They are joking right…..

Been very busy little beavers around here lately, but some stuff just makes you cringe

One of the back burner jobs has been trying to find a partner company to help us with organising a photo adventure next year. To be honest there isn’t, or should I say doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice when it comes to offering something a little different from the ordinary, mostly boring, predictable travel fare.

I thought we had found one crew who might be promising. They at first appeared to offer the basis of what we are trying to achieve. But then I read the fine print on their¬† literature. There were all the usual disclaimers plus this one. ” Should it be necessary for us to cancel a tour up to 21 days prior to its departure due to conditions outside our control, such as weather or mechanical breakdown, there will be a cancellation fee of 30%.” “Should we need to cancel the tour for any reason after the tour has commenced, a cancellation fee of 100% shall apply.”

So you book a tour with this mob, they cancel the tour for any reason and you are screwed…. Me thinks not.¬† Can you imagine. You book a 10 day tour, the bus pulls out, 10 minutes down the road it starts to rain. Sorry, it’s raining the roads maybe impassable, were are cancelling the tour. Thanks for your money, CYA.

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