my experience with these sorts of nude calendars. It’s all a bit of fun and nobody is expecting the models to all be super models. Certainly the last couple we have been involved in shooting where not all concerned about body shape. Nor were they girls from memory…. I’m kinda thinking the last couple of these  we’ve shot have  involved a bunch of blokes…. In fact for us, this maybe the first all girl production.

So if you are over 18 and probably under 100 (although it maybe cool to shoot  a centenarian). Would like to have a bit of fun, getting your kit off and helping out a worthy cause. Give Robyn a call on 03 5025 3368 during office hours and get the details from her. Seems she knows all the stuff you might wanna know. Or you can hit us up over on Facebook  although I’m not sure they’ll let you discuss stuff like naked, nude and calendar on that forum.

Abstract nude photograph of young woman and a succulent plant. Photo by excitations Mildura photographer

And a picture just to fill some space. This has absolutely nothing to do with the project on offfer…. But I guess it could. Not revealing, arty and anonymous.

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