Vittoria and Anthony Robinvale wedding.

Here’s a Robinvale wedding where we’re only going to show you photos we maybe shouldn’t have taken!!!

Robinvale wedding photography by excitations. Bride and groom photographed behind sheer white fabric.

But first two images that were kinda on our list of photographs to take. Let me explain, each time we photograph a wedding we discuss with the bride and groom what sort of coverage and style of photography they would like. That’s what we did with Vittoria and Anthony. Well to be more precise with Vittoria.

As it turned out Vittoria was great to work with, she had  a whole bunch of great ideas. The close up of Anthony and Vittoria at the top of the page is sort of a foregone conclusion when Ian is around because he loves close ups. This time, being in the position of having miles and miles of diaphanous material. Well maybe not miles but certainly a lot. He couldn’t resist the opportunity to get under of pile of material and shoot through it. Hence the frosty washed out look.

Full length bridal portrait inside her home using portable flash units to create a glamorous feel to the wedding photo. Photography by excitations, Robinvale

Our second photo is of Vittoria at home just before the wedding. When you have a beautiful bride dressed to perfection, it really is the photographers job to produce at least a handful of glamorous images. This was one of many such images at home. Simple to set up. A bare bulb flash as the main light and a second remote unit way back down the corridor behind Vittoria. Only problem with this setup. That little area behind Vittoria is the main thoroughfare. And on wedding day…. Well lets just say there is less traffic on platform one at  Flinders Street Station during peak hour.

Black and white photo of groom standing beside Mercedes car on his wedding day. Mildura photographer excitations.

The first of our maybe we shouldn’t have taken this photo, photos. If you get my drift. We’d been down the block because it was all nice and foggy. Not often we get a chance to photograph weddings in the fog around Sunraysia. So when there is a break in the traffic.. young Normy you should take it. (old dudes will know what I mean, if you don’t get it go ask your parents) On the way back to the house to do some proper serious wedding photography, we happened past the cars, all lined up in the fog. Fog I think provides the best natural light  you could imagine for car photos. Especially black cars… So a small distraction while we shot some semi formal images of Anthony with the Merc.

Closeup of flower in grooms lapel. Robinvale wedding photography by excitations.

Ok so we always try to shoot accessories and never miss (well nearly never) photographing the girls flowers. Today, we get up close and personal with Anthony’s floral decoration.

High key portait of bride and flower girl at home agains a large white window. Some difussion added. Wedding photos in Robinvale by excitations.

Vittoria with one of her lovely flower girls. On our list of things to do but probably not exactly like this. After spotting a big white window, Ian decided it would look cool with some light entering the room from outside. Problem, it’s still foggy and there isn’t  any light coming from outside. Solution… Just put a couple of  double diffused radio controlled strobes outside. And pray nobody comes along and decides to take a close look into the units as they fire remotely.  I see the light kinda moment when that happens.

Close up high angle of bride sitting in car at her arrival to church. Robinvale wedding photography by excitations

Vittoria arrives at church. Our approach to this shot is usually two cameras, Robyn outside the car shooting our bride through an open window, with if we can make it work, dad out of focus in the background. Ian usually pops into the front passengers seat and photographs bride and dad looking out to Robyn’s camera. I have no idea what happened here. Suspect there was a problem with Ian jumping into the car. So he’s gone up close and up high for this interesting shot, while still staying out of Robyn’s shot. Mind you he probably wasted his time, because the normal angle is much more likely to be used in the finished album… Five points for trying though Ian.

Bride and groom leave the altar after their wedding ceremony, long train, Wedding photos in Robinvale by excitations

We pretty much always do a heap of photos during the wedding ceremony. So this isn’t that unusual, except that we rarely use ceremony photos on this blog. Oh, and the train. Amazing…. Very hard to see in this little reproduction, but honestly, as Anthony and Vittoria made their way out of the church, this beautiful creation took on the appearance  of  mist flowing down the steps. Way cool effect.

Bride and groom walking happily through rustic garden setting wedding photography in Robinvale by excitations, photographer Mildura.

So we’ve skipped a couple of locations here. Actually, three, maybe even four. This is what we call a transport shot. Anthony and Vittoria were making there way back to their car. We decided to turn it into another photo shoot. This is one Ian calls sneaky cam. He is shooting from up close, just beside our couple, being very loud and obtrusive. While Robyn has positioned herself ahead and quietly creates this lovely spontaneous wedding image.

Bride and groom, late evening, posed in front of beautiful home with car. Robinvale wedding photography by excitations, Mildura photographer.

Absolutely not on our radar for photos at this location. Beautiful home, amazing locations in which to shoot, but as we were leaving, Ian insisted we take one last shot. Apparently he loved the light and the clouds colouring up in the background.
Bride and groom pose on Robinvale bridge over the Murray River during their Robinvale wedding photo session. Wedding pictures by excitations photographers Mildiura.

What can we say. This is most definitely not the shot we had walked right out into the middle of the Robinvale bridge for. but it does look kinda cool as last light fades over the river. Only time for a couple of quick shots before we needed to get into creating the image we should have been taking. So that folks,  is it for the Robinvale wedding of Vittoria and Anthony. If you want to see the pictures we were supposed to be taking. Then I guess you’ll have to pester Vittoria into showing you her amazing wedding album when it is finished.







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