Photography workshop 2 places left.

Only two spots left for our upcoming intermediate photography workshop.

Heading says it all really, there are two places left for our intermediate photography workshop to be held onĀ  31st August at excitations studio. We’ve mostly finished doing the preparation for this one, and even if I say so myself. It’s going to be packed with a whole lot of goodness…. All designed to help you become a better photographer. We’ll demystify some of the jargon and help you clearly focus on what is important… Getting better photos, mostly without breaking the bank.

Direct online bookings can be made through our partners in thsi venture, who will process your payment and email your ticket, basically handle all the paper trail. Good people really.

Will we be holding other workshops…. You betcha. But there will not be another intermediate photography workshop this year. You can keep up with photo training and courses as they are planned over at our photography training website.

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