Photographing trucks on location

On location photographing trucks. Great big highly reflective trucks.

Had a great time the other night doing some portraits on location. Just happened that we had a couple of bloody big trucks to play with as backgroiunds. Photographic heaven…. Or nightmare, whichever way you look at it. Trucks are by nature BIG. Then there is the tendency of the owners to keep them all nice and polished. Which kinda makes them a bit like photographing glassware. Doesn’t matter which way you decide to light them, you’re going to get a whole bunch of bright reflections. We call then in the trade, specular highlights. These specular highlights work for you in adding drama to photos. They also work against you by drawing attention to stuff  you would rather not draw attention to.

Photographing trucks. Two large Kenworth prime movers photogaphed on a wet floor in a truck workshop using studio lighting. Commercial photography by excitations.

Anyway we’ve pretty happy with this image. Thanks largely to the team behind the shoot. Maybe we’ll post a shot of the finished portrait once the embargo is lifted. As always when photographing trucks, there are a lotta, we shoulda, coulda, done stuff to improve the image. But I figure I could spend a week just making slight adjustments here and there to get an even better image. Trucks being trucks they have places to go things to do and of course freight to deliver.

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