Mildura Debutantes

Mildura debutantes and getting creative on location

Close up of beautiful young Mildura debutante, taken by excitations photographer Mildura usinga a medium fomat digital camera and very shallow depth of field.Three beautiful young Mildura debutantes and their equally handsome partners photographed recently on location in Mildura. The first of our delightful young ladies, Darcie. Photographed using a medium format digital camera, lens wide open to give that amazing soft smooth out of focus look.
Medium format digital colour portrait of young debutante partner. Photo by Mildura photographer, Excitations.Same big sensor camera used to photograph Darcie’s partner John. This time we just dialled in a some  more detail and contrast. Love this camera but to be honest it is a bit of a beast  to shoot with when you’re running and gunning which is most times when shooting debutantes on location.

modern stylised debutante photograph of youn Mildura debutante and her partner, photographed at the Grand Hotel Mildura by Excitations, Mildura debutante photographerSwitching back to one of our full frame dslr’s with a piece of long glass on the front, Robyn gets Darcie and John to stand back to back for a bit of fun. We call this look, High Contrast Grainy #2. Very original naming I know.

Wide urban styled debutante portrait of couple in european looking courtyard. Debutante photography in Mildura by Excitatons.That brings us to the last of the photos of Darcie and John. Ian has always liked this location. He has shot it a handful of times, but never like this. He likes the old European courtyard feel the location suggests. We doubt this shot will get a guernsey when it comes time to select photos for Darcie’s album but it’s always good to have options. plus we are humouring Ian by posting the photo on the blog. It’ll make him feel as though he’s important….

Casual pose for youn g debutante couple. Deb photos in Mildura by excitations.That brings us to Maddison and her partner Dylon. We started out with a very casual couple shot, just to get the ball rolling. Instead of keeping the background all nice and clean we decided to make it  messy and urban like.

Arty looking debutnte photographed of beautiful young Deb photographed by excitations Mildura photographerMoving indoors for this image of Maddison. This one was all about Maddison and the beautiful light in the room. Photographers are always chasing light. I’d like to tell you that we are explorers of light…. However a well know camera company  I believe has stamped there logo all over that term…. So chasing light will have to do. Pretty much strait out of the camera, except of course for the blue tone, and the removal of a picture hook someone has screwed into the wall.

Close up slightly dramatic portrait of young man dressed in a suit with bow tie. Mildura photographer Excitations.Close up of Dylon, while the girls were having a spell. Again Ian dragged out the MF digital for  this one. There is a shot from this sequence that we prefer, however, it will reproduce poorly on this blog… So no point in posting that one.

_Photo Mildura debutantes on location is always fun and this close up dramatic photograph is a result of Ian from excitations having a couple of minutes to play.At one point during our photo session with Maddison and Dylon. Ian and Maddison kinda disappeared for a couple of minutes. Once again we found them playing with light and a couple of debutante photo ideas just a little out of the box. This one is a result of the two of them finding some really cool light in a sevice alley. No colour added, just a beautiful lady and amazing light.

Beautiful young debutate in a semi fashion pose. Mildura debutantes photographed by excitationsAfter creating a number of images of Taylor and her partner Ethan. Robyn and Taylor worked together to create this semi fashion styled portrait. Love the pose the girls came up with and once again the incredible light bouncing off some cloud out to the west.

Young man dressed in suit seated on old garden seat, Rio Vista Mildura. Mildura debutantes photographed by Mildura photographer excitations.Off course we couldn’t leave Ethan out. After creating a number of more formal looks we got Ethan to take a seat. Twisted him around and generally made him uncomfortable, then shot this image. Formal but the pose suggesting a degree of fun.

Debutante and partner photographed at Rio Vista Mildura by excitations, photographer MilduraEthan and our photographer swapped positions for this shot. Ian is now shooting from where Ethan was in the frame above. Taylor jumped back into the picture, we added a touch of softness and bingo. new more modern look but still with great light.

A couple of young Mildura debutantes photographed in front of Rio Vista in Mildura. Mildura photographer Excitations took the photo.For the image above we took a few risks. This is about as non debutante photo as you can get. In fact, there was no planing for this image. We were shooting a set of fun images with Rio Vista in the background, when Taylor and Ethan  turned to each other. Ian being one for not letting a chance go by, suggested they move their heads a little closer together. Why he would do that for a debutante photo session is beyond us. We asked him and he said you’ve gotta go with what feels right… “This felt right so I shot it.”




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