Workshop, working the pixels

Working the pixels at our recent intermediate photography workshop.

We had a great day at the studio recently…. Well actually I had a great day. I hope our intermediate photography workshop¬† attendees did as well.

Group of photographers at excitations intermediate photography workshop. Photo by Russell Murphy

Photographers working at excitations intermediate photography workshop. Image by Russell MurphyWorkshop attendees at excitations intermeduiate photography workshops, photo by Russell Murphy

Thanks to Russell Murphy, who it seems took time out to  shoot a few of his fellow workshop attendees during one of the practical sessions.

Photography class working on the steps of excitations barn styled studio. Phot by Anna Zappia

And here is another image of the team at work on the steps of excitations barn style studio. Thanks to Anna Zappia for this shot of photographers at work.

Some of us will be back at it again this coming Sunday, when Sunraysia Inspired Photographers gather for a day of documentary photography. Looks like it is going to be a great day but I hear there are a couple of places left for this one. Just a heads up. This will be much more about photography than it will be cameras. More of the WHY than the HOW.

Details from the SIP facebook page

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