Heard on the grapevine….

We heard on the grapevine that a young Mildura model is about to sign with a major agency.

We can’t say who at this point, because as we understand it the contracts haven’t yet been signed. The agency is not one of the little internet mobs who are more inclined to try and make money out of the model than market his or her career. This is we believe, the real deal, with one of the biggest names in the industry. Certainly been around for a long time an have a great reputation within the industry.

Very exciting stuff. When things settle down a bit, I reckon we might try and get a short video interview with the young lady concerned. Maybe get her to explain to us just how much work she had to put into getting to this point. I’m confident that would be a real eye opener for a lot of would be wannabe models out there, who think the reality is something like they see on reality TV shows.

In the mean time, we’ll hopefully be able to update you with some extra details soon. I suspect you’ll hear more from the local media as well.

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